27 Sep 2021

Using the Right Phrases and Key Words

Using the right Phrases and Keywords on your CV, Cover Letter and during the whole application process can really help you to find success. We don't want to sound robotic but at the same time using the right phrases can look very professional.

Here are some examples of sentences that really help to showcase your skills:

Customer service: Exceptional at dealing with customers and problem solving. Winner of two customer service awards in the past 12 months. Reduced customer complaints overall by 30% within my first year of employment.

Leader and high performer: Successfully captained my local football team to a first ever league title. I was voted player of the year for the past two seasons. Consistently got results and motivated team members to perform to the best of their ability.

Proactive: Learned Java Script in my spare time through an online training course on weekends. Extremely focused on continuing to upskill and increasing my market value.

Forward thinker and innovative: Proven track record of finding new product solutions. Proactively sought new systems to improve the aftersales process at *COMPANY NAME* which resulted in a 55% increase in repeat business.

Excellent communicator: Managed dispute resolutions successfully for small and medium enterprises by proactively understanding and empathising with all parties to find solutions.

High achiever: Completed my undergraduate studies with an average assessment result of 80%. Achieved perfect attendance during my final two years of university.

Problem solver: Lead a team of 5 people at *COMPANY NAME* to successfully complete a process improvement overhaul which focused entirely on becoming a paperless business. The project objective was reached a month before deadline.

For the best results make a list of the skills related to the position you are applying for and incorporate them into your core competencies and achievements section within your CV.

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