27 Sep 2021

No Experience or Been Out of the Game for A While - No Problem!

If you have very little or no experience or have been out of work for a while, don't worry. There are ways around it.

Apply for entry level jobs and in your cover note explain your situation, but also say that you are a very willing and quick learner. There's hugh competition out there for workers, so employers are not getting as many applications as they used to. If you can show that you are a reliable hard worker who is willing to learn, chances are they will certainly train you in.

Transferable Skills

Also don't underestimate your transferable, these are the skills that you have gained in other situations that will help you to do a job with some additional training. We have a whole section on transferable skills in our Jobseeker Resources HERE

Work Experience

You could also consider asking in your network to see if anyone can give you some unpaid work experience, just even for a short period of time. Again this will allow you an opportunity to add valuable skills and experience to your CV.

Charity Work

Maybe consider doing some charitable work to help to add valuable experience and impressive achievements to your CV. Doing charity work also helps you to build up your network and will help those less fortunate. It can also be very rewarding and will boost your confidence and morale. It also gives you an opportunity to add transferable skills, for example working in a Charity Shop will give you Customer Service experience.

To find charity work check out platforms such as Volunteer Ireland here or just google 'Charity Work' in your local area.


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