15 Jul 2020

Director/Couple wanted for historic Limerick mansion

A dynamic director/couple is wanted to live in a magnificent mansion on over 40 acres in the wild Irish countryside. The right people are needed to anchor a creative community in this beautiful old house and surrounding land and to help develop a holistic, sustainable internationally recognised English language school.

Cahermoyle Mansion, situated 2km from Ardagh in County Limerick, was built in the early 1870s by Edward O'Brien, the son of William Smith O'Brien who was an Irish nationalist Member of Parliament and leader of the Young Ireland movement.

The Mansion contains over 30 rooms with additional outbuildings and a gardener's house along with an outdoor swimming pool. Most of the original features from the property, including marble fireplaces, are still intact.

We’ll be straight with you; this position has big responsibilities and high expectations and is not just a passive caretaker role. The ideal candidate can run an enterprise and develop and deliver a business plan and manage cash flow. We know that if you are the person we’re looking for that you will thrive on embracing this responsibility and be motived by the vision that’s forming around this venture. 

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This is a full-time residential role, based on site with some local and national travel.

40 hour working week with work at weekends sometimes required. 

Salary will be in line with experience.

Accommodation, bills, and utilities included.

If you resonate with these points, this role might be a fit:

  • You love working with land and buildings, interior and exterior

  • You’re accustomed to holding space on retreats, residential groups or in hospitality

  • You’ve spent time at and are deeply interested in organic growing or farming

  • You are visionary, proactive and passionate about creating a healthy future for our planet and sustainable living for communities

  • You are in transition, looking for your next life project to sink your teeth into

  • You are familiar with sustainable organic growing and farming

  • You are engaged with other future solutions for the current social challenges and systemic breakdown 

  • You have a mindset of prototyping, experimentation, and work to get things done

  • You have healthy boundaries and are able to communicate your needs clearly

  • You are naturally organized and enjoy structure and order

  • You have experience managing other people along with managing projects and seeing them through

  • You are a self-starter, gritty and committed to seeing results

  • You are an excellent communicator (verbal and written) and a strong empathic listener

  • You are handy, good with your hands, physically fit and healthy

  • You are experienced in personal or professional or spiritual transformation (or all three) and are committed to doing your own ongoing inner work

  • You are a couple, duo, team of two 

  • You have your own car and full license for driving in Ireland

  • You are able to live and work in Ireland

This position is not a fit if one or both of you:

  • Need to be around other people on a daily basis

  • Have no experience working with property, land, growing and farming

  • Have no experience working in hospitality or caring for people

  • Have responsibilities that would require a lot of your physical presence off site

  • Drink alcohol on a regular basis (more than once a week)

  • Are looking for just a paid WWOOFing gig 

  • Have any physical conditions that restrict manual labour and extensive periods of movement

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Here is what the right people will love about this role:

  • The chance to put your personality, passion and focus into something sustainable, holistic and beautiful 

  • When not working, the opportunity to do other creative projects, in a stunning inspiring environment

  • Living alone in expansive countryside surroundings

  • Being paid to research and execute future solutions to building sustainable communities of the future

  • Deepening their relationship with the land

This is a fully residential position and the areas of responsibility include:

  • Caretaking a beautiful, historic property and helping develop it into its next phase of life

  • Helping set up an international English language school

  • Helping set up a sustainable organic farm

  • Creating aligned relationships locally and globally

  • Researching and developing sustainable living ideas and putting them into practice

Tasks will include:

  • Living on site and keeping the house secure and energetically vibrant

  • Clearing out the house, sheds, gardens, surrounds

  • Staying abreast of sitewide security needs

  • Liaising with owner, staff and management office and feeding into the redevelopment ideas of the property

  • Sourcing suppliers

  • Researching and developing self-sustaining community living and organic farming

  • Representing the house and brand to visitors

  • Receiving coaching and mentoring to support you in your role

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You need to have demonstrable experience in the areas of:

  • Managing property and/or land

  • Project Management

  • Personal or Spiritual Development

  • Managing people and groups

It would be great, but not necessary, if you also had experience in:

  • Permaculture, organic growing and farming

  • Sustainable living and building communities

  • Professional and/or Organizational Development

  • Managing building or construction projects 


Do you fit the profile? You can apply for this position here.

Please be sure to include a few brief sentences on why you're applying in the cover letter section of your application.

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