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Supplies Officers

Health Service ExecutiveNationwide€34,561 - €43,122 per yearFull-timePart-time

Proposed Interview Date (s)

March 2020

Taking up Appointment

A start date will be indicated at job offer stage.

Location of Post

There are currently a number of permanent and specified purpose vacancies available across HBS Procurement. The location of each post will be confirmed at job offer stage.

The existing HBS Sourcing & Contracting locations are in Cork, Dublin, Drogheda, Sligo, Limerick, Kilkenny, Tullamore, Waterford and Naas.

The HBS National Logistics Service operates a dispersed model with the National Distribution Centre based in Tullamore and 9 Regional Hubs in Cork, Tralee, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Letterkenny, Tullamore, Drogheda and Dublin. The Logistics service also operates in a number of additional locations nationwide.

The Procurement Business Systems operates a dispered model and has locations in Limerick, Cork, Tullamore, Dublin, Drogheda,

The Corporate Procurement Planning & Capacity Development Service locations are in Clonmel, Tullamore, Sligo, Letterkenny, Waterford. Galway, Kilkenny, Drogheda, Cork.

A panel may be created for Supplies Officer Grade C for HBS Procurement, from which permanent and specified purpose vacancies, across all procurement business functions, of full or part time duration may be filled.

Details of Service

The Health Business Services (HBS) Division carries full operational accountability and responsibility for the delivery of a large range of support functions to the health system with the core objective of delivering these services efficiently and of a high standard thus allowing frontline services to focus on patient care delivery.

The aim of HBS Procurement is to deliver a customer-focused procurement shared service to support frontline health service delivery in line with the HBS Strategy 2017-2019. The four main functions within HBS Procurement are: Logistics, Sourcing, Business Support and the Office of Head of Procurement.

HBS Health Procurement operates and provides a range of specialist services and advice in the context of delivering a fully integrated sourcing and logistics service to our customers. These services include Business / Expenditure Analysis, Strategy Development and Sourcing Planning, Tender Competition Execution and Liaison with other government agencies, Contract upload onto Financial Systems and Management of Transition to New Contract Arrangements, Logistics and Distribution Service Planning including Delivery and Management of Inventory at the Point of Use.

Reporting Relationship

The post holder will report to the relevant senior service manager , or other nominated manager.


These posts will operate in a team environment whilst at the same time individuals will be assigned responsibility for either:


(a)   Sourcing & Contracting - specific categories/commodities and teams in a distributed model.




(b)   National Logistics Service - specific Logistics teams in a distributed model.




(c)   Corporate Procurement Planning & Capacity Development – specific procurement planning teams in a distributed model.




(d)   Procurement Business Systems – specific procurement business systems teams in a distributed model


Purpose of the Post


To provide administrative support within Procurement and to supervise assigned staff.


Procurement operates and provides a range of specialist services and advice in the context of delivering a fully integrated sourcing and logistics service to our customers.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities


The position of Supplies Officer Grade C can encompass roles and responsibilities that span across four key procurement functions along with administrative and supervisory duties which may include the following:


General Procurement Duties

·        To participate in and supervise Sourcing and Contracting activities including requirement processing, request for quotation, tender design and processing, receipt of tenders, evaluation of tenders, communication of tender outcomes, service level agreement design and sign-off with successful tenderers, post contract management including maintenance of various records, and providing administrative support to User Groups in the day-to-day operation of the service.

·        To participate in and supervise in Logistics and Inventory Management activities specifically including inventory management, purchase order generation, invoice and payment management, warehouse management, supplier management, transport operation and management and operation of Materials Handling Equipment. Stock management at Point-Of-Use (POU) at all major customer sites and implementing HBS Logistics Strategy.

·        To participate in and supervise in Corporate Procurement Planning activities that provides guidance and support across Hospital Groups, CHO’s and Section 38/39 Agencies to assist in meeting corporate governance and compliance obligations. This includes expenditure analysis, multi-annual procurement planning, capacity and competency development, communications and operational excellence.

·        To assist the line manager in the day to day management of the assigned Procurement function.

·        To work, manage and contribute to the HSE Procurement Systems in the day to day operation of the service.


·        To operate any systems utilised in the procurement function including computerised systems in accordance with operational procedures.

·        Report and correct any deficiency/irregularity that may arise during the course of your work.



·        Ensure the efficient day-to-day administration of area of responsibility.

·        Ensure deadlines are met and that service levels are maintained.

·        Ensure an even distribution of workload among team, taking into account absence due to annual leave etc.

·        Support the preparation and issuing of office documentation (correspondence, reports, etc.) to the highest possible standard by monitoring and reviewing team work to ensure quality and accuracy.

·        Use appropriate technology to ensure work is completed to a high standard.

·        Ensure that archives and records are accurate and readily available.

·        Maintain confidentiality of documentation, records, etc.

·        Co-operate and work in harmony with other teams and disciplines.

·        Ensure line management is kept informed of issues.

·        Ensure that the frontline of the service is kept informed and that their views are communicated to middle management.

·        Organise and attend meetings as required.

·        Take minutes at meetings and prepare for circulation following meeting.

·        Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.


Customer Service

·        Promote and maintain a customer focused approach to service delivery.

·        Ensure that service users are treated with dignity and respect.

·        Act on feedback from service users/customers, escalating when appropriate.

·        Pro-actively pursue continuous improvements to enhance customer value and operational effectiveness.

Human Resources / Supervision of Staff

·        Supervise and ensure the well-being of staff within own remit

·        Create and maintain a positive working environment among staff members, which contributes to maintaining and enhancing effective working relationships

·        Co‐ordinate, monitor and review the work of the administrative/ support staff

·        Conduct regular staff meetings to keep staff informed and to hear views

·        Identify and agree training and development needs of team and design plan to meet needs

·        Under the direction of the Line Manager deal with staffing issues in a timely and constructive manner



Change Management

·        Implement agreed changes to administration of the service

·        Encourage and support staff through change processes


Standards, policies, procedures & legislation

·        Maintain own knowledge of relevant HSE policies, procedures, guidelines and practices, to perform the role effectively and to ensure current work standards are met by own team.

·        Maintain own knowledge of relevant regulations and legislation e.g. Financial Regulations, Health & Safety Legislation, Employment Legislation, FOI Acts etc.

·        Ensure consistent adherence to procedures within area of responsibility

·        Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards and other standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards.

·        Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.


The above Job Specification is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.


Eligibility Criteria


Qualifications and/ or experience


Candidates must have at the latest date for receipt of applications:


1.       Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc

(a)      Eligible applicants will be those who on the closing date for the campaign:


(i) Have satisfactory experience as a Clerical Officer in the HSE, TUSLA, other statutory health agencies, or a body which provides services on behalf of the HSE under Section 38 of the Health Act 2004




(ii) Have obtained a pass (Grade D) in at least five subjects from the approved list of subjects in the Department of Education Leaving Certificate Examination, including Mathematics and English or Irish1. Candidates should have obtained at least Grade C on higher level papers in three subjects in that examination.




(iii) Have completed a relevant examination at a comparable standard in any equivalent examination in another jurisdiction




(iv) Hold a comparable and relevant third level qualification of at least level 6 on the National Qualifications Framework maintained by Qualifications and Quality Ireland, (QQI).

Note 1:

Candidates must achieve a pass in Ordinary or Higher level papers. A pass in a foundation level paper is not acceptable.

Candidates must have achieved these grades on the Leaving Certificate Established programme or the Leaving Certificate Vocational programme.

The Leaving Certification Applied Programme does not fulfil the eligibility criteria.


(b)      Candidates must possess the requisite knowledge and ability, including a high standard of suitability, for the proper discharge of the office.




A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.



Candidates for and any person holding the office must be of good character.


Post Specific Requirements

Satisfactory experience working in a Procurement environment which has included supply chain management or, contracting and tender management processes or corporate procurement planning or business systems.


Have experience in the use of ICT Procurement Systems


Other requirements specific to the post

Access to appropriate transport to fulfil the requirements of the roles as the post will involve travel.


Flexibility around working hours to meet service pressures.



Skills, competencies and/or knowledge



Professional Knowledge & Experience



·        A knowledge and understanding of Public Service Procurement.

·        A knowledge and understanding of Logistics and Inventory Management.

·        A knowledge and understanding of the health service including a basic knowledge of HSE reform.

·        A working knowledge of the operational impact of legislation pertinent to procurement e.g. EU Procurement Law; Commercial Contracts; HSE National Financial Regulations (NFR) etc.

·        A knowledge and understanding of Customer Relationship Management.

·        MS Office skills, to include: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or ERP / Procurement / Supply Chain System experience.

·        Commitment to developing own knowledge and expertise.



Planning & Managing Resources



·        The ability to effectively plan and organise own work load and that of the team.

·        The ability to manage deadlines and effectively handle multiple tasks.

·        The ability to be flexible and responsive to changing work priorities and issues.

·        The ability to use their own initative and have workable solutions in identifying and solving problems.

·        The ability to manage within allocated resources and a capacity to respond to changes in a plan.



Evaluating Information, Problem Solving & Decision Making



·       The ability to appropriately analyse and interpret information and contribute to decisions quickly and accurately as appropriate.

·       Recognises when it is appropriate to refer decisions to a higher level of management.

·        Flexibility, problem solving and initiative skills.



Team Working



·        The ability to work with a team to achieve high performance, agreed standards, realistic objectives and targets.

·        The ability to create a shared sense of purpose and unity were team members are aware of and understand their team role.

·        The ability to address staffing issues as they arise, under the direction of line manager.

·        The ability to build effective working relationships, in order to provide information and enhance services.

·         The ability to adapt and contribute to implementing change.


Communications & Interpersonal Skills


·        Effective communication and interpersonal skills including the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner.

·        Strong written communication skills.



Commitment to a Quality Service



·        An awareness and appreciation of the service user.

·        A commitment to promoting, delivering and maintaining high quality services.

·        An ability to apply process improvements to increase operational effectiveness.

·        The ability to build and maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders.


Campaign Specific Selection Process


Ranking/Shortlisting / Interview

A ranking and or shortlisting exercise may be carried out on the basis of information supplied in your application form. The criteria for ranking and or shortlisting are based on the requirements of the post as outlined in the eligibility criteria and skills, competencies and/or knowledge section of this job specification. Therefore it is very important that you think about your experience in light of those requirements.


Failure to include information regarding these requirements may result in you not being called forward to the next stage of the selection process.


Those successful at the ranking stage of this process (where applied) will be placed on an order of merit and will be called to interview in ‘bands’ depending on the service needs of the organisation.


Code of Practice

The Health Service Executive will run this campaign in compliance with the Code of Practice prepared by the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CPSA). The Code of Practice sets out how the core principles of probity, merit, equity and fairness might be applied on a principle basis. The Code also specifies the responsibilities placed on candidates, facilities for feedback to applicants on matters relating to their application when requested, and outlines procedures in relation to requests for a review of the recruitment and selection process and review in relation to allegations of a breach of the Code of Practice. Additional information on the HSE’s review process is available in the document posted with each vacancy entitled “Code of Practice, Information for Candidates”.


Codes of practice are published by the CPSA and are available on in the document posted with each vacancy entitled “Code of Practice, Information for Candidates” or on

The reform programme outlined for the Health Services may impact on this role and as structures change the job description may be reviewed.


This job description is a guide to the general range of duties assigned to the post holder. It is intended to be neither definitive nor restrictive and is subject to periodic review with the employee concerned.





Supplies Officer, Grade C


Terms and Conditions of Employment


The current vacancies available are permanent/specified purpose and whole time/part-time.


The post is pensionable. A panel may be created from which permanent and specified purpose vacancies of full or part time duration may be filled. The tenure of these posts will be indicated at “expression of interest” stage.


Appointment as an employee of the Health Service Executive is governed by the Health Act 2004 and the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 and Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Amendment Act 2013.


The Salary scale for the post is:


€34,561 €36,208 €37,815 €39,967 €41,536 €43,122 (01/09/2019)


New appointees to any grade start at the minimum point of the scale. Incremental credit will be applied for recognised relevant service in Ireland and abroad (Department of Health Circular 2/2011). Incremental credit is normally granted on appointment, in respect of previous experience in the Civil Service, local authorities, health service and other public service bodies and statutory agencies.

Working Week


The standard working week applying to the post is to be confirmed at Job Offer stage.


HSE Circular 003-2009 “Matching Working Patterns to Service Needs (Extended Working Day / Week Arrangements); Framework for Implementation of Clause 30.4 of Towards 2016” applies. Under the terms of this circular, all new entrants and staff appointed to promotional posts from Dec 16th 2008 will be required to work agreed roster / on call arrangements as advised by their line manager. Contracted hours of work are liable to change between the hours of 8am-8pm over seven days to meet the requirements for extended day services in accordance with the terms of the Framework Agreement (Implementation of Clause 30.4 of Towards 2016).


Annual Leave

The annual leave associated with the post will be confirmed at job offer stage.





This is a pensionable position with the HSE. The successful candidate will upon appointment become a member of the appropriate pension scheme. Pension scheme membership will be notified within the contract of employment. Members of pre-existing pension schemes who transferred to the HSE on the 01st January 2005 pursuant to Section 60 of the Health Act 2004 are entitled to superannuation benefit terms under the HSE Scheme which are no less favourable to those which they were entitled to at 31st December 2004.



The Public Service Superannuation (Age of Retirement) Act, 2018* set 70 years as the compulsory retirement age for public servants.


* Public Servants not affected by this legislation:

Public servants recruited between 1 April 2004 and 31 December 2012 (new entrants) have no compulsory retirement age.


Public servants recruited since 1 January 2013 are members of the Single Pension Scheme and have a compulsory retirement age of 70.

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