14 Jul 2020

Top 10 tips to ace your video and phone interview

Hiring managers are now turning to virtual interviews as the way forward through the Coronavirus pandemic. With that in mind, we have put together our best tips to ensure you successfully master the art of video and audio interviews.

1. Practice with a friend or family member - and record it

Zoom and Skype allow you to record video calls - making it a powerful tool for interview preparation. Answering common interview questions with a friend through video will help you improve your performance come game day. Recording the practice interview will help you iron out any potential issues:

  • How is the audio, video quality and lighting?
  • Body language – are you still and calm or fidgeting?
  • Checking your eye line – avoid staring down into the camera by elevating your laptop. Look into the camera during the interview and not the screen.

2. Record your interview

It’s important to also record the actual interview. Analysing your performance will allow you to course-correct for the next interview. You will be able to see the interview from the hiring manager’s view and address any issues for future video interviews.

How to record:

3. Dress the part

Even if it’s just an audio interview always dress the part and not only from the waist up - ensure you are full professionally dressed. This will allow you to create a professional mind-set.

4. Posture

Sit up straight with your shoulders back. If it’s a phone interview – standing up will promote voice projection.

5. Background

This is an opportunity to show the employer that you’re set up and ready to work from home. If you’re concerned about your background - Zoom have an option to create a virtual background. You can choose a nice professional backdrop to use. Learn how to set up a virtual background here.

6. Cheatsheet

The interviewer won’t see outside of the camera view so use this to your advantage. Attach post-it notes on your laptop screen with prompts or questions you want to ask the hiring manager.

7. Avoiding interruptions

  • Give everyone a heads up in your home that you need peace and space until your interview is completed. Make sure the dog can’t burst in mid-interview!
  • Avoid interruptions and poor speed performance on your machine by closing down all programs on your laptop
  • Put your phone on silent
  • Ensure you have the interviewer’s phone number if the connection gets lost
  • Wearing earphones/air pods will help eliminate any background noise
  • Check the timezone if you’re interviewing for remote work
  • In case of emergency use the mute button on Zoom. To mute/unmute: Use Cmd+Shift+A / PC: Alt+A

8. Ask questions

Prepare questions you would like to ask the interviewer – it’s important to listen throughout the interview so you only ask questions on topics that weren’t already covered. Have a pen and paper near you to take down any queries you may have.

9. Say Cheese

For audio/phone interviews - SMILE! As the saying goes, smiles can be heard. This is a reminder to smile as you talk.

10. To finish

Thank the interviewer for taking the time and send a ‘thank you’ email later in the day.

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