27 Sep 2021

Self-Doubt a Major Obstacle

Firstly, we’re our own worst critics, try to ignore your ‘Inner Voice’. According to a recent Forbes magazine article, some of our harshest criticism come from ourselves, via our inner voice. The inner voice can become stronger and more negative if you’ve been stuck in a rut in a bad job situation or are experiencing other problems in your life. Your inner critic talks too much and is not always your friend. So, you need to clear your mind and start looking at the facts.

A good way of clearing your mind is to take up meditation. There’s a lot of great self-help videos free of charge on line that you can listen to. You could also take up a bit of exercise, it will help to refocus your thoughts.

Clearly visualising what you want in your life and how you’d like your future to look will also help. Look to your past accomplishments and remind yourself of your past successes. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones helps to refocus your mind.

Self-doubt is the bodies way of protecting you. It’s a reminder that you're venturing into something new and that there are risks involved. It has a place in everyone’s life, but how we react to it is the difference between success or failure.

When you experience self-doubt, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it. It may help to write down a list of why you’re feeling like this. What are the obstacles that have the potential to hold you back? You can then put a plan in place for addressing them in a healthy and productive way. This will help you to remain more positive as you move forward.

In a recent survey over 51% of Irish workers admitted having ‘a lack of confidence’ when it came to applying for a new job. 42% ‘thought they didn’t have strong enough experience, while 18% ‘stated that they are scared of rejection and failure’, so you are not alone if you are feeling some self-doubt.

It was found that the majority of Irish workers don’t have the confidence to apply for a new job. The research was conducted by LinkedIn and found that a quarter (24%) of the research participants said that they are currently in a role that they are unhappy with or uninspired by.

Don’t lose heart and whatever you do don’t give up.

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