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Airfreight Logistics Associate Apprentice


Key Tasks / Responsibilities will include: Skills: Ability to use Information Systems & personal computers The ability to apply management techniques to measure performance and make recommendations to improve business performance. The ability to be aware of the changing needs of their customers and how to adopt to these changes. The ability to apply best practice techniques to a range of logistical contexts and situations. Ability to work as part of a team. Recognise the advantages & disadvantages that alternative distribution / warehousing configurations can provide. The ability to develop a range of technical and managerial approaches. Competences: Personal ethics Professionalism/Integrity Personal management/commitment Problem solving Lateral/Critical/Systematic thinking Analytical capabilities Innovation and Creativity Practice good communication skills Word processing & presentation tools  Have a working knowledge of descriptive statistics and how to  Use Excel to present the statistical information: Preparation and presentation of reports  Understand how to be an effective Team member.

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Trainee Optical Retailer

SpecsaversDundalk, County Louth

Benefits: Specsavers perks, additional birthday day off, free parking, staff, friends & family discounts Full Training Provided + continued learning and development A customer service background is preferred Are you passionate about retail and offering the best customer experience? Our advisor roles at Specsavers are not your ordinary retail positions – you’ll join the team as an Optical Assistant bringing your valued retail experience & customer service knowledge to meet the caring values and optical expertise of our brand, making sure every patient receives the best experience in our stores. We are looking for someone with a background of providing a pro-active and first-class customer experience, with a real desire when it comes to customer care & the ability to communicate politely & professionally with all customers and colleagues. Responsibilities: As a business that prides itself on providing supported development & exciting long-term careers, previous Optical experience isn’t essential - you’ll receive all the training needed and we will support you to develop your knowledge of the optical world, such as – pre-screening patients and taking measurements, whilst working towards our own high standards.

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Store Manager

Card FactoryEnniskillen

With a real focus on customer experience and colleague development, our Store Managers are key to driving the success of our stores. As a store manager, you will be responsible for delivering commercial growth and developing a team culture of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. Role Responsibility Salary: £28,222 per annum

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Community Safety Coordinator

Laois County CouncilLaois€33,760 - €52,773 per year

THE COMPETITION Laois County Council invites applications, from suitably qualified persons, who wish to be considered for inclusion on a panel from which vacancies for Community Safety Administrator (Laois, Local Community Safety Partnership) may be filled. Community Safety Policy The Department of Justice has developed a new Community Safety Policy based on a key principle that policing is not the responsibility of the police alone and involves other agencies of Government such as health and social services. The Community Safety Policy proposes a whole-of-government approach to community safety. At the heart of this policy is the principle that every community has the right to be and feel safe in order to thrive and flourish. This new approach will be delivered through Local Community Safety Partnerships (LCSPs), supported through a national governance structure. This structure will ensure that communities are empowered to have a strong say in what actions are prioritised by the services operating in their area and will also have a key oversight role in ensuring those actions are followed through. Objectives of the Local Community Safety Partnerships The partnership approach is built on two premises: 1. Every community is different and has different problems and issues. 2. Responding to those problems and issues requires a range of inputs from across Government, local services, voluntary sector and the community itself. The response to the issues identified above requires the following elements: 1. Community engagement in identifying what the needs of the community are; 2. Commitment and buy-in from State, local and voluntary service providers to work together to address those needs. The LCSPs aim to foster sustained community involvement in identifying needs and co-designing solutions, and sustained commitment from services in working together to address those needs. Structure of Local Community Safety Partnerships (LCSPs) Membership of each LCSP will include: residents; community representatives, including representatives of youth, new communities and the voluntary sector; business and education representatives; relevant public services in the area, including HSE, Tusla, AGS, and the local authority; and local councillors. The LCSP will have a maximum of 30 members. THE ROLE The Community Safety Administrator will work in an office which will act as a hub for the local community in the relevant local authority area in relation to community safety. They will play a key role in providing operational and administrative support to the Community Safety Coordinator to establish and run an efficient and effective secretariat, supporting all the administrative and organisational requirements of the Local Community Safety Partnership (LCSP). The successful candidate will also support the work of the Community Safety Coordinator in the design and delivery of community safety projects in the relevant local authority area. The Community Safety Administrator will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Community Safety activities in the relevant local authority area. THE QUALIFICATIONS 1.       CHARACTER: Candidates shall be of good character. 2.       HEALTH: Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render an efficient service. Successful candidates will be required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination carried out by the Council’s Occupational Medical advisor prior to appointment. On taking up appointment, the expense of the medical examination will be refunded to the candidate. 3.       EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE ETC.: Each candidate must , on the latest date for receipt of completed Application forms : (i)               (a) Have obtained at least Grade D (or a Pass), in Higher or Ordinary Level, in five (5) subjects (or four (4) if Irish is included) from the approved list of subjects in the Department of Education established Leaving Certificate Examination or Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme including Irish and/or English and one of the following: Mathematics, Accounting, Business Organisation or Economics, and (b)   have obtained at least Grade C (or Honours) in Higher Level (or Honours) papers in three (3) subjects in that examination (or two (2) subjects if Irish and/or one of the following is included: Mathematics, Accounting, Business Organisation or Economics) or (ii)             Have obtained a comparable standard in an equivalent examination, or (iii)            Hold a third level qualification of at least degree standard. Desirable (a) have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working in an administrative role; (b) demonstrate experience in communications, outreach and engagement with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds; (c) have satisfactory knowledge of public service and government organisations; (d) have good knowledge and awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations, their implications for the organisation and the employee, and their application in the workplace. (e) Experience in the following areas would be desirable: community development, communications and logistical and event management. The Ideal Candidate Shall: The role is diverse and multifaceted, and the successful candidate should: ·       Possess excellent planning and organisational abilities; ·       Have the ability to communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders; ·       Have strong attention to detail; ·       Have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; ·       Possess a high level of discretion and professional integrity; ·       Have a strong grasp of community development processes and principles; ·       Possess strong verbal and written skills; ·       Possess strong IT skills and a good working knowledge of Social Media platforms; ·       Have a high degree of motivation and resilience; ·       Have the ability to work effectively, independently and as part of a team; ·       Have good knowledge of file management, transcription and other administrative procedures, including basic financial administration. Key Duties: The responsibilities of the post include, but are not limited to, the following:- ·       Supporting the establishment and work of the Local Community Safety Partnership, including through: assisting in the development a work plan for the LCSP and assisting in the development of a Local Community Safety Plan; ·       Enabling and supporting the engagement of community members with the LCSP; ·       Assisting in the development and delivery of a communications strategy to keep the community informed about community safety activities; ·       Assisting in the development and delivery of local community safety projects; ·       Liaising with the Community Safety Coordinator, LCSP Chairperson and other ordinary members as required in order to organise meetings of the LCSP, other meetings and/or events, where necessary; ·       Overseeing logistical arrangements for members of the LCSP; ·       Assisting in the preparation of agenda papers and any other relevant documentation for meetings of the LCSP; ·       Attending meetings of the LCSP, recording accurate minutes of proceedings and decisions and preparing correspondence to convey decisions and other feedback; ·       Assisting in ensuring that adequate record systems are in place and adhered to; ·       Assisting in the preparation of reports, as required, for key stakeholders; ·       Assisting in the preparation of summary financial and administrative data for internal use; ·       Ensuring the good management of the Community Safety Office; ·       Fostering and developing positive working relationships with key personnel including members of the LCSP and other stakeholders; ·       Following procedures to ensure the control of Community Safety Office’s expenditure; ·       Following petty cash procedures and maintain relevant financial records; ·       Undertaking all duties that may be required which are commensurate with the role of the Community Safety Administrator through the direction of the Community Safety Coordinator and Central Area Manager. The particular duties and responsibilities attached to the post may vary from time to time, without changing the general character of the duties or level of responsibilities entailed. The post holder may therefore be required to perform duties appropriate to the post, other than those detailed above, and to take instructions from and report to, an appropriate Officer or such designated Officer as may be assigned from time to time by the Local Authority. Competencies for the Post: Candidates will be assessed at interview under the following competencies. The candidates at the interview will be questioned on at least some of the indicators listed below under each competency. Candidates at interview must achieve a minimum 50% of the total marks available in each of the competencies to qualify for inclusion on a panel. Purpose and Change ·        Understands the team’s purpose and priorities and shows commitment to these ·        The ability to ensure their work contributes to meeting the Departments purpose and priorities ·        Develops and maintains positive, productive and beneficial working relationships ·        Understands and implements change and demonstrates flexibility and openness to change and new challenges Delivering Results ·        Contributes to delivery of high-quality service and customer care standards ·        Plans and organises workloads in order to meet deadlines ·        Identifies problems and contributes to solutions ·        Co-operates with decisions and implements solutions Performance Through People ·        Demonstrated ability to engage with staff and work as part of a team ·        Ability to resolve conflict situations ·        Demonstrated ability to lead by example and show initiative ·        Excellent interpersonal skills ·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills Personal Effectiveness ·        Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the Local Government system ·        Knowledge of the role of Community Safety Administrator ·        Personal motivation ·        Maintains a positive, constructive and enthusiastic attitude to their role ·        Commitment to public service values THE PRINCIPLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. PARTICULARS: The Council reserves the right to, at any time, re-assign an employee to any department now or in the future. The position offered will be whole-time and pensionable. 2. PROBATION: Where a person who is not already a permanent employee of this local authority is appointed, the following provisions shall apply: (a) There shall be a period after appointment takes effect, during which such a person shall hold the position on probation; (b) Such period shall be ten months but the Chief Executive may, at his/her discretion, extend such period; (c) Such a person shall cease to hold the position at the end of the period of probation, unless during this period the Chief Executive has certified that the service is satisfactory; (d) There will be ongoing assessments during the probationary period. Employment may be terminated by either party during probation or at the end of the probationary period on one week’s notice. 3. SALARY: The salary shall be fully inclusive and shall be as determined from time to time. Holders of the post will be paid at the appropriate point on the salary scale in accordance with the relevant Department Circulars. Starting pay for new entrants will be at the minimum of the scale. Where the appointee has been serving elsewhere in the public service in an analogous grade and pay-scale and will be moving without break to another part of the public sector at an analogous grade, the appointment may be made at the appointee’s current point of scale. The rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with Government pay policy. The current annual pay-scale (as per EL 02/2024) is: €33,760 - €52,773 LSI2 4. WORKING HOURS: The standard working week will be 35 hours. The role may require flexible working hours and may occasionally include evening and weekend work for which overtime will not be paid but time-off-in-lieu will be available. 5. ANNUAL LEAVE: 30 days per annum. 6. RESIDENCE/LOCATION The holder of the position shall reside in the district in which his/her duties are to be performed or within a reasonable distance thereof. Laois County Council reserves the right to assign the successful candidate to any department or premises in use by the Council, now or in the future. Changes in location of employment will not result in payment of disturbance money or other compensation. The person appointed will be required to travel to and from work at their own expense. 7. CITIZENSHIP Candidates must, by the date of any job offer, be: (a) A citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA consists of the Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; or (b) A citizen of the United Kingdom (UK); or (c) A citizen of Switzerland pursuant to the agreement between the EU and Switzerland on the free movement of persons; or (d) A non-EEA citizen who is a spouse or child of an EEA or UK or Swiss citizen and has a stamp 4 visa; or (e) A person awarded international protection under the International Protection Act 2015 or any family member entitled to remain in the State as a result of family reunification and has a stamp 4 visa; or (f) A non-EEA citizen who is a parent of a dependent child who is a citizen of, and resident in, an EEA member state or the UK or Switzerland and has a stamp 4 visa 8. EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES The Council shall work to promote a culture of equality and to develop equality and recruitment policies and procedures to ensure that all candidates are selected on merit. The Council shall endeavour to ensure that the selection process does not provide unjustifiable advantage or disadvantage to any particular candidate or group of candidates. The recruitment and selection process shall embrace genuine equality of opportunity, and this will be integral to the process by which appointments are made. 9. RECRUITMENT Selection of candidates for appointment shall be by means of a competitive interview. a) Shortlisting Process The local authority may decide, by reason of the number of persons seeking admission to a competition, to carry out a shortlisting procedure. The number of persons to be invited, in these circumstances, to interview, shall be determined by the local authority from time to time having regard to the likely number of vacancies to be filled. The local authority may at its discretion, decide that such shortlisting will be based on qualifications, relevant experience and information submitted on the application form.In that regard, candidates should ensure they provide detailed and accurate information in completing the form. Alternatively, the local authority may at its discretion decide to shortlist by way of preliminary interview. b) Competitive Interview Selection of candidates for appointment shall be by means of a competitive interview. The competitive interview shall be conducted by or on behalf of the local authority. The Council is committed to a process of selection on merit, based on fair and open competition.  The criteria for judging suitability and ranking will be related directly to the qualification, attributes and skills required to undertake the duties and responsibilities to the standard required in the post. c) Panels Following completion of interviews, panels may formed, the duration of which is at the discretion of the Council. While a panel remains in force, offers of temporary or permanent employment may be made subject to confirmation of qualifications and satisfying clauses in relation to health, character, or other requirements of the particular post. Persons to whom an offer of employment is made must take up duty within 1 month from the date of offer, or such extended period as the Council may agree, otherwise, the Council may decide not to appoint them. d) References/Documentary Evidence Each candidate may be required to submit as references the names and addresses of two responsible persons to whom he/she is well known but not related. Candidates may be required to submit documentary evidence to the local authority in support of their application. 10. COMMENCEMENT The local authority shall require a person to whom an appointment is offered to take up such appointment within a period of not more than one month and is he/she fails to take up the appointment within such period or such period or such longer period as the local authority in its absolute discretion may determine, the local authority shall not appoint him/her.

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Business Advisor

Bank of IrelandAbbeyleix, County Laois

What is the opportunity? As a Business Advisor for Bank of Ireland you will outline and implement an approach to develop new business relationships. You will provide advice and support to our new and current business customers. You will recommend what products we can offer to our customers as well as providing assistance in lending and financial reviews. Additionally this role will provide the opportunity to further develop your career within one of Ireland's long-established financial institutions. In this role, you will:

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Warehouse Operative

MediahuisBallinskelligs, County Kerry

About Us Reach Group are a part of Mediahuis Group and with the recently acquired Delpac we specialise in a range of services, all built on the platform of a comprehensive transport, warehousing, and logistics infrastructure, servicing a wide range of needs across multiple channels. Some of our industries who we work with include grocery retail, hotels, cafes, schools, hospitals, medical centre, pharmacies, libraries and more. The Job in a Nutshell  The role of the Warehouse Operative is to support the daily warehouse activity. The operational hours are Monday to Friday, hours range from 8.30am-5pm The role is currently based in our Production Facility in Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry. Role Responsibilities  (Overview)

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Customer Service Representative

Better ReportsRemote

About Better Reports Better Reports was founded in 2017. We are a small team of highly effective individuals working across three continents. Our product is a data analysis & reporting SaaS app, trusted by over 4,500 businesses. We are on a mission to provide the best tool for analyzing data from popular apps and APIs. Our app is currently available on Shopify, Stripe, and QuickBooks, and we are working hard to expand to other platforms. About the Role Job Type: Full-time, Remote It is primarily a customer support role. Most of your time will be spent reading and replying to email queries from customers through our helpdesk tool ( HelpScout ) along with live chat support to select customers. Common customer queries include: We are looking forward to hearing from you!

4 hours agoFull-timeRemote

Registrar In General Medicine


Post Specific Related Location University Hospital Waterford Proposed Interview Date TBC HSE Area Ireland East Hospital Group Category Medical & Dental Informal Enquiries Jodie Kelly, Jodie.Kelly@hse.ie, Grade V Medical Manpower Dept., 00353 51842431 Application Details UHWMedicalManpower@hse.ie, Medical Manpower Dept., 00353 51842431 Contract Type Fixed Term Wholetime

5 hours agoFull-time

Healthcare Assistant

Komfort KareDublin

About us Komfort Kare provides clients with professional healthcare services. We cater to clients nationally across Ireland. Our healthcare team has 20+ years of experience in Social and Home Care in Ireland. Our Home Care team helps and goes above and beyond to care for vulnerable adults, elderly people, and children. They are experienced dedicated, resilient, empathetic, and understanding. Komfort Kare also acts as an HSE provider. We offer clients a range of behavioral support, domestic assistance, personal care, complex care, ASD and ID Support, and 24-hour health care services. We are currently recruiting for our North Dublin locations and its surrounding areas How To Apply? Go to Komfortkare. ie and click our career page or Komfort Kare on Rezoomo and complete our application form! Komfort Kare Website: https://www.komfortkare.ie/careers Rezoomo: https://www.rezoomo.com/company/komfort-kare/jobs/ **Only applicants who completed the application form will be consider**

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Staff Nurse

Enable IrelandDublin

Would you like to work for a great employer? Enable Ireland is an organisation that makes a real difference to the lives of children and adults with disabilities in Ireland, and is named as one of Ireland's Irish Independent 150 Best Employers 2023. Enable Ireland, as an equal opportunities employer, proudly maintains a Bronze Award in Diversity from the Irish Centre for Diversity. We vigorously advocate for fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion, and engagement, and are dedicated to ongoing enhancement in these areas. We are currently seeking a highly motivated Staff Nurse to join our Adult Day Service team, currently based in Dun Laoghaire and Sandyford. Contract Type: This is a specified purpose, full time contract. Contract Hours: 37.5 hours per week. Salary Scale: €34,492 - €50,362 pro rata per annum. Salary scales are subject to LSI’s (Long Service Increments). Annual Leave Entitlement: 33 days per annum. Overview of the Post: The post holder will work as a part of the Adult Services team supporting Service Owners and their families/carers, providing excellent professional, skilled and effective person centred, evidence based nursing care. Overview of Duties & Responsibilities: Please download the job description for this post to view a full list of duties. The successful candidate will have: Essential Criteria: Eligible applicants will be those who on the closing date for the competition: · Be registered, or be eligible for registration, in the General Nurse Division of the Register of Nurses kept by the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland [NMBI] (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann). · Candidates must possess the requisite knowledge and ability, (including a high standard of clinical and administrative capacity), for the proper discharge of the duties of the office. · Eligible to work in the state. Annual registration On appointment, practitioners must maintain live annual registration on the General Nurse Division of the Register of Nurses & Midwives maintained by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland [NMBI] (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann). And Practitioners must confirm annual registration with the NMBI to Enable Ireland. Desirable Criteria: · Experience working with adults with disabilities and their families/carers. · Minimum of 1 year post qualification experience. If you believe you would fit the role then please submit your application today. Benefits As a staff member of Enable Ireland, you will have access to a wide range of benefits, including: · Excellent training opportunities · Generous annual leave entitlements · Long service reward scheme · Pay adjusted Maternity Leave · Pay adjusted Adoptive Leave · Pay adjusted Paternity Leave · Wellbeing benefits · Pension For a full list of our benefits & conditions, please click on the Employee Benefits link below: https://www.enableireland.ie/about-us/careers/employee-benefits What now? To apply, please download the job description and person specification from below for your information and complete the application form. For queries relating to the post, please contact Alexandra Swift by email at HRSandymount@enableireland.ie For technical support with Rezoomo, please use the chat feature located on the bottom right of the screen. Closing date for applications: 26th July 2024 A panel may be formed from this vacancy for any similar vacancies, which may arise during the next 12 months. Enable Ireland is an equal opportunities employer. · The post will be subject to reference checks and may be subject to Garda vetting/police clearance, as relevant. · Due to the large volume of applications, we are not in the position to provide individual feedback to applicants who are not shortlisted for interview. · Applications are invited from suitably qualified applicants from all sections of the community. · The above information serves only as a guide to the advertised position. Enable Ireland, at its discretion, reserves the right to change this prior to appointment. · Please review the Enable Ireland’s External Data Protection Notice available at https://www.enableireland.ie/privacy-policy for details on how Enable Ireland processes applicant’s personal information. Please note if you are invited for interview, we will share your personal data with: 1) Any virtual service provider we use to host the interview; and 2) the interview panel (if applicable). Your information will be stored for this purpose in line with our retention policy

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