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Director of Nursing

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Daughters of Charity 

Disability Support Services 


Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services, is a progressive Organisation providing a wide range of services including day, residential training and respite supports to both children and adults in various locations across the 3 regions. We are looking for candidates who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families, in a person centred, community based, socially inclusive manner in accordance with our core values and national standards, and underpinned by quality, best practice and research. 

Applications are invited for the following Leadership position within the Service:- 



1.0 WTE Permanent Post - 39 hpw 

Central Management, St Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road, Dublin 7 

Salary - Director of Nursing Band 2   €70,326 - €81,792 

Please quote – Req No.  19290/DON - on your application form 

The successful candidate will have the following criteria: 

• Be registered in the Intellectual Disability Division of the Register of Nurses and Midwives maintained by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland [NMBI] (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hEireann) and must confirm annual registration with NMBI 

• Degree in Nursing or its equivalent, level 8 or higher qualification in a health or management related area 

• Have 10 years post registration intellectual disability nursing experience with 5 years nursing management 

• Strong evidence of engaging in continuous professional development 

• Candidates must possess extensive clinical, leadership, managerial and administrative knowledge and ability to discharge their duties as a Director of Nursing 

• Have excellent interpersonal skills, be values driven, with an in depth knowledge of intellectual disability in a social care model 

• Can demonstrate sound judgement, positively driving change though out the service 

• Motivated to facilitate culture development across all areas of the service 

• Full knowledge of health act 2007 HIQA Standards as they apply to the Director of Nursing Role 

• Demonstrate leadership skills for this role.  

Informal enquiries to: Deirdre Rudden, Director of HR,  

by email   by Phone: (01) 086 3693896 

We are unable to shortlist applications unless the following is submitted by all candidates, including internal staff: 

CV and qualifications relevant to this role in one PDF Document 

Closing date for receipt of applications:  12 noon on 9th August 2019 

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is an equal opportunities employer 






1.0 WTE Permanent Contract 


TITLE:   Director of Nursing National – Dublin/Limerick/Roscrea      



LOCATION:   Central Management, St Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road, Dublin 7 

SALARY SCALE: Salary €70,326 - €81,792 depending on relevant experience 

HOLIDAYS: 30 days per annum  

HEALTH: A candidate for and any person holding the office must be free from any defect or disease which would render him/her unsuitable to hold the office and be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to attend regular and efficient service. 

CHARACTER: A candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character. 

HOURS OF WORK: 39 hours per week.  There may be times when you will be required to work outside of the normal office hours.  


ETHICAL CODE: The post holder is requested to respect the special charism, ethos and tradition of Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services and to observe and comply with its general policies, procedures and regulations. 

CONFIDENTIALITY: The post holder will have access to various types of records/information in the course of work.  Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instruction of an authorised person, on no account must information concerning staff, Service Users or other service business be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty.  In addition, records may never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required. 


Duties and Responsibilities: 

To provide a clear strategy for Nursing across Dublin/Limerick/Roscrea Services. Ensure all Nursing and Support Services are managed and governed by professional Policies/standards/guidelines. 

Be proactive in promoting and ensuring that /the Ethos, Mission, Vision and Core Values of the Daughters of Charity are upheld  

Purpose of the Post: 

The Director of Nursing has a pivotal role in creating the vision and culture for nursing across Dublin /Limerick/Roscrea Services.  They will be responsible for providing expert support and advice to the organisation and all nurses across the Service.   

The Director of Nursing along with other relevant personnel will be responsible for the development of key roles required to improve service delivery such as (CNS’s) Clinical Nurse Specialist Advanced Nurse Practitioner and work closely with Primary Care and CHO9 in developing such Posts and in line with the recommendations from the Report on “Shaping the Future of Intellectual Disability Nursing in Ireland “in a social model of care. 

The Director of Nursing will provide strong strategic professional leadership that will demonstrate respect and compassion, continuously aiming to improve the service users’ experience of a better life.  

Leadership and Accountability: 

Demonstrate clinical leadership by establishing and communicating a vision for Nursing setting directions, creating commitment, innovation and a positive future for the nursing profession within the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services in a social model of care. 

To be the lead person representing the Service on the National Implementation Committee on “Shaping the Future of RNID Nursing in Ireland”. Ensure the CEO and relevant staff are kept up to date on its developments and how it will influence nursing going forward for the Organisation. To be innovative and creative in leading out on key projects from the recommendations of this report that will influence national policy.  

To be responsible for the development and implementation of key posts/ roles that will enhance service delivery for those with intellectual disability.   

To ensure that nursing resources are appropriate to the needs of service users and in line with good practice and meeting the national standards and Regulations.  

The Director of Nursing, with the Nurse Practice Development Co-ordinator and other key nurses, develop appropriate nursing/clinical guidelines which will guide practice across all areas of the Service Dublin, Limerick and Roscrea. 

To provide expert advice to the CEO and Executive Committee to ensure best nursing practice is promoted at all times ensuring it is in line with the National Health Strategy. 

To critically analyse and review nursing structures within the overall organisation making sure they are in line with service strategy, decongregation and service users’ needs as they transition to the community. 

Professional and Clinical Responsibilities: 

Provide a leading role in the development and implementation of nursing standards /guidelines /policies across the Service (Dublin /Limerick/Roscrea) 

Review current nursing practices across the service areas and facilitate changes where necessary that meets the standards of evidence -based practice.  

Promote a culture of continuous improvement in clinical practice across nursing service areas.  

Develop and implement systems for   professional supervision of all grades of nurses including CNM3; CNM2; CNM1; Staff Nurses and Clinical Nurse Specialists. 

Ensure nurses have active participation in Multidisciplinary Team meetings and take the lead in co –coordinating plans of care where complexities relating to care arise or where service user s care is compromised.  

To promote and develop clinical audit as a key to the cycle of continuous improvement.  

Carry out clinical reviews as requested to review practice issues and develop a forum for shared learning for the Nursing Team.  

Ensure adherence to all codes and guidelines in relation to nursing practice as outlined by the NMBI and HIQA regulations as appropriate to service delivery and models of care.  

 Education /Training/ Quality  

Work closely with the NMPDU, Service Managers and key nurses within the organisation to be proactive in developing initiatives/programmes that will enhance service delivery and meet criteria for funding supported by NMPDU twice yearly.  

Take responsibility for the development and implementation of pre and post registered nurse education and training programmes. Take direct responsibility for the suitability, quality and supervision for each of the clinical nursing placements for students as a partner service with both DCU and UL.  

Ensure that MOUs with Universities are agreed by both partners and signed. 

Liaise and collaborate with the Quality and Education Officer in ensuring that Quality System are updated and Risks are appropriately escalated. 

Work closely with the HR Director, Service Managers and their Teams in reviewing skill mix, and ensuring the optimal and most effective employment of nursing staff through efficient deployment of skill / key areas of need.  

Develop and implement a programme of professional development for CNM3/CNM2/CNM1 and Staff Nurses.  

Develop the required Nursing Skills to reflect the changing needs of Service Users  

Participate as required in the recruitment selection and appointment of Nurses in key roles within the Service.  

Develop and implement a framework to support newly appointed Staff Nurses. 

Develop a recruitment strategy across the country that will attract interns to work in key areas within the organisation.  

Develop links with relevant 3rd level institutions/colleges and encourage staff to avail of the many learning opportunities available to them.  

Promote research relevant to the social care model of service.  

Put systems in place to ensure learning takes place and sharing of information is available and facilitated to all Nurses across the Service.  

Executive /Management /Teamwork   

Make a full contribution to the overall management of the service and adopt a proactive planning approach to service delivery  

Builds an effective and dedicated Nursing Team that will support the service delivery across Dublin Limerick and Roscrea that meets Service Users needs appropriately  

Examine the needs of any new developments within the service in conjunction with other key members of staff and examine if there is a requirement for Nurses to support the health care needs of Service Users  

Work closely and creatively with the Director of HR on potential nurse vacancies in key areas across the service and how it impacts on Service Users’ needs. 

Identify gaps in service delivery and develop proposals to address these issues.  

Support and advise staff in managing resources and have the flexibility to prioritise changes to meet Service User’s needs as they arise. 

Have an excellent working Knowledge of HIQA standards as they apply to the Role  

 Advise and work closely with the CEO in identifying the need for nursing specialisation and advocate for the development of these posts to enhance service delivery that will impact on the lives of Service Users with particular attention at Primary Care level. 

Promote and implement an effective communication system that is inclusive of all Nurses within the Service and support them in developing their own career plans.  

Participate/take the lead in relevant meetings particularly those that are Nurse led and assume the role as Chairperson if appropriate.  

The Director of Nursing will participate fully as a member of the Executive Team. He/She will work closely with all members of the Team and participate in the decision making process for the service. 

Provides a monthly report to the CEO for the Board of Directors as well as for the Executive meetings and Service Coordinating meetings. 

Participate in internal and external meetings providing leadership in promoting a team approach in providing a person centred service. 

Define key objectives with the Service Managers for each Service area to identify priorities to be included in the Nursing plan   

Develop good collaborative working relationships and communications with appropriate salutatory, professional and voluntary services responsible for Health Care Provision  

Ensure the implementation of the annual review process with relevant nursing staff  

Participate in annual service performance review system  

Build effective relationships across the Service  

Represent the Service as requested by the CEO  

Any other duties as appropriate to the post that may be assigned from time to time. 

The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office.   This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Service.  

Level 3 - Core Competencies 

Quality Service 

• Mentor and develop workforce to establish a high performing culture. 

• Monitors, maintains and develops the quality of the service. 

• Seeks opportunities and leads initiatives for improving services. 

• Promotes a multi-disciplinary approach. 

• Promotes a proficient and cost effective service. 

Planning & Organising 

• Plans ahead with a vision for understanding the overall integration across different service areas and disciplines. 

• Excellent awareness of how external factors impact on workforce planning. 

• Develops strategic plans and objectives. 

• Is aware of workload and pressures across teams and acts appropriately to promote maximum organisational effectiveness. 

• Ensures both self and teams’ time is utilised to meet key organisational objectives 


• Is an advocate for the service by consistently projecting a professional image. 

• Ensure a respectful representation of service/department. 

• Act as a professional role model for others. 

• Demonstrates and encourages a strong work ethic. 

• Is transparent; acts with integrity and carries no hidden agendas. 

• Espouses professional ethics and codes of practice. 

Continuous Learning & Development 

• Leads continuous professional and personal development in support of vision /department/ team. 

• Aware of critical roles central to the core service of the organisation and ensures successful delivery of these positions. 

• Ensures ‘managers of the future’ are identified and developed. 

• Provides and supports learning opportunities for others. 

• Uses professional bodies to improve knowledge and resources.  

• Presents at industry seminars/conferences when appropriate. 

Organisational Knowledge 

• Anticipates and manages impact of political environment on service 

• Understands how different service areas and disciplines align with overall service.  

• Excellent knowledge of organisational culture, key stakeholders and internal dynamics. 

• Understands and Influences national frameworks for the service. 

• Keeps up to date on developing technologies and their likely impact. 

• Balances available resources: implements a ‘value for money’ approach. 

Innovation & Creativity 

• Fosters and develops an innovative and creative culture to meet organisational goals and objectives.  

• Encourages and values new ideas, perceptions and suggestions.  

• Ability to see future trends and changes in opportunities and anticipates appropriate courses of action.  

• Works with internal & external resources, encouraging partnership on new ideas. 

• Thinks laterally and is considered within the service as a good source of creativity for new ideas.  

• Encourages diversity and inclusion in the creative process to generate highly innovative solutions. 

Leadership Potential  

• Translates the overall strategic vision and goals and clarifies what is required from each department.  

• Inspires commitment and passion in others to accomplish objectives. 

• Influences others through evidence based reasoning aligned with strategic priorities. 

• Challenges traditional assumptions and champions new initiatives. 

• Decisive, can make unpopular decisions after consulting major stakeholders. 

• Shows skills at negotiating when manging upwards in the organisation. 

• Demonstrates a high level of self-belief and credibility in all interactions. 

• Leads multiple teams/projects adapting leadership style to different situations and/or individuals in order to achieve optimum results 

• Creates and fosters an environment where people are flexible and open to change. 

• Keeps the wider service informed of health service developments. 

Problem Solving & Decision Making 

• Thinks creatively and laterally in relation to the entire service. 

• Processes diverse information and can make well informed decisions during times of uncertainty. 

• Considers how full scope and impact of decisions effects  the service financially. 

• Anticipates Issues/opportunities and implements appropriate measures accordingly. 

• Can examine complex information to identify root causes of problems issues. 

• Breaks large problems down into smaller, more manageable sections. 

• When providing solutions, is not restricted by convention. 

• Facilitates groups or teams through problem-solving and creative-thinking processes leading to the development and implementation of new approaches, systems, structures and methods. 

Team work 

• Create an environment where employees work collaboratively and effectively in a spirit of co-operation and mutual respect to maximise service delivery for service users.  

• Embraces diversity and values a broad range of perspectives. 

• Is inclusive of key stakeholders when making important decisions. 

• Encourages consultation and collaboration across disciplines. 

Communication & Interpersonal Skills 

• Takes a strategic approach to communicating across the organisation.  

• Creates a culture of open communication to maintain a climate of trust and honesty. 

• Adapts tone and pace of communications to reflect the needs of the individual and / or situation.  

• Opens up communication channels through implementation of systems and processes. 

• Establishes and maintains information networks across service. 

• Adopts a range of communication techniques as appropriate to explain complex information. 

• Skilfully mediates conflict situations creating win-win scenarios. 

We are unable to shortlist applications unless the following is submitted by all candidates, including internal staff: 

CV and qualifications relevant to this role in one PDF Document 


Closing date for receipt of applications:  12 noon on 9th August 2019 

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is an equal opportunities employer 

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