28 Sep 2021

Accounting, Finance & Insurance Useful Phrases

Accounting, Finance & Insurance - Useful Phrases

  • Proficient in completing tax statements and returns for small and large businesses in accordance with Revenue.ie.
  • Proven ability to manage large financial departments in demanding environments.
  • Strong background in focusing on profitability and being able to identify trends affecting financial performance.
  • Committed to accurate disbursements and resolving any issues.
  • A collaborative partner used to working on teams and making an impact by creating and implementing lasting improvements to the accounting, analysis, forecasting, and sales processes of firms.
  • A reliable and detail-oriented contributor with specialist knowledge of general ledger accounting, job costing, project accounting, and lien waiver management.
  • Excellent organisational skills with the capacity to deal with multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Provide robust modelling, reporting and consulting to facilitate c-suite level decision making.
  • Adept at providing financial market expertise and extraordinary client service, generating financial market analysis, and educating new insurance agents.
  • Proven track record in consistently and effectively delivering accounting services that enhance the company's purpose and profitability.
  • Extensive track record in record keeping, handling appointments, client management and providing support to company directors.
  • Demonstrated success in streamlining existing operations, turning around unprofitable functions, and envisioning new concepts and future trends.
  • Proven track record of success and employee satisfaction, extensive communication skills, strong analytical skills, and significant ability to work under pressure.
  • Proven experience in accounts payable and accounts receivables with communications and technical office administration experience.
  • Proven ability to deliver fiscally responsible strategies to resolve financial and accounting challenges.
  • Highly skilled with an eye for identifying and correcting errors.
  • Adept at all functions of accounting, including balancing sheets, processing payments, managing accounts payable, and providing executive administrative support.
  • Proven ability to lead team members through substantial change, while bringing about desired financial results.
  • Dedicated to providing exemplary work and supporting the overall mission of the department and company.
  • Experienced managing all phases of the sales cycle—from prospecting to close and follow-up support.
  • Proven track record in managing large property portfolios and driving profitability through strategic planning and financial consultancy services.
  • Expert in financial modelling, tax and business valuation.
  • Strong analytical skills; support operations through analysis of key performance indicators and trends.
  • Proven experience and success in providing bookkeeping services including recording and reporting on all financial transactions, receipts, invoices, and payroll.
  • Accustomed to completing financial reconciliations, regulatory reporting and strategic planning for mid-sized organisations.
  • Accomplished and results-driven accounting professional with a track record of consistently meeting deadlines while optimising organisation performance.
  • Adept in providing solutions that improve operations, impact business performance and maximise profits through financial management analysis and productivity improvements.
  • Possesses outstanding communication skills and capable of resolving varied complicated issues while continuing to motivate subordinates to achieve peak performance.
  • Exceptional analytical skills, with the ability to analyse organisational needs and deliver comprehensive financial reports for management that exceed expectations.
  • Adept at providing financial projections and making recommendations based on an ongoing analysis of company resources.
  • Extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of all major global accounting and regulatory standards.
  • Highly-accomplished professional with experience in finance and operations management within small, medium and large organisations.
  • Demonstrated ability to improve processes and streamline financial operations that drive growth and increase company efficiency.
  • Directs projects that improve efficiency while meeting deadlines and budget requirements.
  • Valuable experience in identifying opportunities to reduce inefficiencies that lead to increased company profit.
  • Efficient and detail-orientated, with a long history of producing error-free financial reports for large multinational companies.
  • Strong knowledge of KPI reporting and providing detailed and accurate monthly management accounts.
  • Contributes to team work while displaying a willing and helpful manner at all times when resolving accounting discrepancies and analysing reports.
  • Confident and focused professional coupled with a genuine passion for business and finance.
  • Excellent knowledge of accounting principles and procedures with a successful track record of handling bookkeeping activities and fixing accounting errors.
  • Detail-oriented with experience performing accurate work at a quick and efficient pace to service the needs of clients.
  • Established professional with a track record of resolving delinquent accounts and producing cost-saving strategies for manufacturing companies.
  • Capable of delivering accurate labor hour and overtime calculations for employees.
  • Dedicated to spearheading financial growth through careful financial planning and cost-cutting initiatives.
  • Well versed in verification of employee’s recorded work time and wages and coordinating with departments.
  • Known for accuracy, attention to detail and timeliness in managing disbursement functions.
  • Excellent attention to detail coupled with strong organisational skills ensuring a streamlined and efficient payment process.


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