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Clinical Nurse Manager 1 (Pheonix View)

Daughters of CharityDublinFull-time


Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services 

Applications are invited for the following position. 

St. Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road 

 Phoenix View Adult Day Service (Mon – Fri) 

Assistant Manager/CNM1 

Permanent Full time 39 hpw 

Salary Range: €45,179 - €53,240 


Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provide Residential, Day Services and respite services  to people with an Intellectual Disability. We are looking for candidates who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families, in a person centred, community based, socially inclusive manner in accordance with our core values and ethos and underpinned by quality, best practice and research.  .  

Along with the ability to carry out all duties detailed in the job description, applicants must have: 

• NMBI Registration essential. RNID essential  

• Management Qualification – Desirable  

• Full Clean Driving Licence - Essential 

Applicants should: 

• Be a registered nurse , RNID qualification essential 

• Have at least 2 years experience of working in the area of Intellectual Disability including leading and managing a team, resources and delivering services. 

• Be familiar with the New Directions policy and its implementation. 

• Committed to working with families, advocates and MDT members 

• Have a proven track record in managing change.  

• Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills  

• Have experience of supporting people to integrate into their community. 

• Have excellent computer skills.  

Applicants should possess Level 2 behavioural competencies of DOCDSS competency framework: These details can be found at the end of the Job Description 

Informal enquiries to: Martina Feehan, Manager of ADS on 01 8245325 

“A panel may be formed which future CNM1 positions may be filled” 

Please apply to our website 

We are unable to shortlist  Applications, unless the following is submitted by all Candidates, including internal Staff: 

CV and a copy of relevant qualifications detailed on the advert in one PDF Document 

Closing date for receipt of applications: 

Tuesday 24th September 2019 

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services Limited is an equal opportunities employer 




For Persons with Intellectual Disability 


JOB TITLE:  Clinical Nurse Manager - 1  


REPORTS TO: Through CNM2 and CNM3 to Service Manager 


The CNM1 has specific job contact with all nursing personnel. 


• Be proactive in promoting & ensuring that the Ethos, Mission, Vision and core values of the Daughters of Charity are upheld. 

• Ensure that personnel within their designated area of responsibility work in accordance with the policy and ethos of the Daughters of Charity  

• Ensure that all nursing staff adhere to professional code of conduct and operate within the scope of practice 

• Ensure that any concerns for the safety and welfare of clients are reported in a timely manner 


The CNM1 is responsible and accountable for the provision of clinical and professional leadership, nursing management and continuous professional development in area of responsibility 


1. Leadership & Accountability 

• Assists the CNM2 in the day to day management of designated area  

• Keep the CNM2 fully informed regarding issues within designated area of responsibility 

• Assists the CNM2 in leading and managing interdisciplinary care for service users in area of responsibility 

• In conjunction with CNM2 empowers staff through coaching, education, supervision. 

• Assists the CNM2 in leading the nursing and allied team through regular team meetings. 

• Enables staff to identify and suggest improvement initiatives.  

• Assists the CNM2 in ensuring that high standards of care are achieved in the daily running of services at unit/department level 

• Uses a consultative approach and demonstrates an approachable management style. 

• Ensure that all staff within area of responsibility practice within their professional scope of practice.  

• Deputises for the CNM2 when required 

2. Professional & Clinical Responsibility 

• Ensures that service users receive the highest standard of clinical/holistic care  

• Assist the CNM2 in ensuring that service policies and procedures are implemented and monitored within area of responsibility 

• Assist the CNM2 in developing and ensuring interdisciplinary networking with families is a high quality effective system for service delivery 

…………/ CNM1 

• Assist the CNM2 in monitoring and evaluating support services relevant to the area of responsibility 

• Ensures practices in the workplace comply with relevant legislation 

• Upholds the code of professional conduct in practice 

• Assist the CNM2 in making evidence based decisions in a transparent manner by involving and empowering others 

• Embraces advocacy in the delivery of person centered care 

• Ensure that complaints received are dealt with in accordance with service policy 

3. Planning 

• Prioritises and responds to demands under pressure or in emergencies 

• Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that a system of record keeping and reports for operational activities, planning of meetings, case conferences and other events are maintained 

• With the CNM2 within area of responsibility plan short, medium and long term goals to achieve desired outcomes.    

• In conjunction with CNM2/Line Manager plan and implement appropriate skill mix 

4. Human Resources 

• Works with CNM2 in developing strategies for staff retention. 

• Assist the CNM2 as required on the recruitment of staff for area of responsibility.  

• Assists the CNM2 to fosters an environment that supports and encourages personal professional development and learning. 

• Contributes to the development of an organisational culture conducive to the establishment and maintenance of good staff morale. 

• Assist the CNM2 as required in ensuring all new staff within the unit receive adequate induction programme, have a clear understanding of their duties, responsibilities and the standards of performance expected of them at all times. 

• Assist the CNM2 in ensuring that all relevant staff are kept appraised of centre and organisational policies and procedures.  

• Assist the CNM2 to create an environment which is conducive to team working. 

• Assist the CNM2 and CNM3 in the initialisation of grievances and disciplinary procedures in accordance with Service policies and procedures. 

• Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that all human resources are utilised in a cost effective manner. 

• Manages and monitors levels of absenteeism taking corrective action where necessary in conjunction with the CNM2. 

• In collaboration with other disciplines promote good employee relations in accordance with personnel policies. 

5. Management and Staff Development (incl Teambuilding, Communication and Deputising). 

• Is committed to and promotes continuous professional development to ensure best practice 

• In conjunction with CPC supervise, guide and assess the professional work of student nurses 

• Assists the CNM2 in the efficient and effective allocation and coordination of resources to achieve tasks within area of responsibility. 

…………/ CNM1 

• Ensures with the CNM2 that the scheduling of rosters is completed out in a timely and fair manner which reflects the service needs. 

• Ensures that Health and Safety practices are implemented in accordance with the Safety Statement of the service. 

• Assist the CNM2 in conducting regular hazard identification audits and ensure that appropriate action is taken. 

• Ensure that all personnel are familiar with emergency and other operational procedures and regulations.   

• Conducts Performance Management Reviews when required for staff within area of responsibility  

• Intervenes decisively where standards of behaviour, performance or attitude contravenes service policy and procedure and informs the CNM2. 

6. Finance 

• Ensures in conjunction with the CNM2 the efficient and effective use of resources. 

• Assist frontline staff in evaluating supplies and equipment purchased. 

• Assists the CNM2 in planning and tracking budget variances when required in area of responsibility  

• Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that service users monies in conjunction with CNM2 are accounted for in accordance with service policy. 

7. Quality, Education and Research (Incl Professional Development) 

• Assist the CNM2 in monitoring and working to improve the team processes, encourages team review and reflection 

• Assist the CNM2 in actively leading and supporting the process of person centred planning within area of responsibility. 

• In liaison with CNM2 monitor and evaluate methods of quality assurance and clinical effectiveness and contribute to the development of quality methodologies.  

• Identify with the CNM2 education and development needs of staff in designated area. 

• Participates in continuous professional development 

• Ensure that clinical practice in area of responsibility is evidence based. 

8. General Duties 

• Ensure the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained at all times. 

• Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time. 

The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office.  This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Service. 

2. Core Competencies 

3. Quality Service 

• Pro-active and uses Initiative.  

• Undertakes holistic approach to ensure the best possible service is provided.  

• Ability to encourage and develop quality led practice initiatives. 

• Demonstrates an ability to evaluate, audit and review practice 

• Provides a flexible service that is responsive to the needs of the service user, colleagues and service. 

• Optimises resources within own areas to achieve appropriate outcomes. 

• Identifies and prioritises the requirements of change within own service area at all times considering how it will affect other parts of the organisation.  


5. Planning & Organising 

• Effective use of time focussed on managing self and developing others in a busy working environment.  

• Sets clear, realistic goals and targets for self and others.  

• Keeps appropriate and accessible documentation. 

• Utilises established systems and processes for prioritising and delivering on tasks.     

• Delegates effectively to ensure objectives are met.  

• Consistently focuses work effort to where it will have most impact.  

• Anticipates Problems and issues and takes preventative action to address these.  

• Demonstrates an ability to plan and deliver care in an effective and resourceful manner within a culture of person-centeredness.  

• Advance planning to ensure adequate resources are available. 

• Effective and efficient utilisation of resources. 


7. Professionalism 

• Deals fairly and consistently with others. 

• Approachable and accountable and professionally courteous with others. 

• Shows ability to work under pressure; handles stress in a constructive manner. 

• Self-aware; recognises own response while retaining objectivity. 

• Is cognisant of own strengths/limitations, and scope of one’s practice. 

• Shows resilience; keeps others focussed on a successful outcome. 

• Maintains appropriate level of visibility. 

• Maintains highest standard of confidentially in all areas of work.  


9. Continuous Learning & Development 

• Participate in the Service Development Review System. 

• Organises and structures department to create a continuous learning environment. 

• Creates “on the job” opportunities to address staff learning needs.  

• Demonstrates application of theory to practice and influences staff in this regard. 

• Encourages colleagues/team to undertake a broad range of development initiatives and to maintain an active performance development plan.  

• Mentors, coaches and provides constructive feedback on performance to staff in order to improve capability and confidence. 

• Acknowledge staff strengths and achievements.  


11. Organisational Knowledge 

• Familiar with Health Service trends related to area of discipline. 

• Understands the contribution of each department to the organisational goals and objectives 

• Uses knowledge of mission, values and service structures to deliver on  organisational goals. 

• Understands health strategies relevant to own discipline. 


13. Innovation & Creativity 

• Works within teams to maximise the number of ideas and creative inputs for best outputs. 

•  Encourages others to ‘think outside the box’. 

• Generates new ideas that have a positive impact on the department/service and its ultimate success. 

• Creates an environment where people are encouraged to put forward ideas, experiment and learn from their mistakes.  

• Challenges the status quo to ensure areas for improvement are identified and addressed 

• Proposes new approaches, methods or technologies. 


15. Leadership Potential  

• Inspires others to consistently perform at a high level and achieve their potential.  

• Is approachable and treats people in a fair and consistent manner in order to gain trust. 

• Is seen as an effective leader, setting high standards of behaviour for others to follow and addresses inappropriate behaviour. 

• Coaches others in maintaining a flexible approach to their work. 

• Embraces change and looks for ways to make positive changes within the team. 

• Ability to understand how individuals, at all levels, operate and applies this knowledge to achieve change objectives in the most efficient and effective way. 

• Seizes opportunities to influence the future direction of departments and the overall business. 

• Encourages, inspires and supports others to deliver successful outcomes through change. 

• Is politically attuned, knowing when to communicate with key stakeholders. 

• Understands importance of getting input and buy-in from others when making decisions.  


17. Problem Solving & Decision Making 

• Is comfortable making decisions with incomplete or uncertain information 

• Has basic finance and budgeting knowledge and draws on this to make decisions when applicable.  

• Understands the effect of ones decision on colleagues/service users, departments and the organisation.  

• Anticipates probable consequences of decisions. 

• Consults with others to improve decision making. 

• Takes a proactive approach to problem solving and able to recognise early warning signs of potential problems and takes pre-emptive action. 

• Demonstrates a reflective approach when dealing with problems, carefully evaluating different options/solutions.  

• Able to act quickly to address urgent matters. 


19. Team work 

• Fosters a collaborative working team with complementary strengths. 

• Recognise the talents and contributions each team member brings to the work environment. 

• Proactively develops and nurtures workplace relationships. 

• Utilises team skills and attributes in achieving goals. 

• Encourages input from all team members. 

• Adapts interpersonal style to engage all members of the team. 

• Identifies areas of potential conflict within the team and takes steps to resolve it.  

• Is open and approachable to discuss issues. 


21. Communication & Interpersonal Skills 

• Supports a culture of open communication to maintain a climate of trust and honesty. 

• Communicates at all levels, both internally and externally.  

• Supports ideas with appropriate research and information to persuade others. 

• Focused Listening: Gains’ understanding through accurately clarifying what was heard. 

• Shares information within – and to – other sections and departments in an open timely manner.  

• Delivers presentations to groups with confidence and credibility. 

• Documents important relevant communications. 

• Facilitates two way communications between conflicting parties. 

• Uses an appropriate business writing style. 



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Sorry, this job is now closed
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