24 Feb 2021

Who's still recruiting?

Many food retailers have announced record sales, as have online shopping sites and stores that are now offering on-line sales while their stores are closed. As a result retail staff, drivers and roles in logistics and warehousing are in still in demand.

There has also been an obvious sharp increase in job ads for care workers and nurses as hospitals, care facilities and elderly care homes manage the impact of Covid-19. Global pharmaceutical companies continue to remain busy also, as they play a crucial role in the development and manufacturing of essential drugs.

The childcare sector was busy recruiting until the last lockdown but it is expected that recruitment will increase again as childcare facilities open back up again for all children.

Security and cleaning jobs are also in high demand - while a lot of buildings remain empty they still need to be kept secure and clean. Cleaning operatives are also required to keep medical facilities sterile.

A large number of charitable organisations are still recruiting for both paid and voluntary roles, as they struggle to cope with the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on their clients.


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