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Mystery Shoppers - Required Nationwide! Looking to earn an extra income? Would you like to earn cash while you shop? Customer Perceptions are recruiting Mystery Shoppers across Ireland. Flexible working hours are available to suit your needs. All you need is: ✅ Good observational skills ✅ The ability to recognise outstanding customer service ✅ A strong grasp of written and spoken English Click Apply Now to submit your application today! Don't have a current CV? No worries - Just click Apply Now and upload your letter of introduction through the cv section OR Click HERE to view the JobAlert.ie CV templates section and build your CV today! 🛑 IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE WITHIN 4 WORKING DAYS OF SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDER 🛑

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Beach Lifeguard

Donegal County CouncilDonegal€15.91 - €17.92 per hour

1. The Position The Council is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates with relevant experience for the position of Beach Lifeguard for the Summer Bathing Season 2024 (June to September, 2024). Please note that candidates from the 2023 Summer Bathing Season are required to re-apply to this competition in order to be considered for the 2024 Summer Bathing Seasons. Note: Positions on Bundoran & Rossnowlagh beaches begin full time from the 1st of June; posts on all other beaches begin at weekends only from June 1st and subsequently operate on a full time basis from July 1st. It is proposed to form a panel of qualified candidates from which any temporary vacancies which arise will be filled during the lifetime of the panel. The successful candidate shall report to the Beach Lifeguard Supervisor and Coastal Officer or other appropriate person in the Water and Environment Directorate as determined by the Council from time to time. 2. Duties The duties of the post will include but are not limited to the following non-exhaustive list: • Beach lifeguards will be responsible for the performance of their duties and will work under the immediate supervision of the Beach Lifeguard Supervisor who, in turn, reports to the Coastal Officer. • Beach Lifeguards shall read, be familiar with and adhere to the Safety Statement for Beach Lifeguards; participate in induction training and cooperate with other safety training provided by the Council as required. Any issues of health and safety concern or general details regarding their duties shall be referred to the Beach Lifeguard Supervisor or the Coastal Officer. The procedure for reporting issues of concern is set out in the Safety Statement. (a) The Beach • All equipment must be checked daily (each morning) to see that it is in working order and ready for use. Any defects noted should be reported immediately. To inspect all lifesaving and first aid equipment on arrival for duty to ensure that adequate stocks are available and in good working order. • Indication flags should be placed in prominent positions. The following flag system is to be used: • Red flag signifies that bathing is considered temporarily unsafe. • Red over yellow flag signifies that bathing between any two such flags is under supervision of Beach Lifeguard. • No flag is flown if there is no Beach Lifeguard on duty. • To ensure that from the start of the duty period that the appropriate flags are flown and are changed or re-located as necessary during the day. • To ensure at the conclusion of the duty period each evening that all flags are removed and that all equipment is checked and securely stored in the appropriate place. • To ensure that except for emergency assistance or official business, no one other than lifeguard personnel is permitted in the lifeguard station. (b) Bathers • Beach Lifeguards must always be courteous to bathers and give them the necessary information regarding state of tides, currents and parts of strand which are not safe for bathing. • To provide emergency rescue service in the case of accidents. • Going immediately to the assistance of persons in difficulties in the water and rendering to such persons the necessary attention; To render first aid when possible. • Where bathers are about to enter water at a point which is considered dangerous owing to currents, shifting sands etc., they should immediately warn them and give them reasons. Practice a philosophy of prevention over reaction in carrying out the service. • If the bathers are acting in an indecent manner, the Beach guard should bring this fact to the notice of the Garda Síochána at the earliest opportunity. (c) Other Duties for Consideration • Except when the beach is empty, the Beach Lifeguard should be on beach patrol or on look-out outside the hut. The Beach Lifeguard should never be inside the hut except when relieved for meals etc. or when they are certain there is nobody on the beach. They should not allow their concentration to be diverted in conversations with the public, mobile phone use, or in reading. The primary duty of the Beach Lifeguard is to prevent accident situations from developing. The rescue tube should be strategically placed so that it may be used at a moment’s notice. Special vigilance is required where there are rocks or an outflow of a river, as there are likely to be undertows or currents. • Where Beach Lifeguards have to leave to partake of meals, arrangements should be made that one Beach Lifeguard will be on duty during the other’s absence for such purpose and to patrol his/her area in addition to his/her own. • Where two or more Beach Lifeguards are on duty on a particular beach – • One Beach Lifeguard shall remain at a vantage point from which a full view of the beach can be had and remain on a constant lookout, • The other Beach Lifeguard shall maintain a patrol of the beach and in such a manner that any given point along the beach is visited at least once in every 15 minutes. • Brief reports should be exchanged when they meet but lifeguards should never be seen to congregate together or with other groups. • To provide constant observation and supervision of activities at public bathing places in order to prevent drowning accidents. • To inspect the patrol area and, where possible, to remove any dangerous or offensive items. If the lifeguard cannot deal with the matter he/she should immediately report to his/her supervisor. • To ensure that the lifeguard station is kept clean and tidy and in a state of readiness for emergencies. • The Beach Lifeguards shall monitor the condition of the toilets and notify the Lifeguard Supervisor in the case of serious uncleanliness or damage. • Conduct daily inspections of the ringbuoys in their patrol zone – and within reach beyond - and record same on their App provided. Lifeguards shall arrange weekly inspections (as a minimum) of all other ringbuoys on their beaches on the App with support from the Lifeguard Supervisor. • Beach Lifeguards may be required to assist in conducting aquatic events and water safety programs. • Beach Lifeguards shall carry out all appropriate duties as laid down in the Irish Water Safety Lifeguard Handbook. • Beach Lifeguards should enter on the log book, times of commencing and ceasing duty and log same with the Coastguard each day. • Beach Lifeguards should make a note of any accident/incident such as rescues, etc, and record same on the App supplied. The general Log Book of daily events should also be maintained and available at all times for inspection by any duly authorised member of the County Council’s staff. • The daily Log Book should also record: • The names and attendance times of all guards on duty. • The general weather and tidal conditions. • What flags were flown and when they were changed during the day. • Duties undertaken such as clearing of beach access, reporting of bin/toilet service, flags missing, First Aid administered, etc. • Any information which may assist the Authorities in improving the service or support any future enquiry of daily events which could arise. • The Log Book must be completed and maintained in a professional manner as it may be used as evidence at a later enquiry. (d) Senior Beach Lifeguard Role • The Senior Beach Lifeguard at each location will, in addition to carrying out all of the duties, etc., of Beach Lifeguard (including taking full part in any roster arrangements), be responsible for ensuring that the Beach Lifeguards at his/ her location comply fully with the terms of the duties, responsibilities and general regulations of the post. • Assist with the Water Quality Section, Environment Department, at various times over the summer season notifying the public of changes in bathing water quality, as necessary. • To complete all appropriate rescue and first aid forms. • To ensure beach access is clear of sand/litter/obstacles at all times. • To ensure that all beach promotional services are fit for purpose (information boards, safety signage, Blue Flags, public seating, etc) and notify the Lifeguard Supervisor if issues arise. • Put out waste/recycling receptacles (as necessary) each day, monitor/empty bins (as necessary) and alert Lifeguard Supervisor (as necessary) if waste services are under strain. Beach Lifeguards shall also ensure litter is collected from their beach, its car park(s) and general environs. 3. Qualifications and requirements of the post The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage has declared that the qualifications for the position of Beach Lifeguard shall be as set out below: (a) Age Donegal County Council welcomes applications from suitably qualified candidates. Candidates for the Summer Bathing Season 2024 must be not less than 18 years of age on commencement of employment. (b) Character Candidates shall be of good character. Prior to appointment, candidates must undergo and satisfactorily complete the Garda Vetting Process. Candidates are required to fully complete and return the NVB1 Garda Vetting Invitation Form with their application. For candidates who are under the age of 18, in addition to the NVB1 Form, a completed NVB3 Form should also be submitted by Parent/Guardian. Please contact the Human Resources section if the NVB3 form is required. (c) Health Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. Candidates will be required to complete a Health Self Declaration form prior to any appointment to the position of Beach Lifeguard. Each candidate should be able to swim with endurance and proficiency at a level necessary to perform assigned duties. Applicants will be required to pass a Pool Test prior to being appointed (see (d)(ii) below). (d) Education, Experience On the latest date for receipt of completed application forms, candidates shall: (i) Beach Lifeguard Award a) No candidate will be offered a Beach Lifeguard post until a valid Beach Lifeguard Certificate has been received by the Council. [Water Safety Ireland Beach Lifeguard or Royal Lifesaving Society (Ireland) or equivalent accepted.] b) Certificates must be valid for the entire period of employment. c) Delays in submitting the Certificate may result in a candidate not being offered a Beach Lifeguard post. d) Candidates who do not hold a current Beach Lifeguard Certificate, or whose Certificate has expired, must specify on the application form the date on which they are undertaking the Beach Lifeguard Course or are having their certificates revalidated. e) Beach Lifeguard Courses and Revalidations: Donegal-based Beach Lifeguard courses and Revalidations are dependent on demand. Applicants are advised to check with the course provider. Please text 087-7573574 for further details. Please note that Information on other Beach Lifeguard Courses and Revalidations can be found on the following websites: • www.watersafety.ie • www.lifeguardsireland.com/courses.htm • www.atlanticcoastlifeguards.com (ii) Beach Lifeguard Pool Tests All applicants must successfully complete the Beach Lifeguard Pool Test, carried out by Water Safety Ireland. The Donegal-based Beach Lifeguard tests are dependent on demand and Donegal County Council only intends to hold one pool test this year on March 24th. Applicants are advised to check with the test provider by texting 087-7573574 for further details. • Candidates may complete the pool test in another local authority area, but the results must be submitted to this Council and verified by the Council before any job offer can be made. • It is the responsibility of candidates to ensure they complete a valid pool test. Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, the Pool Test will include the following elements: (a) Water Practical • 200-metre Freestyle (times under 4 minutes) • 100-metre tow with can-buoy/Rescue Tube (timed under 4 minutes) • 25-metre head up approach, release and 25 metre carry (Front Double) • 25-metre head up approach, release and 25 metre carry (Rear Double) • 20-metre approach, Surface Dive and Deep-water resuscitation • Board Rescue- approach unconscious casualty, position on board (in deep water) and continue board rescue to end of pool (b) Land Practical • Demonstrate Basic Lift Support and Aftercare, Adult and Infant; (c) Theory • Basic Lift Support; • First Aid; • General Lifeguard Duties and Responsibilities. 4. Particulars of the Post (a) General Donegal County Council proposes to create a panel of qualified candidates for the position of Beach Lifeguard for the Summer Bathing Season 2024 (June to September 2024) from which it will fill any vacancy that may arise. Appointments will be made on both a part-time and full-time basis, as required. Note: Positions on Bundoran & Rossnowlagh beaches begin full time from the 1st of June; posts on all other beaches begin at weekends only from June 1st and subsequently operate on a full time basis from July 1st. (b) Probation The successful candidate shall be required to be on probation for an initial period, as determined by the Council. (c) Remuneration The current national weekly rate of pay per hour is as follows: • Junior Beach Lifeguard - €15.91 • Senior Beach Lifeguard - €17.92 No other allowances are payable (d) Base The base for the post of beach lifeguard shall be determined by the Council and will depend on the particular beach to which the post holder is assigned. Donegal County Council reserves the right to assign any successful candidate to any area within the council, now or in the future, subject to reasonable notice. (e) Residence Holders of the post shall reside in the district in which their duties are to be performed or within a reasonable distance thereof. (f) Working Hours Actual hours/days of work will be specified by your Line Manager. The working pattern for parttime Lifeguards will be determined based on the requirements for particular beaches. You shall be required to complete a weekly timesheet and submit same to the Beach Lifeguard Supervisor. The timesheet should note actual hours worked. All hours worked will be subject to and recorded in accordance with the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 and the Organisation of Working Time Act (Regulations) 2001. Full-time Beach Lifeguards will be required to work a six-day week during the bathing season. Your annual leave entitlement will be based on the hours you work for the duration of the said period, exclusive of Public Holidays, for which you will be reimbursed, at the end of your contract, subject to full attendance during the contract period in accordance with the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997.

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Working hours: Full Time or Part Time Experience level: You must be a CORU registered Optometrist Specsavers  in Donegal are looking for a qualified Optometrist to join the team. Our experienced team use the very latest clinical technology which allows them to improve patient outcomes. At Specsavers in Donegal, we have a clear-sighted vision to transform eye health in our community. As our next Optometrist you will have the opportunity to provide a first-class experience to every one of our patients. What's on offer? Our Optometrists are an integral part of our store management team, so we are keen to get you up to speed outside the test room too. With ILM courses, Pre-Reg supervision and the Specsavers Partnership scheme (Pathway) all available to explore. Along with your clinical expertise – this will stand you in good stead if you choose to become a store director yourself one day Platinum employer Our store is an accredited Platinum Employer – this means you can expect an exceptional employee experience every single day you work here. The Platinum Employer Scheme is part of the Specsavers drive to become a famous place to work. Stores with this accreditation have been verified on five key employer standards: Recruitment, Performance Management and Reward, Talent Management, Learning and Development and Employee Engagement. What we are looking for Alongside being a qualified and CORU registered Optometrist, we are searching for someone who shares our store’s ethos. Someone who wants to grow, develop, and offer exceptional customer care along the way. We want a practitioner who prides themselves on their clinical judgment, that is not afraid of a hands-on approach and who is keen to get involved and build rapport with the rest of the team. In summary, we are looking for a skilled resident Optometrist to join us, be part of the team and assist in driving our practice forward. CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

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SuperValuCarndonagh, Donegal

Main purpose of the role: Ensure the Meat Department operates efficiently and effectively at all times and provide our customers with excellent quality and products and services. The ideal candidate will have/be: • Craft butchery course is desirable • Numerical skills • Excellent communication skills • Previous customer service experience is an advantage • The ability to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment, ability to multi task under pressure • A passion for food and the ability to inspire shoppers • HACCP training is beneficial but not essential. Main duties: • Actively live SuperValu brand-values i.e. Genuine, Passion for Food, Vibrant, Committed, Innovative and Imaginative • Maintain retail cuts at a high standard in accordance with customer needs • Drive sales through ensuring SOPs and store standards are met on a daily basis • Merchandise and present department to the highest standard • Implement planograms correctly • Control stock rotation so that quality and freshness of goods is of the highest standard • Manage waste and shrink in the department • Ensure continuous improvement in the Meat Department by remaining up to date with new products and initiatives • Enhance product knowledge by gaining information from a range of sources and share ideas, suggestions and builds -Engage with new initiatives and embrace new ways of working.

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Retail Assistant

Holland & BarrettLetterkenny, County Donegal€13.25 per hour

Salary:  €13.25 per hour, 25% colleague discount, 30-days annual leave pro rata THE JOB Are you passionate about customer service? Keen to build a Career with the largest UK Health and Wellness Retailer? Then look no further… Our  Retail Assistants  are the central point of our customer contact and paramount in our business's success, you'll act as a health and wellness ambassador whilst maintaining high store standards and delivering world class customer service. You'll complete our industry-leading retail operational training to become  Qualified to Advise  across our vast range of products, you can also specialise in areas of interest to you such as sport, nutrition, and beauty. Our products often fly off the shelves but sometimes they need a helping hand, we offer monthly colleague incentives around key items to encourage promotion. THE PERSON As an  entry level  role, we don't require prior retail experience whilst advantageous we just ask that you have: We're passionate about helping every colleague thrive across all dimensions of wellbeing, and we're committed to having a diverse and inclusive workplace. In line with our EPIC values (Expertise, Pioneering, Inclusive, Caring), we embrace and actively celebrate all our colleagues unique and varying experiences, backgrounds, identities, and cultures - I am me, we are H&B. Wellness begins with you, start your journey today. THE COMPANY At Holland & Barrett (H&B) we want to empower everyone to live healthier, happier lives. With over 150 years of experience in the industry, we are an internationally trusted brand and the largest health & wellness retailer in Europe. Our ambition is to become the world's most trusted wellness partner, chosen by over 100 million people globally. CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

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Multi-Task (Housekeeping & Dining Room Assistant)

Nazareth House Nursing HomeFahan, County Donegal

We are looking for a Multi-Task (Housekeeper & Dining Room Assistant) for 25+ hours per week. Must be flexible and able to work on a rota basis. Deadline to submit your CV : 4th March 2024 All cv's should be emailed to accounts.fahan@nazarethcare.com

6 days agoPart-time
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