Career Advice | 17 Nov 2016

Interview Prep

As soon as you apply for a position you should start researching the company just in case you are called for interview at short notice. You should take down notes and important details, particularly ones that directly relate to your role. Once an interview is confirmed you can further research industry trends and if required research your interviewers on LinkedIn, this is particularly useful when applying for more senior level positions. It might also be useful to check LinkedIn to see if you already have contacts within the organisation, they may be able to help you prepare more thoroughly or at least advise you on what to expect. It is important to check out exactly where the interview venue is located to allow enough time to get there early. Some positions require more preparation than others, for example you may be requested to prepare a presentation. No matter what position you are applying for it will help reduce stress levels if you check everything and prepare your clothes the day before.
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