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Catering Officer

The HSELetterkenny, County Donegal€48,541 - €59,321 per yearFull-timePermanent

Principal Duties and Responsibilities


• The person holding this post is required to support the principle that the care of the patient comes first at all times and will approach their work with the flexibility and enthusiasm necessary to make this principle a reality for every patient to the greatest possible degree.

• Maintain throughout the hospital awareness of the primacy of the patient in relation to all hospital activities.

• Performance management systems are part of role and you will be required to participate in the Group’s performance management programme.

The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Supervise and manage all catering activities to ensure that all patients, staff and public receive the correct meal at proper temperature, quality and time.

• Assume full responsibility for the running of the Catering Department in the absence of the Catering Manager.

• Take responsibility for other areas of the Catering Department (Restaurant, Wards or CPU) in the absent of Catering Officer Grade I of that area.

• Liaise with other Catering Officers, Executive Chef and Clerical Officers as required on daily basis.

• Provide returns and information to CPU and the Finance department as requested.

• Liaise with department heads and other services in relation to all aspects of catering service to patients.

• Ensure that standards of service are maintained and all aspects of HACCP are fully implemented including ongoing staff training courses with the EHO Education Sector.

• Assist in the identification and development of key performance indicators (KPIs).

• Drive and promote a Performance Management Culture.

• Ensure that the ordered foodstuffs and other materials delivered to the Catering Department are of the nature, substance and quality set out in contracts.

• Be responsible for devising and implementing the menu cycle in conjunction with Catering Officers, Executive Chef and Dietetic Team.

• Investigate patient/customer complaints and adhere to complaint procedure.

• Ensure the economical use of equipment and non-food materials within the department.

• Be actively involved in introducing systems/change to reduce general waste and food waste.

• Attend training courses when required.

Supervision of Staff

The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Direct, control and organise all staff within your direct span of control and ensure the required operational standards are achieved and maintained.

• Prepare and maintain rostering arrangements.

• Carry out performance management discussions with all staff on a regular basis.

• Assist with the training of staff reporting to them in order to help staff perform their duties and to monitor and record same.

• Assist in the induction of new staff.

• Maintain good communications between management and staff.

• Ensure that staff comply with the hospital policy’s procedures and guidelines.

• Co-operate and work as a team with all other catering supervisor and a manager.

• Promote a professional image and ensure staff attend work on a regular basis and in a timely fashion.

• Be responsible for ensuring that adequate staffing levels are available within the Catering Department.

• Advise and assist with recruitment of catering staff including participation on interview boards

• Implement and assist in the development of training and induction for staff and identify training needs.

• Deal with staff queries re pay, rosters etc.

• Perform a management role in grievance/disciplinary procedures and other industrial relations issues.

• Review on a regular basis sick leave of staff and taking corrective action as appropriate.


The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Assist the Catering Manager with financial information on a monthly basis or as required.

• Monitor resources within the Catering Department i.e. personnel, provisions and equipment.

• Supervise cash receipts, lodgement daily records and ensure these records are up to date as required.

Hygiene and HACCP

The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Monitor HACCP system on a daily basis and ensure hospital policies and statutory regulation are being implemented.

• Carry out audits of area of responsibility to ensuring catering department complies with all HACCP, HIQA, hospital policies and statutory regulation.

• Check meals for quality, quantity and presentation.

• Ensure proper portion control is observed and that meals are properly presented.

• Observe and monitor work practices of staff to ensure:

o Correct hygiene practices are adhered to at all times

o By keeping in close contact with workers, procedures can be discussed, updated, improved and changed where necessary.

• Ensure that all staff are aware of HACCP procedures/controls and are acting accordingly.

• Ensure that proper work practices are adhered to in relation to food handling and food safety.

Health and Safety

The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Be fully conversant with Health and Safety at Work and ensure that staff, under their direct control, are fully aware of their responsibilities under the law and that they comply with all safety regulation and attend all training as required.

• Report on and take necessary action in the event of an accident, fire, stock damage, or unfit food and complete the necessary returns and reports.

• Ensure incident report forms are completed and report any accidents to Catering Manager.

• Ensure that effective safety procedures are in place to comply with the Health Safety Welfare at Work Act.

• Be responsible for monitoring of health and safety within the Catering Department.

• Ensure that staff receive proper training in Fire Safety.

• Ensure that all staff are provided with and wear full uniform and personal protective clothing including footwear.

• Ensure equipment and work areas/practices are safe and that maintenance of equipment is carried on a regular basis.

• Report and take necessary action in the event of an accident/fire, and ensuring the completion of accident report forms etc.

• Ensure that the safety statement is updated and that safety audits are performed on a regular basis.

• Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc. and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role.

• Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.

Information Technology

The Catering Officer Grade I will:

• Operate existing/new technology as appropriate.

• Be aware of modem developments within the industry and assist in the introduction/implementation of new/updated technologies.


• The identification and development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are congruent with the hospital’s service plan targets.

• The development of Action Plans to address KPI targets.

• Driving and promoting a Performance Management culture.

• In conjunction with line manager assist in the development of a Performance Management system for your profession.

• The management and delivery of KPIs as a routine and core business objective.


• Employees must attend fire lectures periodically and must observe fire orders.

• All accidents within the Department must be reported immediately.

• Infection Control Policies must be adhered to.

• In line with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 all staff must comply with all safety regulations and audits.

• In line with the Public Health (Tobacco) (Amendment) Act 2004, smoking within the Hospital Building is not permitted.

• Hospital uniform code must be adhered to.

• Provide information that meets the need of Senior Management.

Risk Management, Infection Control, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety

• The management of Risk, Infection Control, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety is the responsibility of everyone and will be achieved within a progressive, honest and open environment.

• The post holder must be familiar with the necessary education, training and support to enable them to meet this responsibility.

• The post holder has a duty to familiarise themselves with the relevant Organisational Policies, Procedures & Standards and attend training as appropriate in the following areas:

o Continuous Quality Improvement Initiatives

o Document Control Information Management Systems

o Risk Management Strategy and Policies

o Hygiene Related Policies, Procedures and Standards

o Decontamination Code of Practice

o Infection Control Policies

o Safety Statement, Health & Safety Policies and Fire Procedure

o Data Protection and confidentiality Policies

• The post holder is responsible for ensuring that they become familiar with the requirements stated within the Risk Management Strategy and that they comply with the Hospitals Risk Management Incident/Near miss reporting Policies and Procedures.

• The post holder is responsible for ensuring that they comply with hygiene services requirements in your area of responsibility. Hygiene Services incorporates environment and facilities, hand hygiene, catering, cleaning, the management of laundry, waste, sharps and equipment.

• The post holder must foster and support a quality improvement culture through-out your area of responsibility in relation to hygiene services.

• It is the post holders’ specific responsibility for Quality & Risk Management, Hygiene Services and Health & Safety will be clarified to you in the induction process and by your line manager.

• The post holder must take reasonable care for his or her own actions and the effect that these may have upon the safety of others.

• The post holder must cooperate with management, attend Health & Safety related training and not undertake any task for which they have not been authorised and adequately trained.

• The post holder is required to bring to the attention of a responsible person any perceived shortcoming in our safety arrangements or any defects in work equipment.

• It is the responsibility of the post holder to be aware of and comply with the HSE Health Care Records Management / Integrated Discharge Planning (HCRM / IDP) Code of Practice.

The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.

The salary scale for the post (as at 01/10/2020) is:

€48,541 - €49,711 - €51,124 - €53,779 - €55,363 - €57,340 - €59,321 - LSIs

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