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Assistant Fire Officer

Cork County CouncilCork€44,853 - €69,782 per yearFull-timePermanent

SECTION 1: THE ROLE Assistant Fire Officers are key members of staff responsible for the delivery of public safety services. Reporting to an Assistant Chief Fire Officer, or such designated persons as may be assigned from time to time, the Assistant Fire Officer will work as part of a team within the Fire & Building Control Department. He/She will also be required to work independently on his/her own initiative as circumstances demand.

SECTION 2: DUTIES The duties may include but are not limited to the following and the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office. 1. Technical assessment of Building Control applications; 2. Provide technical advice to design teams and other council departments in relation to Fire Safety and Building Control matters; 3. Inspect buildings under the Fire Services Act, the Building Control Act and Dangerous Substances legislation, compile inspection reports and carry out all necessary follow-up action; 4. Represent Cork County Council in District and Circuit Courts on matters relating to Fire Safety and Building Control; 5. Ensure compliance in the workplace with the requirements of Health & Safety legislation; 6. Perform duties in relation to Community Fire Safety, Fire Operations and Emergency Management as may be assigned; 7. Undergo such training as considered appropriate to the performance of the duties of the office; 8. Undertake any other duties which are appropriate to the post and necessary for efficient and effective performance. SECTION 3: ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA / QUALIFICATIONS 1. Character Each candidate must be of good character. 2. Health Each candidate must be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. 3. Education, Training, Experience etc. Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms for the office – a) Hold, in the National Framework of Qualifications: i. A degree at Level 8 in engineering, architecture, or other building construction related discipline, or ii. A professional qualification equivalent to one of the foregoing awarded by the relevant professional body, or iii. A degree at Level 8 in a science or technology related discipline including, physics, chemistry, environmental or computer science, information communications technology; or a fire related discipline including fire safety, emergency management or emergency services, or iv. A degree at Level 8 together with a Level 9 qualification in a fire related discipline including fire safety, emergency management or emergency services. b) Have at least 2 years satisfactory relevant experience. c) Be competent to perform efficiently the duties of the Office

The successful candidate will be supported with training and mentoring as necessary in the following areas: a) Technical Fire Safety b) Building Regulations c) Fire Service Operations 4. Age Age restrictions shall only apply to a candidate where he/she is not classified as a new entrant within the meaning of the Public Services Superannuation Act, 2004. A candidate who is not classified as a new entrant must be under 70 years of age

5. Transport holders of the office shall hold a full driving licence for Class B Vehicles as recognised in the Republic of Ireland and shall drive a motor car in the course of their duties and for this purpose provide and maintain a car to the satisfaction of the local authority. 6. Required Skills Set In the context of the key duties and responsibilities for the post of Assistant Fire Officer listed above the ideal candidate will demonstrate the following Competencies, Knowledge and Experience: (Candidates should have satisfactory knowledge and experience in one or more of the following) • Building design and construction; • Building Regulations; • Fire service operations, Telecommunications and information technology; • Technological and industrial processes

SECTION 4: COMPETENCIES A Competency Based Application form requires you to describe some of your personal achievements to date that demonstrate certain competencies (necessary skills and qualities) required for the position for which you are applying. For each competency, you are given a description of a skill or quality. You are then asked to describe a situation, from your own experience, which you think is the best example of what YOU have done which demonstrates this skill or quality. It is essential that you describe how you demonstrated the skill or quality in question. Therefore, compose your replies carefully in this section and try to structure what you write so that you give specific information about what you have done - for example, do not simply say that “X was successful”, describe exactly what you did and how you demonstrated the skill or quality in question. For each example, please include the following: a) the nature of the task, problem or objective; b) what you actually did and how you demonstrated the skill or quality (and, where appropriate, the date you demonstrated it) c) the outcome or result of the situation and your estimate of the proportion of credit you can claim for the outcome.

The information you present in your application may form part of a shortlisting process and may also be used to help structure your interview, should you be invited to one. A shortlisting process may be applied based on TWO or more of the competencies and on other information you provide in your application form. Please note that, should you be called to interview, the board may look for additional examples of where you demonstrated the Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Competencies required for this post, so you should think of a number of examples of where you demonstrated each of the skills

Judgement & Decision making ▪ Can pinpoint critical information and address issues logically. ▪ Understands the context and impact of decisions made. ▪ Can act decisively with the complex information and multiple stakeholders. ▪ Evaluate the current work practices to identify changes that could be made to help them run more efficiently.

Delivery of Results ▪ Work to relevant guidance documents, codes and standards as requited ▪ Analyses technical problems and solutions in a logical manner ▪ Deliver results on time and to a high standard. ▪ Plan and prioritise the work schedule, ensuring the efficient use of all the resources available and delivering on objectives even with multiple or conflicting demands. ▪ Take responsibility for own work and the work of the team.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills ▪ Show respect, tact and maintain composure when dealing with customers and staff members. ▪ Demonstrate the ability to be assertive and communicate in a clear and confident manner. ▪ Produce reports in a clear and concise manner and maintain accurate records. ▪ Actively listen and deal with information in a constructive manner. Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values ▪ Consistently strives to perform at a high level ▪ Maintains consistent effort under pressure and is resilient to criticism or setbacks at work ▪ Demonstrates high levels of initiative, taking ownership for projects and demonstrating self sufficiency ▪ Is personally trustworthy and can be relied upon ▪ Places the citizen at the heart of all process and systems ▪ Upholds the highest standards of honesty, ethics and integrity SECTION 5: TENURE The position is permanent and fulltime. The post is pensionable. A panel may be formed to fill this position and vacancies for Assistant Fire Officer which may arise during the lifetime of the panel.

SECTION 6: SALARY The Salary scale for the post is: €44,853 - €69,782 per annum €44,853 – €47,469 – €49,390 – €51,336 – €53,325 – €55,349– €57,390 – €59,433 – €61,474 - €63,519 - €65,576 (Maximum); €67,677 (1st LSI) (after 3 years satisfactory service on the Maximum). €69,782 (2nd LSI) (after 3 years satisfactory service on the 1 st LSI). Entry point to this scale will be determined in accordance with Circulars issued by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. In accordance with Departmental Circular letter EL 02/2011, a person who is not a serving local authority employee on or after 1st January 2011, will enter the scale for the position at a minimum point. Rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government Policy.

SECTION 7: LOCATION OF POST The base for working purposes shall be the location as determined by Cork County Council. Cork County Council reserves the right to assign you to any department, premises or district in use by the Council, now or in the future. Changes in location of employment will not result in payment of disturbance money or compensation. Holders of the office shall reside in the district in which their duties are to be performed or within a reasonable distance thereof. The person appointed will be required to provide him/herself at his/her own expense with the necessary mode of travel to and from work.

SECTION 8: WORKING HOURS The working hours at present provide for a five day, 35 hour working week. A flexible working hours’ system is in operation and may be availed of subject to the terms and conditions of the Flexitime Policy. The post requires flexibility in working outside of normal hours. Duties will require the successful candidate to work outside of normal hours i.e. attendance at evening/weekend training, duties etc. as part of normal working hours without additional remuneration. All hours worked will be subject to the provision of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 as amended.

SECTION 9: ANNUAL LEAVE The current annual leave entitlement is 30 days per annum or on a pro-rata basis for period worked. Notice of intention to take leave shall be given to the council at least two weeks before proposed leave commences. Cork County Council’s leave year runs from 1st January to 31st December. Granting of annual leave, payment for annual leave and arrangements for public holidays will be governed by the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 (as amended).

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