14 Dec 2019

Why you should continue your job search now and throughout the holidays!

1. Putting your job search on hold until January could be a bad idea. Your application could get lost amongst all the other candidates that decide over the Christmas/New Year break to start a fresh career in 2020. Applying now would be far better as there's less competition right now.

2. Companies will be reviewing their budgets and headcount requirements for the year ahead, so a lot of business are already looking to fill jobs and they may start advertising now before they finish up for Christmas.

3. People move jobs around this time of the year and could also be heading back home. They could actually be working through their notice right now - so the back-filling process will have already started.

4. Continuing your job hunt during December also shows you’re a go-getter! Other jobseekers may slow down and get into party mode instead – reducing your competition further.

5. Job Advertising is our business so we get to see all the jobs and believe me, it’s not quiet at all this year! So, keep the Laptop out and get searching, you might just land yourself the perfect gift of a brand new opportunity for Christmas & New Year 2020!

Best of Luck from the Team at JobAlert.ie

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