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Assistant Economic Development Officer

Donegal County CouncilDonegal

1. Introduction
The Council is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates with relevant
experience for the position of Assistant Economic Development Officer.
The Council proposes to form a panel of qualified candidates for the post of Assistant
Economic Development Officer, from which it will fill any vacancy which may arise.
2. Background to the Position
County Donegal with a population of 159,912 persons (Source: Census, 2016) has a
varied economic base with economic activity ranging across ICT based FINTECH
industries, life sciences, Bio-tech, Agriculture, both primary and secondary fisheries,
primary and secondary Manufacturing, Professional services, tourism and a range of
other employment bases.
Donegal County Council, as the primary statutory development organisation, works
closely with its development partners and the private sector to, collectively, maximize
the economic development opportunities of the county, as a contributor to maintaining
the economic and social fabric of all of our towns and villages, and to working towards
maximising employment opportunities in the county.
A specific Economic Development Directorate has been established by Donegal County
Council, to maximise opportunities presented under Ireland 2040, and as a contributor
to creating appropriate social, economic and public realm infrastructure and to working
with development partners in maximising opportunities to maintain existing and create
new employment opportunities.
The Directorate will see a new economic development division established alongside
the existing Local Enterprise Office services. The existing Tourism Marketing Unit,
Research and Policy Unit and EU Unit will form part of this new Directorate, alongside a
dedicated Economic Development Unit.

3. The Role
The Assistant Economic Development Officer (Temporary) will report to the
Senior Economic Development Officer.
The Assistant Economic Development Officer will be responsible for the delivery of
a range of assigned functions within the division. Key milestones in the delivery of the
services will be agreed as part of the annual service delivery plan.
The ideal candidate shall:
 Be able to work within multi-disciplinary teams and have the ability to motivate,
empower and encourage staff under his/her control to achieve maximum
 Possess good organisational skills and the ability to prioritise tasks and work to
demanding schedules;
 Have strong interpersonal and communication skills;
 Be capable of requesting and collecting relevant information, identifying
potential exposures and gaps and evaluating results;
 Have the ability to identify and analyse trends, to design and analyse matrices
and to generate sufficiently detailed charts and tables;
 Possess a competent knowledge of economic development and the evolving
economic development landscape both nationally and locally and including an
understanding of the Northern Ireland environment;
 Demonstrate an understanding of financial systems and procedures, identifying
funding streams and grant sources;
 Possess relevant administrative experience at a sufficient level that
demonstrates a competence in the management of staff; and
 Have the ability to work on his/her own initiative.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of duties for the post of Assistant Economic
Development Officer:
 Assisting in the implementation and evaluation of the key objectives and
associated actions emanating from the Annual Service Delivery Plan (ASDP) for
the Economic Development Directorate;
 Assisting in the monitoring and reporting on targets, budgets and other key
performance indicators on a quarterly basis;
 Assisting in the implementation of operational objectives and associated actions
emanating form the ASDP;
 Assisting in establishing, monitoring and evaluation of work components
associated with the delivery of ASDP;
 Assisting with the engagement of existing and new stakeholders in the
realisation of the ASDP;
 Participating at local meetings which impact on the delivery of the objectives
and associated actions of the ASDP;
 Reporting to the Senior Economic Development Officer or their delegate, on the
implementation progress;
 Working collaboratively with the Local Enterprise Office (LEO), Tourism
Marketing Unit, Research and Policy Unit, EU Unit and other Council services as
required form time to time;
 Assisting in the identifying of sectoral opportunities for Economic Development
and job creation;
 Assisting local organisations, businesses and individuals to take advantage of
Economic Development opportunities;
 Assisting in the developing of projects with local stakeholders to enhance
existing or create new proposals to support local business growth, create new
jobs and attract employers;

 Assisting in the launching and monitoring of any marketing and branding
campaigns for the area;
 Assisting in the provision of advice on marketing analysis and economic
opportunities e.g, to promote the development of vacant sites;
 Assisting in the fostering of partnerships with strategic players to identify and
implement innovative economic development strategies in the area;
 Supporting linkages across the various structures on issues which attribute to
progressing economic development in the area;
 Assisting in the alignment between government legislation and inter-agency
policy to maximise economic development in the area;
 Supporting in the advancement of the monitoring and attracting of
philanthropic, State and European investment to the area;
 Assisting in sourcing external funding to support objectives and actions.
5. Qualifications & Experience
On the latest date for receipt of completed application forms, candidates shall meet the
following minimum essential requirements:
Each Candidate shall be of good character.
Candidates shall be in state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of
ability to render regular and efficient service.
(*Note – The successful candidate will be required to undergo a medical examination
carried out by the Council’s Occupational Medical advisor prior to appointment).

(c)Education, Experience, Etc.
Candidates shall have a good standard of Education.
It is desirable that each candidate should, on the latest date for receipt of completed
applications have:
 An ability to demonstrate, to an appropriate standard, their understanding of
the principles of Economic Development generally, and, specifically, the role of
Local Government in advancing Economic Development;
 An ability to demonstrate an understanding of the challenges and opportunities
(International, National and Local) facing businesses in Donegal;
 Satisfactory experience in assisting with projects and monitoring work
 Good knowledge and awareness of Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations,
their implications for the organisation and the employee, and their applications
in the workplace;
 Good communication, interpersonal and reporting skills;
 Supervision of staff as required.
6. Particulars of the Position
(a) General
The Post is temporary, whole time and pensionable. The successful candidate will, be
employed, subject to satisfactory service, on a fixed term contract basis for a period of
three years. The nature of this employment is fixed term in line with sanction received
from the Department of Housing Planning & Local Government. A Contract will
therefore be issued on such objective grounds.
Successful candidates shall be required to be on probation for an initial period of nine
months. This period may be extended at the discretion of the Council.
The current annual pay-scale is minimum €27,567 – max LSI2 €44,771

(analogous for pay purposes only to Assistant Staff Officer).
Holders of the post will be paid at the appropriate point on the salary scale in
accordance with the relevant Department Circular.
New entrants will commence on the minimum point on scale.
(d) Base
The base for the post of Assistant Economic Development Officer shall be determined
by the Council and will depend on the particular area and service to which the post
holder is assigned.
The role of Assistant Economic Development Officer may involve some travel, with
some trips involving overnight stays and associated costs covered by the appropriate
(e) Residence
Holders of the post shall reside in the district in which their duties are to be performed
or within a reasonable distance thereof.
(f) Working Hours
The normal hours of work will be 37 hours per week and will, from time to time,
require working outside of normal office hours and possibly including some weekend
work from time to time. The Council reserves the right to alter the hours of work from
time to time.

7. Recruitment Process
A. Application Form
 Applications must be made on the official application form and all sections of
the form must be fully completed.
 Please do not submit a CV with your application. Only information contained
in the application form will be considered when assessing a candidate’s
suitability for the post.
 Applications must be submitted by email only to
and must be submitted in word or PDF format only.
 Applications must be received by the deadline specified on the form.
B. Short Listing
Candidates may be short-listed for interview on the basis of information supplied.
In the event of a short-listing exercise being required, an Expert Panel will convene
to examine and assess the application forms against a set of pre-determined
criteria, based on the requirements of the job. It is therefore in your own interest
to provide a detailed and accurate account of your qualifications and experience on
the application form.
Where it is considered, by reason of the number and standard of applications
received, that it would be reasonable not to admit all candidates to the interview,
only persons likely to attain at the interview a standard sufficient for selection and
recommendation for appointment shall be called for interview.
C. Right to Information and Review
The Council is committed to offering feedback and information to candidates. Any
candidate who wishes to do so may request to have a decision or the process
reviewed. Any such request must be submitted in writing, stating the grounds of
the request and this must be submitted to the Human Resources Department,

Three Rivers Centre, Lifford, Co. Donegal within five working days of the date of
notification of a relevant decision.
D. Confidentiality
Subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014, applications will
be treated in strict confidence.
E. Other
Appointments to the Council are subject to satisfactory checks with regard to
references, qualifications, medical examinations, and Garda Vetting, as applicable.
F. Canvassing Will Disqualify
Any attempt by a candidate (or by any persons acting on their behalf) to canvass
or otherwise influence any officer of the Council (or persons nominated by it to
interview or examine applicants) in the candidate’s favour, either directly or
indirectly, by means of written communication or otherwise, will automatically
disqualify the applicant for consideration for the position.

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Sorry, this job is now closed
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