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Social Care Worker

Daughters of CharityDublinPermanent

Daughters of Charity   

Disability Support Services 





35 hours per week  

Salary €31,922 - €46,216 pro rata 

(Salary subject to Relevant Public Sector Experience) 

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provide Residential and Day Services to people with an Intellectual Disability. We are looking for candidates who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families, in a person centred, community based, socially inclusive manner in accordance with our core values and ethos and underpinned by quality, best practice and research.  

Along with the ability to carry out all duties detailed in the job description, applications should have one of the following qualifications:  

• HETAC/D.I.T. National Diploma in Social Care 

• HETAC/D.I.T. National Diploma in Applied Social Care Studies 

• Diploma in Applied Social Studies/Social Care (DIT) 

• National Diploma in Applied Social Studies (Disabilities) / The Open Training College (HETAC) accredited 

• BA (Ord) in Social Care Practice (Level 7 NQAI) 

• Full Clean Driving licence   

• CV 

Applicants should: 

• Have one of the above qualifications 

• Possess a full, Clean driving licence as driving of service vehicles is essential 

• Have experience working within the area of intellectual Disability  

• Be committed to pro actively supporting service users in their daily lives and choices under the New Directions guidelines 

• Have previous experience of supporting people with Behaviours of Concern and Autism 

• Have proven organisational, leadership, communication, interpersonal and teambuilding skills 

• Be committed to pro actively supporting service users in their daily lives and choices 

• Have an organisational commitment to lead through the Daughters of Charity values and vision 

Applicants should possess Level 1 behavioral competencies of DOCDSS competency framework; This can be found on the last page of the Job Description  

Informal enquiries to: Mary Reynolds, Service Manager 

Tel: 0872640121 

“A panel may be formed from which future Social Care Workers positions may be filled” 

Please apply to our website   


We are unable to shortlist Applications, unless the following is submitted, including internal staff:  

  CV and a copy of relevant qualifications detailed on the advert in one PDF Document   


Closing date for receipt of applications:   

Closing date for receipt of applications: 12 noon on Tuesday 13th August 2019 

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is an equal opportunities employer 



For Persons with Intellectual Disability 







The Social Care Worker assists the Social Care Leader in running the house within agreed guidelines. Ensures the implementation of the programme of total care and safety, of each person with an intellectual disability in their care in a 24 hour setting. 


1. Assists in promoting self development, independence and the individuality of each client. 

2. Helps to create a homelike environment for persons with an intellectual disability, placing an emphasis on their social education and development within the guidelines formulated by the Social Care Leader. 

3. Carrying out procedures and therapies carefully.  Observing and reporting in accordance with established standards. 

4. Assisting in arranging of meals and diet programmes for the Service Users. 

5. Making written and verbal reports as required.  Reporting accidents, incidents or complaints in line with agreed policy.   

6. Ensuring all records pertaining to the particular house are kept up-to-date and are readily available when required. 

7. To teach and encourage each client to be actively involved in cleaning, hygiene,  

cooking, washing and caring for their clothing. 

8. Ensuring good working relationships with colleagues and other employees, visitors and the ladies. 

9. Sharing responsibility for maintaining house supplies, equipment and clothing. 

10. Undertaking all aspects of home management as directed by houseparent. 

11. Maintaining good order and organisation in the house at all times, especially in housekeeping, cleanliness and hygiene. 


......./Social Care Worker 

12. Taking charge of the house when necessary and acting up for the Social Care Leader as required. 

13. Maintaining high standards of care and respect for each person with an intellectual disability, their clothes and other personal belongings. 

14. To promote self development, independence and the individuality of each client. 

15. Ensuring that the persons with an intellectual disability attend at the appropriate social and recreational activities within the service and the local community. 

16. Using vigilance and acute observation in recognising signs and symptoms, so as to prevent disease and promote the health of each person with an intellectual disability. 

17. Implementation of the health and safety policy in accordance with the safety statement of the service.    Ensure familiarity with emergency and other operational procedures and policies. 

18. Ensure that economy is exercised in relation to house supplies and equipment. 

19. Ensuring that each person with an intellectual disability is treated with the utmost respect and dignity at all times. 

20. When employed as an Social Care Worker with a particular professional qualification, the functions associated with the profession may form part of the job function. 

21. Ensuring that the clients attend at the appropriate training school or work place at the time stipulated; to report on progress of training, when required. 

22. Co-operating with the religious education and liturgical programmes and abiding by the ethos of the Daughters of Charity. 


23. Encouraging and participating, where appropriate, in social and recreational activities within and outside of the Community Care Programme. 

24. Ensure that the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained at all times. 

25. Taking clients to day and other activities in mini bus or public transport as necessary. 

26. Maintain a high standard of work performance, attendance, appearance and punctuality at all times. 

27. Ensure good working relationships are maintained with colleagues at all times. 

28. Participate in Service Annual Performance Review System 

29. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.  

The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office.  This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Service. 

Core Competencies 

Quality Service 

• Adopts a person centered approach and supports service users with empathy, compassion and respect. 

• Demonstrates a commitment to achieving a high standard result. 

• Is flexible and adaptable to meet unanticipated demands. 

• Complies with organisational policies and procedures at all times.  

• Understands, demonstrates and respects the rights of all service users and families  

Planning & Organising 

• Demonstrates the ability to plan and deliver the duties of the role in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person centered care. 

• Adopts a systematic approach to planning, organising and managing workload. 

• Able to multi task without losing focus. 

• Manages competing and changing priorities effectively. 

• Demonstrates a flexible and adaptable approach in a changing environment. 

• Deals with issues in a timely manner.  

• Demonstrates a high level of attention to detail  


• Approaches all tasks in a confident manner. 

• Shows pride in one’s profession. 

• Demonstrates honesty and integrity: holds a strong code of ethics. 

• Maintains appropriate and professional boundaries. 

• Manages personal problems to minimise impact on work or professional relationships 

• Respects confidentiality and discretion in all work related matters. 

• Pays attention to dress code and professional appearance. 

• Shows an enthusiastic and committed attitude to ones work. 

• Understands scope of practice.  

• Understands the need to apply service and/or professional standards, policies  and procedures 

• Demonstrates self-belief in own potential and ability.  

Continuous Learning & Development 

• Shows enthusiasm and motivation for work.  

• Willing to use opportunities to improve, learn and develop self.  

• Regularly participates in on the job learning. 

• Stays current in own field of expertise. 

• Is open to constructive feedback, acknowledges own limitations. 

• Understands role and boundaries of other disciplines. 

• Initiates and undertakes mandatory training. 

• Takes responsibility to ensure learning and understanding of new ideas and procedures. 

• Self evaluates own performance to continuously improve personal development. 

Organisational Knowledge 

• Understands the mission and core values of Daughter of Charity Disability Support Services. 

• Is aware of the multiple services provided by the Daughters of Charity.  

• Familiar with professional bodies. 

• Is knowledgeable of regulations and where relevant applies practice in accordance with legislation to area of work.  

• Has the skill set to access computer systems and ability to learn new IT system’s 

• Knowledgeable of professional standards, policies and procedures relevant to discipline. 

• Understands how own scope of practice fits with the organisation. 

Innovation & Creativity 

• Demonstrates a can do attitude.  

• Generates new ideas. 

• Shows enthusiasm for trying new ways of doing things.  

• Voluntarily puts forward suggestions for improvements. 

• Promotes improvement ideas to colleagues. 

• Takes a creative approach to work by exploring a range of options whilst keeping an open mind.  

• Effectively applies existing practices or processes to new work situations to benefit the service and service users. 

• Takes appropriate action to address inefficiencies in work processes and establishes improved ways of getting the job done 

Leadership Potential  

• Successfully modifies behaviour to embrace change. 

• Energetic and Inspires others through own positive attitude. 

• Creates trust by being honest, reliable and consistent. 

•  Can be directive without being dictatorial. 

• Blends a focus on results with a caring and sensitivity for individuals. 

• Demonstrates the ability to be flexible in relation to hours of work and roles and responsibilities. 

• Responds positively to new demands and requirements.  

Problem Solving & Decision Making 

• Makes timely, intuitive decisions to achieve successful outcome. 

• Identifies and uses appropriate sources of information when making decisions.  

• Supports views with sound logic reasoning. 

• Reasons systematically and logically through issues. 

• Demonstrates common sense when dealing with every day issues that arise. 

• Knows when  to  ask for help and guidance from supervisor and/or colleagues 

Team work 

• Contributes consistently and positively to team activities. 

• Projects a warm and appropriate professional demeanour at all times. 

• Is accepting of diverse values and beliefs. 

• Helps others: willing to take on different tasks/roles accordingly to the needs of the team. 

• Expresses views and professional opinion at team meetings. 

• Knows when and where to consult with other members of the team. 

• Is responsive to the needs of other team members: shows empathy. 

• Balances listening to others ideas with sharing own thoughts. 

• Considers how ones behaviour may impact others.  

• Has the knowledge and confidence to identify and personally manage own workplace disagreements locally at an early stage and knows when to seek support of management. 

Communication & Interpersonal Skills 

• Communicates openly and honestly.  

• Shows empathy when handling delicate or sensitive issues.  

• Shows patience when dealing with others.  

• Considers how ones behaviour may impact others. 

• Clearly and confidently articulates ideas and opinions and their underlying rationale. 

• Draws on a variety of communication methods to fit/situation circumstances. 

• Open listening: asking clarifying questions and makes eye contact.  

• Demonstrates positive body language. 

• Knows when to speak, what to talk about, with whom, when, and where. 

• Communicates effectively in English language, written and spoken, as appropriate to job requirements. 

• Numerate and Literate. 


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Sorry, this job is now closed
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