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Where to Advertise your Job

Difficult to Fill Roles

Recruiting for difficult to fill roles can be challenging. The secret to success is a mixture of time, resources and creativity. Of course if professionals are in high demand, offering a competitive incentive package will help. It is a proven fact that job ads that contain a salary range receive a much higher number of applicants than those that don’t.

Remuneration is not the be all and end all though, establishing a great place to work is also very important. If you promote teamwork, reward results, invest in training, create a positive work environment and provide flexibility where possible, word will get around and your recruitment endeavours will become so much easier. Creating a culture that’s attractive to candidates really helps.

It’s also important to advertise your vacancies on platforms that will reach both active and passive job seekers.

Reaching Active and Passive Jobseekers

It’s important to reach out to both active and passive jobseekers when you have a role to fill, by the latter we mean those potential ideal candidates who are not actively looking for a job change, but if they see your Ad they will be tempted to apply.

At JobAlert.ie we're using the very latest technologies to reach jobseekers directly through social media so many potential candidates will get to see your Job Ads in their social media news feeds. This can make a massive difference, particularly for those hard to fill vacancies.

We have over 400,000 followers on social media, segmented by county and we also have over half a million website visitors each month. Thousands of jobseekers have signed up for JobAlerts, where they are notified about roles that meet their selected criteria.

We ensure that businesses of all sizes can attract the best talent. All you have to do is upload the details of your vacancy to our website, first click here and choose how many jobs you would like to post and hit buy. You will then be able to set up your account with us.

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