28 Sep 2021

The Ultimate Guide for Jobseekers

At JobAlert.ie we are passionate about helping Jobseekers. We have put all our experience together to create the Ultimate Guide. This information service is completely FREE OF CHARGE. We really hope you find it useful or please share it with someone who may need it.

Have a Professional CV / Resume

Don’t sell yourself short, make sure your CV truly reflects the person you are. Having a professional CV will give you the very best chance. We have devised templates that will help you to do that, but that will also help to get your application through automated screening software applications that some companies use.

It’s also important that you customise your CV for each job application. We have created the following CV resources that will help you do this;

Advice and Tips on Creating a CVClick Here

The Complete Guide to Create your CV including a CV Template that you can customise with professional phrases to describe your Skills & CompetenciesClick Here

Perfect Phrases and Key Words for CVs and Interviews

We have prepared perfect phrases and key words that will help you to build the perfect CV and cover letters. Reading over these phrases will also help you to prepare answers to common interview questions. CLICK HERE

Cover Letters

Always customise cover letters to suit the job you are applying for. It will make you stand out from the crowd and give you the very best chance of success.

We have prepared tips and cover letter templates for various different scenarios, such as changing your career, coming straight out of college or explaining an employment gap. To find out more CLICK HERE

No Experience / No Problem

Don’t worry if you are just starting off, we have lots of tips that will help you to land a job HERE.

Network / Networking

Use your network, tell people you are searching. Reaching out to people you know is a very powerful tool when looking for a job. Most people will be more than willing to help. Check out our section on the importance of Networking and how to do it successfully HERE.


Update and perfect your Linkedin Profile. We have prepared a whole section on how to use Linkedin to your best advantage when looking for a new job. Check out more HERE

Sign up for Alerts

Sign up with all job boards and company career pages for Job Alerts. At JobAlert.ie you can sign up for Job Alerts by putting keywords and locations in the search bar and then setting multiple Job Alerts based on your search criteria.

Transferable Skills

It’s NOT always possible for recruiters to find candidates that have experience or education in a particular field within the same type of working environment, so many recruiters will consider candidates that have transferable skills.

These are the skills and experience that people have, that with additional training will allow them to successfully work in another role or industry. So basically, it will also help recruiters to find suitable staff. Read more HERE


Always prepare and rehearse for Interviews. Check out our extensive Interview Sections below;

Preparing for Interviews, sample questions and answers included

Second Interviews

Negotiating Salary & Benefits

Don’t sell yourself short, check out our section on negotiating your salary. Figuring out how to get the best possible salary without jeopardising the opportunity or coming across as cheeky has got to be one of the most difficult things to do. Read our tips below;

Negotiating Salary for a New Job

Negotiating your Salary while in a Job

Choosing a Career

In this section we look at making career choices. Read more HERE

Making a Career Change

It’s never too late to make a career change. You will know yourself when the time is right. Maybe you’re dreading Mondays and at times this dread could be consistent throughout the week. Life’s too short – make changes. In this section we look at 7 steps you can take to successfully change your career path. Read more HERE

Trying to Negotiate Flexible Working Arrangements

Now that most people have had a taste of flexible working and working from home, it’s only obvious that some people would like to have some flexibility going forward. In this section we look at how you can successfully negotiate a solution to suit both parties. Read more HERE

Building up your Confidence – when Self Doubt Steps In

In a large survey conducted in Ireland, 51% of Irish workers admitted having ‘a lack of confidence’ when it came to applying for a new job. 42% ‘thought they didn’t have strong enough experience, while 18% ‘stated that they are scared of rejection and failure’. In this section we look at the barriers this presents and how to deal with it - read the full article HERE

10 Behaviours that Lead to Success

In this section we list 10 behaviours that require little talent, yet have a huge impact on your job hunt. Check out the list HERE

How to Bounce Back after an Unsuccessful Interview

Sometimes it can be difficult to recover from unsuccessful interviews, particularly when you have invested so much time and effort going through the process. No matter how talented you are, remember it’s all a bit of a lottery. In this section we give advice on how to keep strong and keep going. Read more HERE

Avail of Local Job Centre and Government Supports

Contact your local Government Job Services, they have a lot of supports, training and up skilling opportunities on offer, particularly now following the impact of Covid on certain industries. Read more about this HERE

Taking an Organised Approach

You can improve your success rates by taking an organised approach - to read more about this topic CLICK HERE

Best of Luck with your job search, we really hope that we have been of some help to you.

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