7 Jul 2019

Mars will pay you €12 an hour to taste chocolate – here’s how to apply

ATTENTION all chocolate lovers - Mars is recruiting eight professional chocolate tasters at its headquarters in Slough, Berkshire.

The jobs are open to anyone with "good taste buds" and pay up to £10.80 an hour (€12).

Mars' current chocolate products include Mars Bars, Snickers, Dove, Galaxy, M&M's, Milky Way and Twix.

But the deadline for applications is Monday July 8, so you'll have to act fast.

So the good news first; there's no experience necessary, but the rigorous interview process will ask potential candidates to rate different foods on a scale of one to 15 for how sweet, savoury, bitter or salty they are.

Eight successful candidates will get six months of intensive taste training before they start the job properly.

Training will involve teaching the brain to identify the different scents, flavours, tastes and textures of chocolate.


The tasters will be involved with trying existing and new products from start to finish.

They will be part of a strategic panel, helping develop new brands and identifying new ways to eat and improve a whole range of products.

Other key responsibilities include assessing a wide range of confectionery products, participating in product and sensory related training, and successfully applying this learning to the day-to-day job.

Work perks - other than getting paid to eat chocolate, of course - include paid holiday and access to onsite gym facilities.

Candidates need to be in good health, with no allergies, no intolerances and you must have a good set of gnashers on you.

You also need a good eye for detail and perceptual and descriptive ability.

Unsurprisingly, the ad says you need to be prepared to sample a variety of different tastes and ingredients.

It also asks that candidates are computer literate and have excellent timekeeping.


We are looking for people with good taste buds who can work part time and who can commit to a long term project.


* Flexible working (12 hours per week)

* Paid holidays

* Staff shop

* Full Training

* The opportunity to work in a Global FMCG environment

* Access to onsite gym facilities


* You will be assessing a wide range of confectionery products

* Part time: Monday - Thursday, 9:30 - 12:30

* Participate in product and sensory related training, and successfully applying this learning to the day to day job

* Evaluation and characterisation of existing and new products and brands

* Identifying new ways to eat products

* Identify ways to improve packaging



* General good health, no allergies; no intolerance's; good dentition

* Detail orientated with good perceptual and descriptive ability

* Passion for product evaluation and experiencing new sensations

* Prepared to sample a variety of different tastes and ingredients

* Excellent interpersonal skills to ensure effective team communication

* Take on board feedback on performance, training and calibration in a positive and professional manner

* Computer literate

* Excellent timekeeping


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