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The CAO online application facility is now open

If you need help choosing courses check out the fantastic free tool “CourseFinder” from It will help you find courses in Ireland using filters such as career interests, course level, points required based on last year, specific colleges, region and career interests.

Students are urged to apply for CAO as soon as possible to avail of the discounted registration fee of €30, which is only available until January 20th.

Registration after the January 20th will cost €45 up until February 1st, after this time the Late Registration facility will be open from 12 PM on March 5th  and will require a €60 fee.

To go to the CourseFinder tool CLICK HERE

The CAO website also has a demo application where you can ensure that your application will be perfect. You can access this facility by CLICKING HERE

Student Advice from our Team

If you’re doing the leaving certificate this year, here’s some advice from our team.

Which course?

Choosing a course is a really important decision, because remember you’re going to be the one doing the hard work, the course assignments and the final exams. So make sure it's your choice and that it's the right choice based on proper research.

Try and choose something that you think you will enjoy and that you will want to work at after you finally graduate. So, if you have something in mind talk to people who did the same course or people who work in the industry, it will give you a better perspective. have some great tools that can help you find courses based on your interests, also do some research on line yourself.

Oh the dreaded points!

While last year’s points will give you an indication of what to expect, the best thing to do is to choose the courses that interest you first and make a good long list of options. Then you can check if there are any special entry requirements to see if you will qualify, then based on what points you are aiming for, you will then be able to narrow down your list. For more information on filling out your CAO form visit

Which College?

While it might be nice to go to a college near where you live, you should also keep your options open. Visit all the colleges that you are thinking of putting on your CAO form. The Open Days are a great opportunity to get a good feel for the place, the journey there etc. Also make sure and talk to the relevant lecturers, staff and if possible the students on the day.

Check out schemes like DARE and HEAR

DARE and HEAR are great schemes that offer college places on reduced points to people with disabilities or who face barriers to education. You can find out more about these schemes here and the qualifying criteria

Best of Luck!


Useful Websites search all courses from PLC to college information on special entry routes for students with a disability or coming from disadvantaged backgrounds lots of insights into college life – grants QQI – NFQ info

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