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Senior Staff Officer

Education and Training Boards IrelandNationwide€51,527 - €62,950 per year

Overview of main functions carried out by Education and Training Boards Ireland

Under the Education and Training Boards Act 2013, Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) is defined as; An association established to collectively represent education and training boards and promote their interests, which is recognised by the Minister for the purposes of this Act.

Under the Act, the Minister may request ETBI to: ● Make representations on behalf of an ETB in respect of its functions. ● Conduct surveys in respect of information sought by the Minister in respect of the performance of functions by ETBs. ● Give such assistance to an ETB as the Minister considers necessary for the effective discharge of its functions. ● Assist two or more ETBs in the joint performance by them of any of their functions. ● Assist an ETB that has entered into an arrangement with an education or training provider for the joint performance of any of the functions of the Board. Education and Training Boards (ETBs) were statutorily established on 1 July 2013, and they are constituted from the former VECs and FÁS Training Centres. ETBI was also established on 1 July 2013. The principal objective of ETBI is to promote the development of education, training and youth work in Ireland.

ETBI therefore: ● Represents, negotiates and advocates on behalf of member ETBs. ● Consults and negotiates at the national level on behalf of ETB members with Government Departments, Trade Unions and with a range of other relevant bodies and authorities. ● Promotes the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies, procedures and guidance for member ETB. ● Conducts research, devises and delivers education and training programmes targeted at the general ETB membership.

ETBI head office services to its members include: ● Education Policy ● HR, IR, ICT and Legal Support ● Procurement ● Training ● Corporate Services

Subsequent to the enactment of the Education and Training Boards Act 2013, the ETB sector has undergone a major transformation. ETBI has played and will continue to play a key role in supporting the ETB sector during this period of change and transformation.

ETB schools are state-funded, co-educational and multi-denominational schools underpinned by the core values of: ● Excellence in Education ● Care ● Equality ● Community and ● Respect Education and Training Boards also play an important role as co-patrons with other authorities in Community and Comprehensive schools.

Role Description: The ETBI Directorate of Further Education and Training contributes to the development, formulation and implementation of ETBI strategy and policy and advises on national and emerging issues pertaining to Further Education and Training. The Directorate supports an important medium for the communication and development of shared approaches, solutions and ideas across the ETB FET sector and the building of strong communities of professional practice across the sector.

The Programme Learner Support System (PLSS) is a joint project between SOLAS (the National Further Education and Training Authority, SOLAS) and Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI). PLSS is a suite of software applications, such as the National Programme Database and the National Course Calendar and is designed to provide an integrated approach to the collection and processing of personal data of users of PLSS and FET programmes funded through SOLAS, and the outputs, outcomes and performance of such programmes.

The FET Senior Staff Officer role involves providing first-level technical assistance and support to ETB users of PLSS and associated applications that form the Business and Learner Management System in all Education and Training Boards. This role will involve the

creation and publishing of new national QQI and Industry FET Validated awards on the National Programme Database (NPD). The role also includes engagement with relevant sectoral ETB programme and curriculum development personnel to support timely inclusion on the National Programme Database and other relevant FET Systems.

This role will also take charge of the creation and dissemination of FET System documentation in support of the sector and supplemental ‘key user’ training as required to ensure the fullest embedding of FET system usage throughout the sector. The FET Senior Staff Officer will report to a Further Education and Training Manager and on occasion, to the Director of Further Education and Training for the efficient performance of tasks as agreed.

Main Duties The role of the FET Senior Staff Officer will include (but not be limited to) the following:

● Working with the Further Education and Training relevant FET Manager/s to provide support to ETB programme and curriculum development personnel and end users of PLSS / relevant FET Systems through: o The publishing and ancillary processes required to support uploading of national QQI and Industry FET validated awards o Deactivate awards due for retirement and enact appropriate ancillary business processes to support ETBs o Publish replacement awards in a timely manner to facilitate the transition for providers o Monitor published programmes on NPD for relevancy and use by providers and identify possible programmes for archiving on NPD. o Support Desk operations and management of same o Create and publish relevant documentation as appropriate for sectoral, ETBI and relevant stakeholder usage ● Working with the Further Education and Training Systems Manager to provide dedicated first-level technical support to end users of the PLSS through: o Telephone Support o Support Desk management o Email queries ● Provide data insights, analysis and research for the purposes of strategic planning and reporting. ● Act as liaison/link between ETBI FET sector and all relevant awarding bodies ● Keep abreast of the development of new or replacement awards listed by constant monitoring/engagement with QQI and all relevant Industry Awarding bodies ● Communicate timely feedback, best practices and enhancements proposed by ETB programme and curriculum development personnel and/or PLSS end users. ● Assist and support the development and implementation of appropriate processes and procedures for the maintenance of the NPD. ● Assist and support the development and implementation of appropriate processes and procedures for the maintenance of the National Course Calendar (NCC) ● Liaise with internal and external stakeholders on all matters relating to the effective operation of the NPD/NCC platform. ● Update existing resources published on the National Programme Database (NPD) homepage as required and develop new instructional support materials, in conjunction with stakeholders, to support the operation of the NPD. ● Maintain records log of all awards published on the NPD including awards retired from system. ● Prepare and present project progress reports / statistical reports on awards published on the national platform at relevant PLSS and Pathways meetings and year-end reports, and other ad-hoc reporting as required. ● Engage with the ETBI Governance structures and Forums across the ETBS and with relevant external stakeholders. ● Maintain an external profile and work collaboratively through engagement with appropriate bodies and organisations. ● Provide training and support as required to ETBs on relevant PLSS / Pathways and associated FET systems

Competencies Required: The FET Senior Staff Officer will be required to show evidence of the following competencies: Team Leadership ● Works with a team to facilitate high performance, developing clear and realistic objectives and addressing any performance issues if they arise. ● Provides clear information and advice as to what is required of the team.

● Strives to develop and implement new ways of working effectively to meet objectives. ● Leads the team by example, coaching and supporting individuals as required. ● Places high performance on staff development, training and maximising skills and capacity of the team. ● Is flexible and willing to adapt, positively contributing to the implementation of change.

Analysis and Decision Making ● Gathers and analyses information from relevant sources, whether financial, numerical or otherwise, weighing up a range of critical factors. ● Takes account of any broader issues and related implications when making decisions. ● Uses previous knowledge and experience in order to guide decisions. ● Makes sound decisions with a well-reasoned rationale and stands by these. ● Puts forward solutions to address problems.

Management and Delivery of Results ● Takes responsibility and is accountable for the delivery of agreed objectives. ● Successfully manages a range of different projects and work activities at the same time. ● Structures and organises their own and others work effectively. ● Is logical and pragmatic in approach, delivering the best possible results with the resources available. ● Delegates work effectively, providing clear information and evidence as to what is required. ● Proactively identifies areas for improvement and develops practical suggestions for their implementation. ● Demonstrates enthusiasm for new developments/changing work practices and strives to implement these changes effectively. ● Applies appropriate systems/processes to enable quality checking of all activities and outputs. ● Practices and promotes a strong focus on delivering high quality customer service, for internal and external customers. Interpersonal and Communication Skills ● Builds and maintains contact with colleagues and other stakeholders to assist in performing role. ● Acts as an effective link between staff and senior management. ● Encourages open and constructive discussions around work issues. ● Projects conviction, gaining buy-in by outlining relevant information and selling the benefits. ● Treats others with diplomacy, tact, courtesy and respect, even in challenging circumstances. ● Presents information clearly, concisely and confidently when speaking and in writing.

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development ● Demonstrates an understanding of Academic policies, standards, processes and procedures of awarding bodies ● Has a clear understanding of the roles, objectives and targets of self and team and how they fit into the work of ETBI and the ETB sector. ● Has high levels of expertise and broad Public Sector knowledge relevant to his/her area of work. ● Focuses on self-development, striving to improve performance.

Drive and Commitment to Public Service Values ● Strives to perform at a high level, investing significant energy to achieve agreed objectives. ● Demonstrates resilience in the face of challenging circumstances and high demands. ● Is personally trustworthy and can be relied upon ● Ensures that customers are at the heart of all services provided. ● Upholds high standards of honesty, ethics and integrity. Experience and Qualifications: The successful candidate should: 1. Have proven experience in providing first level technical assistance and support in a further education and training or higher education environment. 2. Hold a relevant Level 8 Degree or equivalent. 3. Demonstrate a high level of ICT literacy, especially in the area of Office 365 and its related applications including a proven ability to apply technology in the workplace 4. Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written 5. Demonstrate an understanding of national regulatory/governance frameworks and quality assurance requirements for programme development and validation. 6. Demonstrate a strong understanding of FET Systems. 7. Demonstrate the ability to work to measurable objectives and deadlines

NOTE: Qualifications/eligibility may not be verified by ETBI until the final stage of the process. Therefore, those candidates who do not possess the eligibility requirements, and proceed with their application, are putting themselves to unnecessary effort/expense and will not be offered a position from this campaign. An invitation to tests, interview or any element of the selection process is not acceptance of eligibility.

Health A candidate for, and any person holding, the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

Candidates must: ● Have the knowledge and ability to discharge the duties of the post concerned; ● Be suitable on the grounds of character; ● Be suitable in all other relevant respects for appointment to the post concerned And if successful, they will not be appointed to the post unless they: ● Agree to undertake the duties attached to the post and accept the conditions under which the duties are, or may be required to be performed; ● Are fully competent and available to undertake, and fully capable of undertaking the duties attached to the position.

The salary scale as of 1st October 2022 is €51,527 – €62,950 (including two long service increments).

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