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Judicial Assistant

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The Courts Service has excellent opportunities to work with the judiciary as a judicial assistant. The role is a three year contract which involves providing support to judges which can range from administrative, research and attending Court. These roles provide an invaluable insight into the practical workings of the Courts. Please read the information booklet attached for more information about the role.


The role of a judicial assistant to the Circuit Court is to provide assistance to a Judge to whom one is assigned. This includes assistance in Court and list management, administrative support, logistical arrangements when travelling and carrying out research.

The key duties of the role include:

Court Responsibilities

•Advise Judge in advance of lists for the following week and ensure arrangements are in place for same.

•Assist in knowing the cases listed on a daily basis for the judge and know which cases are likely to proceed to hearing.

•Ensure the judge has the information required in relation to cases to include names of parties, type of case, duration of case, legal representatives and so forth.

•Act as liaison between the judge and the parties to litigation (if required) and ensure parties to a case and their representatives are aware of when their case will be heard and are in the right location at the right time.

•Assist the Court in compliance with the in camera rule in relevant cases and as directed by the judge.

•Research matters of law which arise in the conduct of proceedings before the court and to furnish a written or oral report without delay to the judge.

•Assist the judge with document proofing and legal research if required.

•Set up the bench according to the requirement and expectation of the judge.

•Accompany the judge to court and remain in court during hearings to note evidence and submissions as directed.

•Assistance with the management of the judge’s official documentation (books and papers) required for court.


•Manage the chambers of the judge as required.

•Keep the judge’s diary of court and other appointments.

•General administrative support duties.

•Other duties as required by the judge.


•Assist the judge in the course of official duties.

•Accompany the judge as required. This may involve travelling to any location in Ireland to which the judge may be assigned from time to time and require the judicial assistant to remain in the location during the period of that assignment.

•Be available to the judge at all times during office hours Monday to Friday.

•Be available for official duties, if required, during the evening or at weekends.

•Drive the judge on official business (if required).Where the judicial assistant is not required by the judge to whom they are assigned, the Courts Service will assign other duties as appropriate e.g. reassignment to other work over the Court vacation period(s).

Qualifications and Experience

Candidates must, on or before the closing date for applications be in possession of the following:

•Hold at least a 2.1 in a law degree at a minimum of level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications or a professional law qualification (barrister or solicitor) or have successfully completed the Diploma in Law from Kings Inns.

•Have a good understanding of the work of the Irish courts system.

•Have a knowledge of modern online research methods, materials and databases.

•Have some experience conducting legal research (this can include academic research or research in the course of court case preparation).

Candidates should indicate if they are fluent in Irish and in particular an ability to read and understand legal materials in the Irish language.

General Skills and Competencies

Candidates must demonstrate in their application formand at interview the ability to successfully carry out the role, as well as the general skills and competencies required at this level, namely: Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development

•Demonstrate an understanding of the Irish legal system.

•Understand how their role fits into the work of the judge and the Courts Service.

•Demonstrate extensive knowledge of Irish law, the Irish Legal System including EU Law and, ideally, knowledge of the ECHR system.

Delivery of Results

•Assumes personal responsibility for and delivers on agreed objectives.

•Manages and progresses multiple projects and work activities successfully.

•Manages own time efficiently, anticipates obstacles and makes contingencies for overcoming these.

•Ensures all outputs are delivered to a high standard and in an efficient manner.

•Uses resources effectively and improves efficiencies where possible.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

•Communicates in a fluent, logical, clear and convincing manner verbally and in writing.

•Listens effectively

•Develops a two-way dialogue quickly.

•Maintains strong focus on meeting the needs of internal and external customers.

•Influences others to take action.

•Works to establish mutual understanding to facilitate collaborative working.

Information Management and Processing

•Able to use ICT systems.

•Approaches and delivers work in a thorough and organised manner.

•Follows procedures and protocols.

•Keeps high quality records that are easy for others to understand.

•Draws appropriate conclusions from information.

Analysis and Decision Making

•Effectively deals with a wide range of information sources.

•Investigates all relevant issues.

•Quickly gets up to speed with complex situations.

•Rapidly absorbs information both written and oral.

•Identifies key themes and patterns in and across different sources of information, drawing sound and balanced conclusions.

•Sees the logical implications of taking a particular position on an issue.

Drive and Commitment to Public Service Values

•Consistently strives to perform at a high level and deliver a quality service.

•Is personally trustworthy and can be relied upon.

•Upholds the highest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity.

•Demonstrates high levels of initiative.

•Takes ownership for projects.

•Demonstrates flexibility and resilience

Sorry, this job is now closed
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