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Project And Process Coordinator, Regulation Business Services

Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)Cork

For full job description and details on how to apply: https://recruitisland.ie/careers-with-hiqa/ Closing date: 12/06/2023 Please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the Public Appointments Service on publicjobs.ie. The Public Appointments Service has no involvement in, or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.

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Multitask Assistant

The HSEBantry, County Cork€31,723 - €40,738 per year

Remuneration The salary scale for the post as of 01/03/2023 is: €31,723, €33,158, €34,670, €35,072, €36,059, €36,912, €38,142, €39,416, €40,738 Purpose of the Post ·        Be responsible for the cleaning of the environment of the hospital. ·        To perform catering duties within wards and departments throughout the hospital. ·        To perform patient care as directed Clinical Nurse Manager / Nurse in Charge. Principal Duties and Responsibilities General Cleaning ·        Responsible for the general cleaning of the Hospital and areas as identified by the Ward Manager. ·        Ensure the agreed standard of cleanliness and Hygiene are maintained in all areas by using the approved cleaning materials. ·        Use and care of cleaning equipment as trained. ·        Be responsible for the segregation and safe disposable of waste to designated areas. ·        Perform daily or evening cleaning of ward areas, bathrooms, toilets, walls, floors, corridors, beds patient equipment and household and clinical waste bins. ·        Perform daily or evening Deep clean /isolation cleaning of assigned areas by manual cleaning and machine cleaning. ·        Complete Cleaning Checklists as cleaning is carried out. ·        Ensure all cleaning documentation is kept up to date and available for inspection e.g. Ward cleaning checks, Bed cleaning programme, Ensure ward cleaning supplies are used economically and replenished ·        Ensure patient’s property is respected at all times. ·        Report any equipment faults to person in charge. ·     Check and clean specified equipment and ensure instructions are followed during operation and maintenance. ·      To use designated cleaning products with caution, following guidelines appropriate to their use and ensuring all cleaning materials are used economically. Products will be kept in a locked cupboard/ room when not in use. These supplies should be monitored to ensure appropriate stock levels are maintained. ·      Immediate attention to be given to all spillage’s including tea, coffee, water, urine, faeces, vomit etc in order to reduce the risk of accidents. ·      Use of floor scrubber and buffering of designated floor areas on the units. ·      Adherence to Health and Safety Guidelines and the use of Hazard signs.   Patient Care ·         Nursing staff will delegate patient care duties in accordance with their professional judgement and within the competence of the Multi-Task attendant ·         Patients/clients may require assistance in some or all activities of daily living. It is the duty of the nurse to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care required by the patient. The primary role of the Multi-Task attendant is to assist the nurse in the implementation of the care, as determined by the Registered Nurse. ·        The transporting of patients from the ward and various departments, either in beds, on trolleys, in wheelchairs or walking ·        When necessary to remain with patients in these areas and to assist patients. ·        Communicate any observations on the patients to the nursing staff. ·        Answer patient call bells when nursing staff are busy ·        To assist nursing staff with moving and handling of patients. ·        To assist male/female patients with their personal care, toileting and bathing as requested by the patient or nursing staff. ·        To assist with the preparation of patients for surgery as instructed by the ward manager. ·        Transfer of equipment as required. ·        To be aware of safety issues pertaining to patients and colleagues. ·        To adhere to Infection Control Guidelines ·        To adhere to Hospital Guidelines ·        Participating in the social and activity programmes in the Care of the Elderly setting ·        Refer all queries to the nurse in charge ·        Report any incident or potential incident which may compromise the health and safety of patients, staff or visitors and take appropriate action. ·        Multi Task Attendants should conduct themselves in a manner that conveys respect of the individual and ensures safe patient care, including confidentiality, courtesy, accountability, communication, dignity, privacy, health and safety.   Catering Duties ·        Assist with patient preparation for mealtimes i.e. patient’s are made comfortable and prepare bed table area for tray service. ·        Distribute jugs of water / ice and glasses to the patient’s morning and evening and as required. ·        Distribute, input details and collect menu cards from the patients daily. ·        Assist with increasing awareness of Protected Mealtimes and the National Visitors Guidelines ·        Record patients’ dietary requirements on summary sheet for main kitchen. ·        Ensure that bed tables are cleaned prior to and after food service. ·        Assist patients with feeding at mealtimes in consultation with CMN or Nurse in charge at mealtimes, and monitor food intake. Record/ report as required. ·        Assist with the preparation and presentation of food, make beverages, snacks, sandwiches etc as required and serve. ·        Liaise with CNM /Dietician on patient requirements. ·        Collect food trolleys and ensure trays/ trolleys are prepared for meal service in accordance with best practice for patients. ·        Ensure appropriate serving utensils are used at all meal times in line with best practice. ·        Carry out and record food temperature checks before serving to the patient at meal times and record on temperature chart in ward pantries. ·        Record fridge temperature morning and evening and document, report any variances and take action. ·        Order / Record food stock levels for patients from the main Kitchen stores to ward pantries. ·        Ensure ward pantry and equipment i.e. microwave, toaster etc are cleaned in line with cleaning manual and pantry cleaning checklist is signed off. ·        Ensure that after each food service, catering trolley is cleaned down in the main wash up area and set up for next meal service. ·        Ensure segregation of food waste and paper at ward pantry in line with food waste and waste segregation procedures. ·        Report and label equipment breakdowns, and fill in appropriate requisition form with CNM Nurse in Charge on the ward/ dept. ·        Adhere to Hospital Catering and Hygiene policies. Protective clothing to be worn while on duty. ·        Acquaint themselves with a knowledge of Health & Safety/Food Hygiene legislation ·        Ensure work practice is in line with all hygiene and Health and Safety procedures, including HACCP guidelines. Waste & Laundry   Operational ·        Be courteous and helpful to patients and their relatives and respect each other person’s privacy and dignity at all times. ·        Present to work wearing the agreed attire and identification, having regard to the highest standard of attire and personal hygiene ·        Allocation to various wards on rotation and will be required to perform day and night duty. ·        Acquaint themselves with Health & Safety at Work guidelines and obligations including e-learning programmes on HSELand ·        Ensure an adequate knowledge of the emergency action and fire Plan ·        Co-operate with periodic medical checks as required ·        Conduct his / herself in a manner that conveys respect of the individual and ensures safe client / patient care ·        Report any incident or potential incident which may compromise the health and safety of clients / patients, staff or visitors to the person in charge and take appropriate action ·      To attend meetings as required by the Unit Managers and Management Team in the Hospital with a view to maintaining high standards, open communication amongst staff and good levels of staff morale. ·     To attend and reach an acceptable standard of performance in courses internal and external and asdesignated appropriate by the employing authority . ·        Understand and adhere to all HSE policies, guidelines and procedures ·        Not undertake any duty related to client / patient care for which he/she is not trained ·        Apply precautions at all times to minimise the risks of cross infection e.g. clean up any spillages of bodily fluids ·        Ensure that all equipment is stored and cleaned correctly, and storage areas are kept clean and tidy ·        Follow Hospital Policy with regard to confidentially in relation to patient care. ·        In accordance with Health and Safety at work policy, it is each staff members responsibility to observe all rules relating to Health and Safety and Conduct at Work and to use any equipment provided in a safe and responsible manner. ·     Participate in appropriate in-service training sessions including fire safety, moving techniques in patients care, hand hygiene and any other such sessions as organised by Hospital management. ·     Be able to work as part of a team. ·     Have knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) standards as they apply to the role. ·     Have knowledge of Children First and complete HSELand Introduction to Children First on line e-learning programme. It is HSE policy that all staff irrespective of role, grade or position must promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. ·     To be aware of fire precautions and procedures and attend fire drills once a year. ·     To be aware of infection control procedures ·     Complaints Procedures ·     Incident and Accident reporting ·     Hospital Risk Management   The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office. Eligibility Criteria Qualifications and/ or experience Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc (a)    Each candidate must, at the latest date for receipt of completed application form for the post: (i) Possess the relevant QQI Further Education and Training (FET) Level 5 Certificate in Health Service Skills OR (ii) FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Health Service Skills or Healthcare Support OR (iii) A relevant Healthcare qualification OR (iv) Be currently employed as an Attendant, Multi-Task or a comparable role and be willing to undertake a QQI/FETAC Level 5 programme in Health Service skills or equivalent.                        AND (b)    Candidates must have the personal competence and capacity to properly discharge the duties of the role.  ‘Eligibility’ checking will be conducted on all application forms received and only those candidates who meet the eligibility criteria i.e. the required qualifications for the position, will be deemed eligible for inclusion in the competition. Please ensure that you complete your Application Form correctly as appeals by candidates who have not been deemed eligible, will only be entertained if the appeal is based on information supplied in your original Application Form . Appeals will NOT be entertained on additional information supplied at the time of appeal. If invited to interview, candidates will not be awarded marks for qualifications used during ‘Eligibility’ checking. Health A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. Character Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character Post specific requirements Demonstrate previous experience of working in the hospital/caring setting.   Skills, competencies and/or knowledge Knowledge & Experience ·        Knowledge of the hospital environment ·        Awareness of what job entails ·        Have a good base knowledge of - Hygiene Procedures - Basic food Hygiene and Food Safety - Health & Safety - Infection Control ·        Knowledge & Awareness of Health & Safety   Competencies & Skills ·     Demonstrate motivation and appreciate the importance of the need to provide quality service for patients / relatives / public and in particular older people. ·     Demonstrate an awareness of Health and Safety issues in relation to the work area. ·     Demonstrate excellent communication skills. ·     Demonstrate good interpersonal skills and be able to work as part of a team. ·     Demonstrate ability of working on own initiative and be capable of performing duties with the minimum of supervision. ·     Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of a change of residence (e.g. home to continuing care) for the individual & their family. ·     Demonstrate flexibility. ·     Kind, caring disposition and sensitive to patients/ clients needs ·     Reliable ·     Holistic approach to working in a hospital environment.

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Retained Firefighter

Cork County CouncilKinsale, County Cork€23.40 per hour

PARTICULARS OF EMPLOYMENT 1. The employment is part-time. Panels may be used to fill permanent and temporary vacancies. 2. New entrant retained fire fighters who commence on or after 1 January 2013 will be members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS), as established by the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and other Provisions) Act 2012. The Single Scheme does not provide for a Retained Fire fighters Gratuity. New Entrants will pay superannuation contributions each quarter, with SPSPS pension lump sum and pension payable on retirement, subject to certain conditions. 3. Retained Fire-fighters must retire (on their birthday) upon reaching the age-limit for the employment. (Currently 55 years of age and up to 60 subject to conditions). 4. A successful candidate will only be offered employment on a probationary basis as a Retained Fire-fighter subject to satisfactory completion of the following courses:- (a) Recruits Suitability Training Course This course is a full-time, three-week course, which will be held in Ireland and will involve staying away from home on a Monday to Friday basis for the three weeks. (b) Breathing Apparatus Course This course is of a full-time nature, normally of two or three weeks duration and is held outside the county (these may be held in the U.K.). Please note that for Breathing Apparatus purposes all facial growth below the line of the upper lip must be removed, i.e. beards. etc. (c) Occupational First Aid Course This course is of a full-time nature, normally three days duration and is held within the County. (d) Class C HGV driving licence. N.B. The above does not preclude the Council from offering temporary employment but failure to complete either of the above courses satisfactorily will result in termination ofemployment. 7. Subject to compliance with the Conditions of item 3 (immediate preceding), the employment is subject to a probationary period of one year and will be terminable by the giving of one weeks notice by either side during that period. After the employment has been confirmed, it will be terminable at any stage on the giving of the required notice by either side under the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act, 1973. or without notice in circumstances justifying immediate dismissal. 8. Retained Fire-fighters must be prepared to attend other courses which may be held in Ireland or the UK. 9. Retained Fire-fighters must be available for duty at all times except with the special permission of the Station Officer, which will be given only in circumstances which will permit of an adequate crew being available at all times, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. If in the future, a successful candidate should change residence or employment and as a consequence is outside the 2 mile radius of the fire station, it will be necessary for the Council to terminate his/her employment. You are further obliged to notify the Chief Fire Officer immediately of (a) your new address if you should change residence (b) any change of conditions in your current employment which would require you to leave the town (c) the name and address of your employer should you change or obtain employment. 10. Members of brigades shall be subject to such rules and regulations as may be issued from time to time. It should be particularly noted that Retained Fire-fighters must, in the matter of drills, attendance at fires or in other emergencies, comply strictly with the orders and discretion of the Station Officer, or in his absence, such other Brigade Member as maybe in charge. Any Retained Fire-fighter guilty of infringement of this regulation will be dismissed. Generally, members of all brigades will be under the general control and supervision of the Chief Fire Officer, Senior Executive Fire Officer, Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Assistant Fire Officer or other appropriate officer as the case may be. 11. While on duty, Retained Fire-fighters shall use the clothing and personal equipment provided by the Council and same shall be left in the Station immediately after the cessation of duty. Retained Fire-fighters may not use such clothing and equipment save while on duty. Retained Fire-fighters must comply fully with safety policy and directives in force from time to time. 12. Rostering of Retained Fire-fighters will take place at the Council’s discretion. 13. (a) The rates of pay are as follows: Annual Retainer: 0 – 2 years service: €8,870 3 – 5 years service: €9,857 5 - 10 years service €11,051 10 + years service: €12,145 Allowance for attendance at Drills: €23.40 per hour Allowance for attendance at Fires: €46.80 for the 1st hour or part thereof during the day, €23.40 per hour thereafter. The above rates are increased to double time for fires at night, weekends and public holidays 10.00 p.m. – 7.00 a.m. Monday to Friday 10.00p.m. Friday – 7.00 a.m. Monday (b) Payments will be made monthly on the certificates of the Council’s Authorised Fire Officer (c) The Retaining Fee will not normally be paid to any member who has failed to attend at least 85% of drills during the quarter. (d) The clothing allowance will be paid at the 31st March each year to members who have attended not less than 85% of drills during the preceding twelve months, or pro-rata to the period which they commenced employment in the said twelve months. N.B. Drills are currently held on a three per month frequency each of two and a half hours duration. The Council reserves the right to alter the frequency duration of drills at its discretion.

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SuperValuCobh, Cork

Main purpose of the role: Ensure the Bakery Department operates efficiently and effectively at all times. Provide our customers with excellent quality products and customer service. The ideal candidate will have/be: • Previous food preparation and production experience is desirable • Qualified baker is a distinct advantage • Creative and able to embrace new recipes • Excellent communication skills • Ability to engage with and prioritise customer needs • Strong attention to detail, organised and flexible • Ability to use own initiative and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment. Main duties: • Actively live SuperValu brand-values i.e. Genuine, Passion for Food, Vibrant, Committed, Innovative and Imaginative • Bake and finish products to the highest standard • Drive sales through instore initiatives • Merchandise and present the Bakery department to the highest standard at all times and in accordance with relevant store planograms and guidelines • Adhere to weekly stocktaking and daily waste procedures in the Bakery • Adhere to production planning and batch control guidelines for bakery products • Conduct quality and freshness checks • Attend relevant training as required and implement learnings in store.

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Sales Assistant

SuperValuCobh, Cork

Main purpose of the role: Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Interact with each customer with great pride, passion and care and inspire shoppers through knowledge and expertise. The ideal candidate will have/be: • Excellent communication skills • Ability to engage with and prioritise customer needs • Strong attention to detail, organised and flexible • Ability to use own initiative and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment • Customer driven • Previous customer service experience is an advantage. Main duties: • Actively live SuperValu brand-values i.e. Genuine, Passion for Food, Vibrant, Committed, Innovative and Imaginative • Show a positive attitude and take responsibility for ensuring customers receive an excellent shopping experience; • Deal with all customer queries efficiently, professionally and consistent with store policy • Merchandise shelves, ensuring that all areas of the store are presented to the highest standard • Engage with new initiatives and embrace new ways of working.

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Spa Therapist

Radisson BluLittle Island, Cork

The Award Winning Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa Cork is now recruiting for a part time Spa Therapist to join our team. This role offers an opportunity to join an ambitious growth orientated team. Spa Therapist Role Purpose: To provide clients with the highest standard of quality therapy in a professional manner and to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the spa. To promote awareness, to achieve the retail target on a monthly basis and to develop a regular clientele for repeat bookings. Main Duties: SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS OF THE SPA THERAPIST POSITION We are looking for candidates who have a warm, engaging personality and have a passion for excellent guest service by going the extra mile to ensure our customers have a great experience and leave wanting to come back time and time again. Successful candidates will uphold our culture of Respect and possess qualities in keeping with the Hotels core values: Excellence, Passion, Honesty, Flexibility & Fun! You will be welcomed to a friendly, inclusive environment where you can learn and collaborate with a great team to ensure a memorable guest experience. Come join the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Cork and enjoy the following benefits: - We pay up to 75% salary whilst on Maternity, Paternity or Adoptive leave subject to service!! - Contributory pension scheme - Healthcare contribution - Retail discounts - Free meals while on duty - Free Gym & Pool Membership - 25% discount on Spa treatments and Elemis products - Excellent discounted Employee Bed & Breakfast rates in an iNua Hotel - Favourable Friends & Family rates in an iNua Hotel at 25% discount on best available rates - 25% Employee Discount on Bar & Restaurant Food - 10% Discount on Food for family occasions for groups of 30 or more - Recruitment bonus when you refer a friend - Educational Assistance - Opportunities for promotion and transfer within the iNua Hospitality Collection and Radisson Hotel Group - Free Employee Assistance Programme - Free Parking …these are just some of the many benefits on offer when you join the team! As a proud member of the Irish Hotel Federation Quality Employers Programme, the iNUA Group thrives in providing many development opportunities for motivated driven & efficient employee’s across all our departments. As a people-centric hotel group, every day we aim to foster a positive team spirit and an enjoyable working environment. We encourage this through mutual respect & trust amongst colleagues.

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Sales Manager

Radisson BluCork

The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa , part of The iNUA Collection has a superb opportunity for a Sales Manager to join us. Reporting to the Director of Sales and Marketing within Radisson Blu Cork, you will be responsible for both acquiring new clients for the hotel across the many operational divisions and also maintaining strong relationships within our existing client base. You will work closely with the hotel departments to generate and convert leads through proactive telesales and sales calls, you will proactively research and develop relations with national conference organisers. You will represent Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork at B2B events and will develop client relationships with the highest standards of professionalism. You will be Responsible for MICE & Corporate business for Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Cork Your main responsibility will be to seek new and manage existing key account corporate (Rooms & Meetings) & MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference & Events) business. To maximise revenue potential from companies based in Munster What we require from you; - 2 years experience in a similar role - Strong knowledge of the Irish MICE & Corporate market - Up to date with the latest trends in Hotels, MICE sales & hotel marketing - Hands-on and focus in delivering results with a great attention to detail. - Excellent customer service skills as well as a business mindset. - Demonstrable aptitude for decision-making and problem-solving. - Reliable with the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure - Strong focus on continuous improvement and natural ability to encourage sharing & reapplying those skills and learnings - Excellent written and verbal communication skills. - You must be able to drive and own a car as this role is both within the Hotel in little island and also field based when visiting clients What we offer; - Up to 75% salary whilst on Maternity, Paternity or Adoptive leave subject to service, - Free Gym & Pool Membership, - Free Employee Assistance Programme, - Recruitment bonus when you refer a friend - 25% discount on Spa treatments and Elemis products, - Excellent discounted Employee Bed & Breakfast rates in an iNua Hotel, - Favourable Friends & Family rates in an iNua Hotel at 25% discount on best available rates, - 25% Employee Discount on Bar & Restaurant Food - 10% Discount on Food for family occasions for groups of 30 or more, - Educational Assistance - Opportunities for promotion and transfer within the iNua Hospitality Collection and Radisson Hotel Group …these are just some of the many benefits on offer when you join the team! As a proud member of the Failte Ireland Employer Excellence Programme, the iNUA Group thrives in providing many development opportunities for motivated employee’s across all our departments. As a people-centric hotel group, every day we aim to foster a positive team spirit and an enjoyable working environment. We encourage this through mutual respect & trust amongst colleagues

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Document Controller

H&MV EngineeringCork

H&MV Engineering is a leading global Provider of Specialist Design, Engineering and Construction Services across a variety of key sectors including Data Centres, Renewables and Transmission and Distribution Utilities. Our ingenuity is developed and strengthened by 3 decades of experience delivering EPC projects across the world. We have active sites and offices across the EMEA region, where our local expert staff provide engineering solutions to our clients. H&MV Engineering are a certified Carbon Neutral Organisation, committed to being environmentally responsible with a driving ambition to continually foster sustainable initiatives. As an organisation our Culture & Values are a critical part of our ability to meet the challenges of today’s demanding utility market, enabling us deliver least cost solutions that do not compromise safety, quality, or customer service. H&MV Engineering is growing fast so this position presents a great opportunity for the right candidate, as we are looking for someone who will embrace the opportunity, and progress with the business as it grows. So, if you feel you are the right fit for H&MV, and the above Culture and Values SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES:

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HGV Driver

South Coast Logistics LtdFermoy, County Cork€35,000 per year

South Coast Logistics Ltd require (4) qualified HGV/Artic Drivers with a clean and Valid CE/C1E HGV licence with a least two years driving experience. The driver is required to drive loads, produce across Ireland. Must be hard working and capable of making decisions and have a good mechanical knowledge. The driver should be familiar with the road transport and road traffic Legislation in Ireland. Location: South Coast Logistics, Fermoy, Co Cork. Salary: 35,000.00 per annum based on a 45 p/w. CV to claire@southcoast.ie

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Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist MHS, Lee For, Per Week



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