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How It All Works

3 simple steps

1. Search & Apply

You can search and apply for jobs right away or sign up for a free jobseekers account.  Setting up a free account makes jobseeking much easier by having the option of receiving job alerts and applying for jobs on the move from any device.

2. Sign Up

Signing up for your free jobseekers account takes just two clicks. You can prepare and save a cover letter, upload your CV and complete a personal profile. Then you are ready to receive job alerts that match your search criteria.

3. Find Opportunties

Once you are fully set up, you can begin to discover new job opportunities and possibilities. With new vacancies being posted hourly you can be sure that the perfect job for you is just around the corner.

The Benefits

Finding a job has never been easier. Here’s why:

Search For Jobs

At JobAlert we provide all jobseekers with a platform to search and find the right job opportunities. Our website is updated hourly with new job vacancies. We understand that trying to find a new job is almost a job in itself. That’s why our goal is to make the job hunting process as easy and as quick as possible. This is achieved by delivering to you the latest job listings in your area along with a 2-click application process.

Receive Job Alerts

Aren’t you just sick and tired of receiving email after email stating “Available jobs in your town”, only to find out that it’s 45km away! We understand your frustrations, which is why we guarantee to only send you job alerts that are actually relevant to you. Sign up today and only receive notifications when your perfect job comes in.

Weekly Tips & Advice

The JobAlert team understand that the job hunting process can turn you into a ball of stress. That is why we have put together a dedicated area on our website to help you land your dream job. Every week we will provide you with new tips and advice to give you the confidence you require to not just apply for your ideal job, but to land it!

Featured Employers

We have partnered up with hundreds of employers in Ireland to ensure you find the perfect job opportunity

Career Advice Get the confidence you require to not just apply for your dream job, but to land it!

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At, we are dedicated to finding local jobs for local people. To achieve this, we have created Facebook pages for every county in Ireland. As soon as a Job is advertised on our website it is automatically shared to the most relevant Facebook page.

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