13 Feb 2020

Finding 'The One' True Job

Finding ‘The One’, your ideal match, is really not that easy…..No we're not talking about finding your dream partner on this Valentine’s Day. We're talking about finding your IDEAL JOB. Work that you really love to wake up to every morning, that you’re passionate about, that truly makes you happy, excites you, lights up your heart and makes you feel content.

So how can you tell when you’ve fallen totally out of love with your job and it’s time to move on?

Are you feeling negative and tired all the time?

Job unhappiness can affect your sleep, as your brain finds it hard to switch off. It’s a vicious circle though, as not getting enough rest can really affect your ability to see things clearly and may over emphasise your emotions. If you feel overwhelmed. Maybe you should talk to someone you trust, a professional career coach or a counsellor before you make any big decisions to move on.


Constantly dreading work the next day?

Life is too short to dread going to work every day. If it wasn’t always this way, maybe ask yourself what has changed? Have you just outgrown your role? If so, focussing on your own self-development may be the way forward. You could look at up-skilling, take up a part time course, or maybe have a chat with a Manager to see if you can work on a progression plan for yourself, that will help you move within the organisation. If this is not an option, it’s probably time to seek new pastures.


Are you making careless mistakes?

Maybe your heart just isn’t in it? It could mean you’re disengaged and no longer committed to your position. Again you may need to review if progression within the organisation is an option, but you’ll have to buck up if you want to be considered for promotion, as making careless mistakes could get you in serious trouble and result in you missing out on future internal opportunities.


Are you working in a toxic environment?

When you start a new job, it’s not always easy to research what the culture is really like unless it’s one of those award winning ‘Great Places to Work’. Taking on a new role regularly means taking chances, but if over time you realise you're caught in a toxic environment or have a toxic boss, what can you do? This situation can make your working life unbearable. You must consider if it’s possible to explore all means of resolution available to you. If there's a good HR team and processes in place to deal with these situations, it may be possible to escalate any concerns that you have and find a solution. You might find that you’re not the only affected person. If you try, but fail to resolve the issues, it’s probably time to move on.


You are feeling physically (or mentally) unhealthy

From time to time we all feel a bit overwhelmed or stressed. Even people who love their jobs can feel under pressure, particularly at busy times. However, if you feel that there’s a downward spiral in your overall health and your ability to concentrate, it could be far more serious. You should seek proper medical help or advice. You could also take time out and on your return to work maybe set smarter work / life boundaries.

There’s no doubt about it, that like all relationships we go through the honeymoon period with work too. At the offset we may have been mis-lead or we could have misinterpreted things. Some interviewers paint a rosy picture when they’re trying to entice the ‘ideal’ candidate. Sometimes promises are made that just can’t be fulfilled? It’s also possible that you got caught on the rebound as you left your previous job and you didn’t fully research the new opportunity. 

Some would argue that you get from a job what you put in, so don’t throw the towel in too soon. Before you make any drastic changes you should really consider if it really is the job that’s to blame and not some other underlying issues that you’re just not dealing with.

Let’s hope that you find true JOB LOVE really soon - if you're totally unsure of what kind of role you would love to be in we've created the ultimate guide on how to find your passion and build a career around it, you can check it out here.

Happy Valentines too!

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