28 Sep 2021

Hospitality, Catering & Tourism Useful Phrases

Hospitality, Catering & Tourism - Useful Phrases

  • Dedicated and motivated Food and Beverage Assistant with 3 years of exemplary service in the food service industry.
  • Reliable and hardworking Deli Assistant with 2 years experience operating in hospitality and healthcare settings.
  • Skilled and industrious Waitress with diverse food and beverage experience and a passion for the server profession.
  • Courteous and dynamic Server with 3 years of experience delivering prompt and reliable service in fast-paced environments.
  • Diligent and devoted Waiter with more than 2 years of restaurant experience providing personable table service at both prestigious and fast food establishments.
  • Ambitious and friendly Barista with 2 years of experience working in busy cafe chains and restaurants.
  • Customer-oriented and welcoming Barista with 2 years of experience serving high-quality espresso and brewed coffee in a fast-paced coffee shop environment.
  • A diligent and professional Bartender with 3 years experience operating busy bars and pubs in city centre locations.
  • Energetic and hardworking Bartender with 2 years of experience and expert knowledge of cocktails, single malts and fine wines.
  • Skilled and diligent Bartender with 2 years experience providing superior service and an enjoyable, memorable experience for all customers.
  • Lead Bartender with 4 years experience in cocktail preparation and creation, and a deep knowledge of local craft beers, wine, spirits, and cocktails.
  • Committed to providing helpful, fast, and accurate service to customers.
  • Demonstrate active listening and communication skills to ensure customers are satisfied and happy.
  • Experience in various settings, including family restaurants, bars, cafeterias, banquets, and room service.
  • Determined team player striving to deliver the highest quality service alongside food service staff.
  • Excellent customer service record and consistently terrific attitude.
  • Adept at handling multiple customer requests and queries in a quick, courteous and professional manner.


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