31 Oct 2019

5 US companies hiring in Ireland right now

Many US companies have chosen Ireland as a place to set up a European base of operations or even their EMEA headquarters. These are just some of the firms hiring right now.

Ireland is lucky in that it has become a darling in the eyes of US tech firms. Some of the most revered tech companies in the US select Ireland as a place to set up a European hub, citing the fact that English is the first language and that our workforce is very highly educated.

These are just a selection of some of those US companies who have landed in Ireland over the past few years and that are hiring right now.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is one of the world’s most well-known financial institutions. It has had a presence in EMEA for more than 90 years and has offices in 19 countries. In Ireland, it is hiring for a range of positions in the areas of tech and finance.

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Workplaces of the world owe a lot to Slack, a collaborative messaging app that has radically changed the way professional teams communicate, earning it the affectionate nickname of ‘the email killer’. Slack has openings at its Dublin office in finance and accounting, legal, communications, customer experience, sales, technical operations, and HR.

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Oath is the digital communications wing of Verizon Communications and oversees brands such as Tumblr, Yahoo and AOL. Its EMEA office is based at Dublin’s North Wall Quay. It is currently recruiting for positions in accounting and finance, DevOps engineering, software engineering, and software development.

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Cloud file-hosting service Dropbox has its international operations centre at Hatch Street in Dublin. It has available roles in communications, customer experience, finance, IT, sales, marketing and legal.

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Mastercard is a veritable superstar of the payments world and has no intention of losing its place at the top of the game. It is seeking applicants for a number of different software engineering, systems engineering and cloud roles.

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