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Dairy Farm Manager

TeagascCork€38,558 to €74,094

Job Summary Duration: Temporary contract post, the indicative duration of which is 9 months , subject to contract. A panel may be formed from which future similar vacancies may be filled; such a panel will remain active for a maximum period of 12 months. Basic Function: The appointee will be responsible for the day to day management of a pasture based farm systems research project. The appointee will manage the delivery of the research programme working with researchers, farm staff and PhD students to undertake various research measurements on the current experiment in such areas as grassland management, breeding and reproduction, animal health and welfare, milk quality and environmental performance. The position involves both data collection from pastures, soils and animals as part of a research team. The successful candidate will also assist in the dissemination of results to visiting groups as necessary. The position will also involve working with the project team on the • Daily management of a large dairy herd including herd health and welfare, grassland management, breeding and calving season cow management • Liaising with research staff to deliver the research programme including the realisation of experimental objectives and protocols • Manage both the livestock and grassland management of the experimental herds and co-ordinate the collection on details animal and grassland system performance research data • Experimental recording and database management, including health and safety Background: The position is based at Curtins Farm at Teagasc Moorepark working on a project evaluating the performance of mixed species swards under intensive grazing systems with a high level of detailed measurements and methods. The project involves working within a multi-disciplinary research team involving scientists from Teagasc AGRIC and CELUP and in addition to both production and environmental researchers from INRAe, France. The aims of this project are to evaluate the efficacy of mixed species swards managed under intensive grazing to maintain sward productivity, nutritive value and subsequent animal performance and improve the environmental sustainability of production via reduced chemical fertilizer application and associated nutrient leaching, the elimination of herbicides and improved long term species persistence and biodiversity. Job Objectives Other As this role will involve travel between Teagasc centres around the country, the candidates must have their own car and must also satisfy and continue to satisfy during employment with Teagasc, legal requirements to drive unaccompanied on Irish public roads. Attachment: Techn_3ee8c7f5-12cd-41a1-b50a-cee6b5f6343c.pdf

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Expression Of Interest, Regional Health Area Director Research

HSE SouthCork

The Director of Research is a key senior executive post to enable the implementation of the HSE National Framework for the Governance, Management and Support of Research within the HSE Health Region. The Director of Research will be responsible for the HSE Health Area Research Office and will have overall responsibility for ensuring that appropriate governance, management and support (RGMS) mechanisms for research are in place for all HSE and S38 organisations within the region. The director will work in partnership with all the host services within such a region and in line with national standards. The director will provide overall direction and leadership for Research Governance, Management and Support for the HSE Health Region.). The Director of Research will take overall responsibility for research activity in the relevant geographic area and ensure that the appropriate systems and safeguards are in place to allow for safe and effective research. The Director of Research will promote research internally and externally to relevant external stakeholders and seek to further develop capacity and avail of important external opportunities for development. The Director of Research will provide governance and oversight of health research undertaken in the relevant hospitals and community services and / or in external organisations where institutional interest arises, and provide operational oversight to the regional Research Office. The Director of Research in consultation with the Chief Academic Officer will establish relevant links (as relevant to the location of the role) with key stakeholders for the purpose of harmonising, simplifying coordinating and collaborating in the implementation of research governance, management and support processes. Stakeholders may include but not limited to: a) Academic partners as required, (i.e Head of College of Medicine and Health, Deans of Health Sciences and other associated academic areas including Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Clinical Therapies, Dentistry, Public Health, College Vice Head for Research, University Vice President for Research or equivalent, Director of Clinical Research Facilities / Centres, Director of Innovation) b) HSE Health AreaManagement Team, including the Regional Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Clinical Director, the CEOs of the relevant HSE and S38 hospitals and Community healthcare services management teams, including the Head of Services and Chief Office within the group and any individuals in research management related roles at local level. c) National Services management teams as relevant to the region and to research conducted within the HSE Health Area d) Senior management of HSE and S38 Host services to ensure local arrangements for research are integrated and coordinated with the regional research office and with national standards as appropriate. The Director of Research will work with the Chief Academic Officer and relevant committees, authorities and people to ensure that strategic objectives for the group or service are met. The post holder will ensure that the systems and processes within the institutions/services within the geographic area are fit for purpose to enable the institutions to deliver quality health and/or data based research that meets the requirements of the relevant regulations, legislation and guidelines. The Director of Research is responsible for the implementation of national HSE policies and frameworks at regional and local level. The post holder will also be responsible for the development and/or implementation of systems, and frameworks at regional and local level as appropriate for the conduct of health research, notwithstanding that the ultimate responsibility for the regulatory and ethical integrity of research lies with the relevant Principal Investigator, the researchers and the clinical trial Sponsors. The Director of Research will be responsible for the line management of the staff in the regional Research Office.

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BB Sales Representative, / Waterford/dublin


Tirlán Tirlán, is a world-class food and nutrition co-operative, with a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients, leading consumer and agri brands. Tirlán owns leading brands such as Avonmore, Kilmeaden Cheese, Millac, Solmiko, Truly Grass Fed, Premier Milk, Wexford, mymilkman.ie and GAIN Animal Nutrition. Role Profile We have exciting career opportunities for B2B Sales Representatives to join our team! Do you have some experience in sales and want your career to take off in this space?!! Then look no further! We currently have opportunities available to cover Cork/Waterford region and also Dublin region. Reporting to the Customer Acquisition Manager you will support the delivery of new field sales & will focus on signing up Commercial customers (small to medium size businesses) to the mymilkman.ie service. This is a field based role & company vehicle will be provided. Responsibilities About us Through our expertise in research and development, customer insights, food safety and state-of-the-art manufacturing we bring innovative food and nutrition solutions to a global market. Our new and vibrant headquarters in Kilkenny City operates as a collaboration hub where multi-functional teams come together in a hybrid work environment. We nurture a talented team across Ireland, the US, MEA and China, delivering annual revenues of over €3 billion, and over 2,300 people to manage our network of 11 processing plants and 52 agri branches. Our purpose is to nourish the world, while safeguarding our environment for future generations. Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion We believe in the value of difference. We know that different perspectives, life experience and backgrounds can drive innovation and deliver growth. We welcome people from all walks of life without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender perception or identity, national origin, age, marital status, or disability status.  Join our Talent Pool Considering a new career in Tirlán but this isn’t the role for you? Join our talent community and sign up for job notifications at www.tirlan.com/careers

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Beach Lifeguards

Cork County CouncilCork€15.92 - €17.95 per hour

THE ROLE Cork County Council invites applications from suitably qualified persons, who wish to be considered for inclusion on panels from which seasonal vacancies for Senior Beach Lifeguard, Team Beach Lifeguard and Relief Beach Lifeguard may be filled. The persons appointed will work under the direction and control of the Water Safety Development Officer, and the relevant Area Offices. Beach Lifeguards shall read, be familiar with and adhere to the Safety Statement for Beachguards; participate in induction training and cooperate with other safety training provided by the Council as required. Any issues of health and safety concern shall be referred to the Water Safety Officer, Municipal District Officer or Health and Safety Officer. The procedure for reporting issues of concern is set out in the Safety Statement. DUTIES GENERAL DUTIES 1. All equipment must be checked daily (each morning) to see that it is in working order and ready for use. Any defects notified should be reported immediately to the Cork County Council. 2. Indication flags should be placed in prominent positions. The following flag system is to be used: (a) Red flag signifies that bathing is considered temporarily unsafe. (b) Red over yellow flag signifies that bathing between any two such flags is under supervision of Beach Lifeguard. (c) No flag is flown if there is no Beach Lifeguard on duty. 3. Where Beach Lifeguards have to leave to partake of meals, arrangements should be made that one Beach Lifeguard will be on duty during the other’s absence for such purpose and to patrol his/her area in addition to his/her own. 4. The Beach Lifeguard must keep the area under observation constantly. 5. Beach Lifeguards must always be courteous to bathers and give them the necessary information regarding state of tides, currents and parts of strand which are not safe for bathing. 6. If, in the Beach Lifeguard’s opinion, bathers are about to enter water at a point which is considered dangerous owing to currents, shifting sands, etc., they should immediately warn them and give the reasons. 7. Complete LogBook Beach Lifeguards should enter on the logbook, times of commencing and ceasing duty, morning, meal-time and evening, each day and should make a note of any incident such as rescues, etc. The logbook should be available at all times for inspection by any duly authorised member of the County Council’s staff. 8. Beach Lifeguards are primarily responsible to Cork County Council for the performance of their duties and they should not act on instructions of any other person or persons except those of the Divisional Manager, County Council Water Safety Officer, Municipal District Officer, Area Engineer or persons duly authorised. 9. The Beach Lifeguards will be required to keep an “Accident and Incident Record” Book. 10. The Senior Beach Lifeguard at each location will, in addition to carrying out all of the duties, etc., of Beach Guard (including taking full part in any roster arrangements), be responsible for ensuring that the Beach Lifeguards at their location comply fully with the terms of the duties, responsibilities and general regulations of the post. 11. Candidates successful at Interview will be required to undergo Garda Vetting, which will be directly arranged by Cork County Council. Applicants will be required to complete a Garda Vetting Invitation Form and Parental Consent Form (where applicable). 12. You will be required to attend any training arranged by Cork County Council. FURTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. To assist with water sampling from Blue Flag Beaches and designated beaches, for the Water Quality Section, Environment Department, at various times over the summer season. 2. To provide constant observation and supervision of activities at public bathing places in order to prevent drowning accidents. 3. To provide emergency rescue service in the case of accidents. 4. Going immediately to the assistance of persons in difficulties in the water and rendering to such persons the necessary attention: To render first aid when possible. 5. To provide advice to the public regarding facilities, state of tides, currents, parts of beach which are not safe for bathing, hazards, water safety etc. To proactively implement this, including but not restricted to, by carrying out Public Relations & Educational patrols during quiet times. 6. If in the Beach Lifeguard’s opinion, bathers are about to enter water at a point which is considered dangerous owing to currents, shifting sands etc., they should immediately warn them and give them reasons. Practice a philosophy of prevention over reaction in carrying out the service. 7. If the bathers are acting in an indecent manner, the Beachguard should bring this fact to the notice of the Garda Siochana at the earliest opportunity. 8. To ensure that from the start of the duty period that the appropriate flags are flown and are changed or re-located as necessary during the day. 9. To inspect all lifesaving and first aid equipment on arrival for duty to ensure that adequate stocks are available and in good working order. 10. To inspect the patrol area and where possible to remove any dangerous or offensive items. If the lifeguard cannot deal with the matter he should immediately report to his supervisor. 11. To record in a daily logbook: a. The names and attendance times of all guards on duty. b. The general weather and tidal conditions. c. What flags were flown and when they were changed during the day. d. Any information which may assist the Authorities in improving the service. 12. To complete all appropriate rescue and first aid forms. 13. To ensure at the conclusion of the duty period each evening that all flags are removed and that all equipment is checked and securely stored in the appropriate place. 14. Except when the beach is empty, the Beach Lifeguard should be on patrol or on look-out outside the hut. The Beach Lifeguard should never be inside the hut except when relieved for meals etc. or when they are certain there is nobody on the beach. They should not allow their concentration to be diverted in conversations with the public or in reading. The primary duty of the Beach Lifeguard is to prevent accident situations from developing. Lifeguard Rescue Equipment should be strategically placed so that it may be used at a moment’s notice. Special vigilance is required where there are rocks or an outflow of a river, as there are likely to be undertows or currents. 15. To ensure that the lifeguard station is kept clean and tidy and in a state of readiness for emergencies. 16. To ensure that except for emergency assistance or official business, no one other than lifeguard personnel is permitted in the lifeguard station. 17. To maintain a high level of fitness, and proficiency in techniques and in the use of equipment. (Sound judgement must be used if training is undertaken during the duty period. Such activities are only permitted in quiet times and then only if sufficient lifeguards are available to supervise the area). 18. To be courteous in all dealings with the public. 19. To ensure that at all times personal conduct is above reproach and that any activity which may discredit the lifeguard service by lessening public confidence or respect, is not engaged in. 20. Punctuality must be observed. Lifeguards should report to their station at least 5 minutes before the shift is due to start so as to be fully attired and ready for duty. 21. No changes in shift schedules or duty periods shall be made without authority and permission of the Water Safety Development Officer or Human Resource Directorate. 22. Uniform dress, as decided by the Local Authority, shall be worn at all times while on duty. It should not be worn off duty or anywhere other than the allocated patrol areas. 23. Lifeguards must at all times be alert. Reading, playing cards, participating in beach games and other such pastimes and the use of any audio equipment is not permitted. 24. Unnecessary conversations with the public must be discouraged as laxity in observation on the part of the lifeguard will result. Lifeguards should be courteous when addressed but conversations must be curtailed. 25. Lifeguards on duty and in uniform shall always have in their possession a can buoy or rescue tube, whistle and two-way radio. 26. Where two Beach Lifeguards are on duty on a particular beach – • One Beach Lifeguard shall remain at a vantage point from which a full view of the beach can be had and remain on a constant lookout, • The other Beach Lifeguard shall maintain a patrol of the beach and in such a manner that any give point along the beach is visited at least once in every 15 minutes. • Brief reports should be exchanged when they meet but lifeguards should never be seen to congregate together or with other groups. 27. To Carry out a Beach patrol which shall be maintained along the beach and when the tide is in, the patrol shall be maintained as close as to the beach as possible 28. Only lifeguard personnel are permitted to use any lifesaving or first aid equipment, or any of the facilities of the station, with the exception of back-up services. 29. Lifeguards are not permitted to participate in any commercial operation in their area, i.e. the sale or rental of any equipment or service, etc. 30. If a lifeguard becomes ill or suffers any disability which might impair efficiency he/she must report same immediately to supervisor to arrange for relief guard. 31. Lifeguards should not, in their own interests, make any statements to the news media or to the public on any incident or accident which occurs in their area, but should refer such questions to the Local Authority. 32. No intoxicating drink or unauthorised drugs shall be taken into the lifeguard station, nor be consumed or used by the lifeguard during their period of duty. 33. When requested by the Area Office/Engineer the Beachguards are to assist in opening and closing the public toilets at the start and end of their shift or at an agreed time. The Beachguards are also to report on the condition of the toilets in their Log Books and notify the Area Office in the case of serious uncleanliness or damage. 34. At appropriate times when checking the ring buoys and other safety equipment on the beach the Beachguards would endeavour to pick up any litter while going along the beach, without compromising public safety. 35. Beachguards may be required to assist in conducting aquatic events and water safety programs. 36.Beachguards shall carry out all appropriate duties as laid down in the Irish Water Safety Lifeguard Handbook 37.Lifeguards will be required to carry out any other duties required by Cork County Council. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA / QUALIFICATIONS A. Recruitment Candidates will be required to undergo a practical test in resuscitation, swimming ability and swimming rescue together with an oral test. Candidates will also be required to attend for an interview which may be face to face or online. Each candidate will be liable for any expenses incurred by him/her in attending for the test and/or interview as applicable. Candidates will also be required to undergo Garda Vetting. Provisional Dates (subject to change): Swim Test: Saturday 23rd March Interview Dates: April 9th, 10th , 11th , 15th, 17th & 18th Mandatory Induction Date: Saturday 25th May Admin, Child Safeguarding, Team Workshops, First Aid, distribution of station keys, uniforms etc. Beach Based Water Skills & on sand scenarios. B. Qualifications 1. Character Each candidate must be of good character. 2. Health Each successful candidate at the practical test and interview who is being considered for appointment may be required to undergo a medical examination at their own expense. On taking up appointment, the expense of the medical examination will be refunded to the candidate. The medical practitioner will be nominated by the Local Authority. Defects reported as a result of this examination in respect of vision or other such matters shall be rectified before appointment. 3. Education, Training, Experience etc. Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms must: (i) hold a current valid Beach Lifeguard Award from the Irish Water Safety Association or equivalent by 1st June 2024. (ii) have thorough knowledge of resuscitation including Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. (iii) have good verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate for the position of beach lifeguard shall be able to demonstrate a strong ability in the following areas: • Teamwork o Shows respect for colleagues and supervisors. o Develops and maintains good working relationships with others, sharing information and knowledge, as appropriate. o Offers own ideas and perspectives. o Understands own role in the team, making every effort to play his/her part. • Interpersonal & Communication Skills o Actively listens to others and tries to understand their perspective/requirements/needs. o Understands the steps or processes that customers must go through and can clearly explain these. o Is respectful, courteous and professional, remaining composed, even in challenging circumstances. o Can be firm when necessary and communicate with confidence and authority. o Demonstrates initiative and flexibility in ensuring work is delivered. o Is self reliant and uses judgement on when to ask manager or colleague for guidance. • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development o Develops and maintains the skills and expertise required to perform in the role effectively, e.g. First Aid, Basic Life Support, Fitness & Water Safety Skills. o Clearly understands the role, objectives and targets and how they fit into the work of the unit. o Is committed to self-development and continuously seeks to improve personal performance. Senior Beach Lifeguard Candidates should have a minimum 2 years prior experience as a Beach Lifeguard in full season employment. The ideal candidate for the position of Senior beach lifeguard shall be able to demonstrate a strong ability in the areas outlined above and: • Team Leadership o Works with the team to facilitate high performance, developing clear and realistic objectives and addressing performance issues if they arise. o Provides clear information and advice as to what is required of the team. o Strives to develop and implement new ways of working effectively to meet objectives. o Leads the team by example, coaching and supporting individuals as required. o Places high importance on staff development, training and maximising skills & capacity of team. o Is flexible and willing to adapt, positively contributing to the implementation of change. 4. Age Each Applicant must have reached the age of 18 no later than 15th August 2024 in order to be eligible to apply. Successful applicants must be 18 years of age in order to take up duty. 5. Garda Vetting The successful candidate will be subject to Garda Vetting prior to any appointment being confirmed. 6. Further Information • Applicants will be interviewed for Senior Beach Lifeguard/Beach Lifeguard positions, from which panels for both will be formed. • Successful candidates must be available for duty for the following: - Weekends in June 2024 (including the June Bank Holiday weekend) - Full-time for the months of July and August 2024 - For weekends only during the period 2nd September to 8th September 2024 TENURE The position is temporary, seasonal, and fulltime, with a part-time relief panel to be formed also. WAGES Senior Beach Guard:€17.95 basic per hour Beach Guard: €15.92 basic per hour Rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government Policy. LOCATION OF POST Cork County Council reserves the right to assign you to any beach that is guarded by Council Beach Lifeguards, now or in the future. Changes in location of employment will not result in payment of disturbance money or compensation. The person appointed will be required to provide him/herself at his/her own expense with the necessary mode of travel to and from work. Beach Locations: Barleycove, Skibbereen (Tragumna), Rosscarbery (Warren), Owenahincha, Inchydoney, Garretstown, Garrylucas, Fountainstown, Garryvoe, Youghal (Front Strand, Claycastle & Redbarn). WORKING HOURS Beach Lifeguards must be on duty from 10.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. with a half hour off for lunch daily: 5½ days each week. Days off are to be operated on a rotational basis, but may not include Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays. The weekly hours of work are subject to change. The Council reserves the right to alter your hours of work from time to time. ANNUAL LEAVE Time off outside of normal rostered time off will not be granted to Beach Lifeguards unless the request is for exceptional, extraordinary reasons, and is submitted in writing for approval (by email) at least 2 weeks in advance, or is force majeure (as defined in Parental Leave Act 1998). Employment is for the 2024 Season, and applicants should be available for the entire season. The only exception is where applicants are doing school/college examinations

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QC Validation Assistant

Kerry GroupCharleville, Cork

About the role We are currently recruiting for a QC Validation Assistant within our Quality Team .This is a fantastic opportunity at our IMF Canning Plant in Charleville, Co. Cork.  Hours of work are Monday to Wednesday 10am – 6pm and Thursday 10am – 5pm. Overtime is available.  In our Kerry Ingredients site in Charleville, we have around 140 employees and we produce articles like skim milk powder for the infant and nutritional sector, functional dairy ingredients for the confectionary industry and a range of cheese powders for the savoury snack market. The site has canteen and onsite parking; and it is situated on Kilmallock Road (R515) within 15 minutes’ walk from the town centre.  About Kerry Dairy Ireland Kerry Group’s UK & Ireland dairy related business includes Dairy Ingredients, Dairy Nutritional Ingredients, Dairy Consumer Foods, and Agribusiness. With a revenue in excess of €1bn per year, it is one of the world’s leading dairy businesses. With our strong dairy heritage and deep-rooted connection to our 3,000 milk suppliers, right through to our portfolio of innovative and high-quality brands, the dairy business has a unique and compelling proposition for both consumers and our customers.  Our dairy business has a diversified portfolio of dairy, nutritional ingredients and market leading dairy brands and its vertically integrated dairy processing ensures the highest quality, sustainably produced 1.2bn litres of milk for our dairy, nutritional ingredients, and consumer foods business – a key consideration among some of our largest customers across the globe. What will I be doing? As a QC Validation Assistant, your responsibilities will include: Supporting the Quality Assurance & Quality Control Function within the Plant. Approving incoming raw materials including sampling and CoA review In process testing including magnet, oversize and seam analysis Finished product sampling and testing Disposition of samples to external laboratories Stock control of laboratory consumables Calibration and care of laboratory equipment Issuance of non-conformances to suppliers General upkeep of the laboratory and laboratory systems Support the wider Quality Assurance team with any activities within the plant Driving best practices in hygiene and GMP within the plant H&S representative for the laboratory What do I need to be successful? In Kerry we understand that people have very different career trajectories and experiences. In order to be successful in this role we would be looking for the right competencies and aptitudes as well as your proven track record Dynamic, self-driven and capable of working on own initiative Good people and interpersonal skills Excellent verbal and written communication skills Excellent organisational and planning skills Process improvement/problem solving skills Teamworker Working knowledge of GMP/GLP and hygiene controls Strong computer skills (MS Office) Applicants will ideally have a 3rd level qualification in science or a related field In Kerry we know that sometimes the perfect candidate doesn’t exist and people can be put off applying for a role if they don’t fit all the requirements. If you are excited about working for us and have the majority of the skills or experience, then please do apply as you could be exactly what we are looking for.  Our Values: Courage | Enterprising Spirit | Inclusiveness | Open-mindedness | Ownership What's in it for me? Opportunity for career development, matched pension scheme to up to 10% and access to an employee assistance program and employee benefit platform.  In Kerry we benefit from the knowledge of our colleagues who bring a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences. One team fostering an inclusive culture that, above all, inspires food and nourishes life. One culture where everyone brings their unique perspectives and experiences to help make us better, together. We are committed to nurturing an environment of positivity and inclusiveness, where everyone can be at their best, both personally and professionally. ​Our recruitment, selection and assessment process are based on the skills and competencies of the specific roles and based entirely on merit. We are committed to and value Diversity and Inclusion in all recruitment processes within Kerry and do not discriminate based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, political beliefs, veteran status, marital status or any other protected characteristic. Get in touch today- we look forward to meeting you!

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Team Leader

Flying Tiger CopenhagenPatrick Street, Fermoy, Cork€13.50 per hour

Team Leader for 12 hours per week. Patrick Street Store. We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic Team Leader to join our store at Flying Tiger Copenhagen Patrick Street. They get to be part of our unique concept and help us create an atmosphere that's second to none. Join us and be a part of a company that's passionate about growth, creativity, and making every day extraordinary. Must be fully flexible and available to work Monday through to Sunday working a variety of shift patterns ranging from early start to support delivery to starting later to support closing the store. Must be available to work 5 out of 7 days each week. About Us At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we don’t design to make products look nice, we design to make people feel good. Creating products that make you smile with the real value in the experiences of when we share these products with others. We are a variety retail concept with over 800 stores across 27 countries. with over 7,000 fantastic employees. As part of a responsible community, we are committed to sustainability, including sourcing of our materials, to how we operate across our businesses.  What the role is about? The rate of pay for this role is €13.50 per hour. CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

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IT Service Delivery Lead, Labelling


Why join Stryker? We are proud to be named one the World’s Best Workplaces and a Best Workplace for Diversity by Fortune Magazine! Learn more about our award-winning organization by visiting stryker.com Our total rewards package offering includes bonuses, healthcare, insurance benefits, retirement programs, wellness programs, as well as service and performance awards – not to mention various social and recreational activities, all of which are location specific. Know someone at Stryker? Be sure to have them submit you as a referrral prior to applying for this position. Learn more about our employee referral program The IT Service Delivery Lead will be responsible for managing the day-to-day activities in the areas of technical support, integration projects, environment, and application stability. The scope of work can include activities supporting RUN for Global Labeling. The incumbent will be responsible for tracking and managing the execution of releases, while also forecasting the planning and delivery of new demand, providing technical oversight of managed service teams that are aligned to Global Labeling to ensure that service delivery meets agreed service levels. They are responsible for assisting with the development and guidance of the junior technical team members in enhancing their technical capabilities and increasing productivity. About Stryker Stryker is a global leader in medical technologies and, together with its customers, is driven to make healthcare better. The company offers innovative products and services in MedSurg, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine that help improve patient and healthcare outcomes. Alongside its customers around the world, Stryker impacts more than 130 million patients annually. More information is available at stryker.com.

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Senior Research Engineer, Mechanical


Why engineering at Stryker? At Stryker we are dedicated to improving lives, with a passion for researching and developing new medical device products. As an engineer at Stryker, you will be proud of the work that you will be doing, using cutting-edge technologies to make healthcare better. Here, you will work in a supportive culture with other incredibly talented and intelligent people, creating industry-leading medical technology products. You will also have growth opportunities as we have a culture that supports your personal and professional development. Need another reason to apply? Check out these 8 reasons to join Stryker's engineering team:  https://www.strykercareersblog.com/post/8-reasons-to-join-strykers-engineering-team  Who we want: Describe the open role, highlighting key responsibilities and tasks. This verbiage will be used in job postings to draw in potential candidates. What you will do: Technical Responsibilities: • Under minimal supervision, research, design, develop, modify, and verify components/modules for medical devices • Translate design inputs to engineering specifications and produce sub-system level designs • Develop and analyze solutions, prototyping one or more options to provide proof of concept • Apply fundamental and some advanced concepts, practices and procedures for problem solving Business Responsibilities: • Demonstrate advanced understanding of customer needs and design inputs • Demonstrate proficiency with product’s intended use and clinical procedures • Learn how the financial models are constructed Med Device Compliance: • Follow fundamental industry standards, design requirements and test strategies which apply to regulatory requirements • Independently create or refine engineering documentation, such as the Design History file • Follow R&D procedure like design controls and risk management, per the Quality Management System General Responsibilities: • Under minimal supervision, work with R&D, Quality, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Clinical, Marketing and Project Management to ensure project success • Quickly process and assimilate procedures, policies, processes, systems, and technology required • Work on complex problems, applying advanced experience and learnings • Demonstrate ownership and prioritize work with minimal supervision • Works as key member of the team, collaborating with others and solidifying relationships Minimum Qualifications (Required): • Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or BioMedical & 2+ years of work experience Preferred Qualifications (Strongly desired): Technical Skills: • Working knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering practices and design principles • Technical ability to create engineering drawings and models, applying GD&T and CAE tools • Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes to product design • Ability to Communicate basic plans and technical information to team members About Stryker Stryker is a global leader in medical technologies and, together with its customers, is driven to make healthcare better. The company offers innovative products and services in MedSurg, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine that help improve patient and healthcare outcomes. Alongside its customers around the world, Stryker impacts more than 130 million patients annually. More information is available at stryker.com.

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Sales Acquisition Executive

EirCork€28,000 - €32,000 per year

About This Role: We are hiring Sales Acquisition Executives to transform Irish homes with Gigabit Fibre broadband. This is a door to door based position aiming at maximizing Eir broadband packages in Irish homes. Why This Role: Others: We are the country's biggest and best network with Ireland's fastest broadband, 4G mobile as standard, as well as the largest 5G network and individual business solutions. We are proud to be part of the very fabric of Ireland, going right back to the foundation of the state. We touch every community across the country. We already connect over 2 million customers across Ireland, which means we're one of the country's biggest brands. At eir, we can connect you to cutting edge careers, inspirational people, plenty of commitment and ambition, and a fantastic future. Our aim is to be the provider of choice for communications services in Ireland, which means we focus on looking after our people, so they can do the same for our customers. CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

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Senior Civil Engineer In


Your Impact: At Jacobs, we'll inspire and empower you to deliver your best work so you can evolve, grow and succeed – today and into tomorrow. With more than 55,000 people in 40+ countries, working at Jacobs offers an exciting range of opportunities to develop your career within a supportive and diverse team who always strive to do the right thing for our people, clients and communities. People are Jacobs’ greatest asset, and we offer a competitive package to retain and attract the best talent. We also give back to our communities through our Collectively program which incorporates matched-funding, paid volunteering time and charitable donations. Work-life balance and flexibility is a key focus area for Jacobs. We’re happy to discuss hybrid, part-time and flexible working hours, patterns and locations to suit you and our business. About the opportunity The Ireland Transportation sector includes a portfolio of high-profile projects with clients that include Transport Infrastructure Ireland, National Transport Authority, Irish Rail, national and regional contractors and several significant Local Authorities. We currently have opportunities within our Civil Engineering teams in Dublin and Cork for you to make your mark and influence the continuing growth of Jacobs as part of the design team. Some of our recent nationally and regionally significant projects include: Our Culture Our values stand on a foundation of safety, integrity, inclusion and diversity. We put people at the heart of our business and we truly believe that by supporting one another through our culture of caring, we all succeed. We value positive mental health and a sense of belonging for all employees. Find out more about life at Jacobs. (https://careers.jacobs.com/life-at-jacobs/) We aim to embed inclusion and diversity in everything we do. We know that if we are inclusive, we’re more connected, and if we are diverse, we’re more creative. We accept people for who they are, regardless of age, disability, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, mental health, race, faith or belief, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and whether you’re pregnant or on family leave. This is reflected in our wide range of Global Employee Networks centred on inclusion and diversity – ACE, Careers, Enlace, Harambee, OneWorld, Prism, Vetnet, and Women’s – find out more about our employee networks here. (https://www.jacobs.com/about/inclusion-and-diversity?_ga=2.1062705.1096535124.1626879887-1704311048.1575562676) Jacobs partners with VERCIDA to help us attract and retain diverse talent. For greater online accessibility please visit www.vercida.com to view and access our roles. As a Disability Confident employer, we will interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy. We welcome applications from candidates who are seeking flexible working and from those who may not meet all the listed requirements for a role If you require further support or reasonable adjustments with regards to the recruitment process (for example, you require the application form in a different format), please contact the team. (https://www.jacobs.com/contact/careers2) Your application experience is important to us and we’re keen to adapt to make every interaction even better. We welcome feedback on our recruitment process and if you need more from us before deciding to join Jacobs then please let us know. (https://www.jacobs.com/contact/careers2) #UKTransportation #LI-hybrid Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or medical conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding), age, medical condition, marital or domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression and transgender status, mental disability or physical disability, genetic information, military or veteran status, citizenship, low-income status or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable law. Learn more about your rights under Federal EEO laws and supplemental language.

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