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CHW Rolling Campaign Staff Nurse Public Health Nursing

Community Healthcare WestGalway

Rolling Campaign Staff Nurse General, Public Health Nursing Dept Community Healthcare West Job Specification & Terms and Conditions Job Title and Grade Code Rolling Campaign Staff Nurse General, Public Health Nursing Department Community Healthcare West (Grade Code: 2135) Remuneration The salary scale for the post is: 33,943 35,876 36,863 38,168 39,813 41,456 43,091 44,506 45,924 47,335 48,748 50,135 51,628 LSI Salary Scales are updated periodically and the most up to date versions can be found here: https://healthservice.hse.ie/staff/benefits-services/pay/pay-scales.html Campaign Reference CHW009-SNPHN-2024 Closing Date Community Healthcare West have on going opportunities for Staff Nurse General Public Health Nursing Services. In order to meet this requirement, this advertisement will remain live for the foreseeable future so that candidates can submit applications throughout the year. Proposed Interview Date (s) Interviews will take place on an interim basis once a sufficient number of eligible applications have been received, however, the campaign will continue to remain open. Once we have a sufficient number of applicants we may introduce a final closing date. Interview dates will be communicated to eligible applicants when they are scheduled. Throughout the lifetime of this rolling campaign we will continually draw from the applicant pool, processing applications and holding interviews in order to fill current and future vacancies. Interview dates will be communicated to eligible applicants as soon as they are scheduled. Taking up Appointment A start date will be indicated at job offer stage. Location of Post There are currently two vacancies available within Community Healthcare West A panel may be formed as a result of this campaign for Staff Nurse General, Public Health Nursing Department, Community Healthcare West from which current and future, permanent and specified purpose vacancies of full or part-time duration may be filled. Informal Enquiries Helen Martin, Director of Public Health Nursing Galway Helen.martin@hse.ie 086 8282348 Anne Marie McDermott, Director of Public Health Nursing Mayo Annmarie.mcdermott@hse.ie 086 6657690 Jan Flanagan, Director of Public Health Nursing Roscommon jan.flanagan@hse.ie 087 1209967 Details of Service The Public Health Nursing Service provides a service across the life span to all client groups. Services are provided at the level of the individual, family and the broader community. In addition to delivering personalised care to individuals, account is taken of the collective health and well-being, the social determinants of health and the nursing care needs of the whole population. Activities therefore include clinical nursing, health promotion and public health and well-being initiatives. The Public Health Nursing Service works collaboratively with nursing colleagues in the acute, secondary, and end-of-life Palliative Care services and with General Practitioners and Practice Nurses within Primary Care Teams. The future developments in the Public Health Nursing Service will be shaped by the implementation of Sláintecare. The Public Health Nursing Service Operational Plan is aligned to Sláintecare and the Enhanced Community Care Programme to support the roll-out of integrated care programme for chronic disease and Integrated care programmes for older persons. Public Health Nursing Services will continue to work with colleagues across Primary Care, Social Care, Older Persons and with all other internal and external stakeholders to deliver optimum services for our patients within the resources available whilst at the same time ensuring that quality and patient safety remains a key priority. The successful candidate will work within the Integrated Services Directorate; working as part of multi-disciplinary teams delivering a coordinated approach to client care. Reporting Relationship The professional reporting relationship for clinical governance and clinical supervision will be to the Director of Public Health Nursing through the professional line management structure. Key Working Relationships Have a clinical working relationship with the PHN Work in partnership with the multi-disciplinary teams across primary and secondary care. The Staff Nurse General will work collaboratively with a range of internal and external stakeholders including: Purpose of the Post The Staff Nurse will assess, plan, implement and evaluate care to the highest professional and ethical standards within the model of nursing care practiced in the relevant Primary Care setting. The staff nurse will provide holistic, person centred care, promoting optimum independence and enhancing the quality of life for service users. Principal Duties and Responsibilities The Staff Nurse General will: Professional Responsibilities · Practice Nursing according to the Code of Professional Conduct as laid down by Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) and Professional Clinical Guidelines. · Adhere to national, regional and local Health Service Executive (HSE) guidelines, policies, protocols and legislation. · Work within their scope of practice and take measures to develop and maintain the competence necessary for professional practice. · Maintain a high standard of professional behaviour and be accountable for their practice. · Be aware of ethical policies and procedures which pertain to their area of practice. · Respect and maintain the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of the patient. · Follow appropriate lines of authority within the nurse management structure. Clinical Practice · Deliver the nursing care of an assigned group of patients within a best practice / evidence based framework. · Manage a designated caseload. · Promote the health, welfare and social wellbeing of patients within our services. · Actively participate as a multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary team member in all aspects of service delivery including case conferences, clinical meetings, team meetings. · Assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual person centred care programmes within an agreed framework and in accordance with best practice. · Develop and promote good interpersonal relationships with patients, their families / social network supports and the interdisciplinary care team, in the promotion of person centred care. · Ensure that care is carried out in an empathetic and ethical manner and that the dignity and spiritual needs of the patient are respected. · Promote and recognise the patients’ social and cultural dimensions of care and the need for links with their local community. · Collaborate and work closely with the patient, their family, the multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary team, external agencies and services to facilitate discharge planning, continuity of care and specific care requirements. · Provide appropriate and timely education and information to the patient, their family and be an advocate for the individual patient and for their family. · Report and consult with senior nursing management on clinical issues, as appropriate. · Maintain appropriate and accurate written and electronic nursing records and reports regarding patient care in accordance with local / national / professional guidelines. · Participate in innovation and change in the approach to patient care delivery particularly in relation to new research findings, evidence based practice and advances in treatment. · Participate in clinical audit and review. · Participate in community needs assessment and ongoing community delivery of care as appropriate. · Undertake Key Worker role as appropriate. · Promote a positive health concept with patients and colleagues and contribute to health promotion and disease prevention initiatives of the Health Service Executive. · Delegate to and supervise the work of other grades of staff within the remit of their role, as appropriate. · Demonstrate flexibility by rotating / assisting in other units / care settings as required in order to meet nursing resource needs and the requirements of the integrated services programme (ISP). · Refer clients to other services, as required. Clinical Governance · Participate in clinical governance structures within the local / regional / national clinical governance framework. · Contribute to ongoing monitoring, audit and evaluation of the service, as appropriate. · Accurately record and report all complaints to appropriate personnel according to local service policy. · Participate in the development of policies / procedures and guidelines to support compliance with current legal requirements, where existing, for the safe storage and administration of medicines and other clinical products. · Participate in the development of policies / procedures and guidelines with health, safety, fire, risk and management personnel and participate in their development in conjunction with relevant staff and in compliance with statutory obligations. · Observe, report and take appropriate action on any matter which may be detrimental to patient care or wellbeing. · Be aware of, and comply with, the principles of clinical governance including quality, risk and health and safety and be individually responsible for clinical governance, risk management / health and safety issues in their area of work. · Adequately identify, assess, manage and monitor risk within their area of responsibility. · Participate in the development, promotion and implementation of infection prevention and control guidelines. · Adhere to organisational dress code. · Assume responsibility for and coordinate the management of the unit / care setting in the absence of the Clinical Nurse Manager. Education, Training & Development · Take responsibility for own competency and learning and development needs and actively contribute to the learning and development of the interdisciplinary team. · Complete all mandatory training as deemed necessary by the Director of Nursing and Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland). · Engage in the HSE performance achievement process in conjunction with your Line Manager and staff as appropriate. Identifying areas for improvement and appropriate plans / measures to achieve them. · Provide feedback to the Clinical Nurse Manager or the designated officer with regard to compilation of proficiency assessments for students in the clinical setting. · Develop and use reflective practice techniques to inform and guide practice as part of their daily work. · Identify and contribute to the continual enhancement of learning opportunities within a population health framework. · Participate in the clinical / workplace induction of all new nursing and support staff. · Contribute to the identification of training needs pertinent to the clinical area. · Develop teaching skills and participate in the planning and implementation of orientation, training and teaching programmes for nursing students and other health-care staff, as appropriate. · Having undergone appropriate training, act as a mentor / preceptor or clinical assessor for students. · Participate in the development of performance indicators in conjunction with the Clinical Nurse Manager. · Participate in innovation and change in the approach to service user care delivery, and contribute to the service planning process based on best practice and under the direction of Nurse Management / Nurse Practice Development, particularly in relation to new research findings and advances in treatment. Health & Safety · Have a working knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc.and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role. · Support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service. Administration · Ensure that records are safeguarded and managed as per HSE / local policy and in accordance with relevant legislation. · Work closely with colleagues across the integrated services programme in order to provide a seamless service delivery to the client within the integrated services programme. · Maintain records and submit activity data / furnish appropriate reports to the Director of Nursing, as required. · Contribute to policy development and formulation, performance monitoring, business planning and budgetary control. · Maintain professional standards including patient and data confidentiality. · Contribute to the development and implementation of information sharing protocols, audit systems, referral pathways, individual care plans and shared care arrangements. · Contribute to ongoing monitoring, audit and evaluation of the service, as appropriate · Ensure that the care setting is maintained in good order using appropriate models, that supplies are adequate and that all equipment is in good working order and ready for immediate use. · Ensure that equipment is safe to use and report any malfunctions in a timely manner. · Assist with ordering of supplies as required and ensure the appropriate and efficient use of supplies is made and exercise economy in the use of consumables. The above Job Specification is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to them from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office. Eligibility Criteria Qualifications and/ or experience 1. Statutory Registration, Professional Qualifications, Experience, etc (a) Eligible applicants will be those who on the closing date for the competition: Be registered, or be eligible for registration, in the General Divisionof the Register of Nurses maintained by An Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais na hÉireann (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland). And Candidates must possess the requisite knowledge and ability, (including a high standard of clinical and administrative capacity), for the proper discharge of the duties of the office. 2. Annual Registration On appointment, practitioners must maintain live annual registration on the General Nurse Division of the Register of Nurses and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) (Bord Altranais agus Cnáimhseachais nahÉireann). And Practitioners must confirm annual registration with the NMBI to the HSE by way of the annual Patient Safety Assurance Certification (PSAC). 3. Health Candidates for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. 4. Character Candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character Post Specific Requirements Demonstrate depth and breadth of professional knowledge and experience across the Staff Nurse General scope of nursing practice in a range of clinical settings as relevant to the role Other requirements specific to the post Qualification in midwifery would be desirable. Access to appropriate transport to fulfil the requirements of the role. Other requirements may be indicated at expression of interest stage if applicable. Skills, competencies and/or knowledge Candidates must: Professional Knowledge · Demonstrate practitioner competence and professionalism in order to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role. · Demonstrate sufficient clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning skills and evidence based practice to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role . · Display evidence-based clinical knowledge in making decisions regarding client care. · Practices nursing care safely and effectively, fulfilling their professional responsibility within their scope of practice. · Practices in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice. · Displays evidence-based clinical knowledge in making decisions regarding client care. · Demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development. · Demonstrate a willingness to engage and develop IT skills relevant to the role. · Demonstrate an awareness of developments within the HSE. · Demonstrates an awareness of legislation and standards relevant to the role. Planning & Organising Skills · Demonstrate evidence of effective planning and organising skills. · Demonstrates the ability to manage deadlines and effectively handle multiple tasks. · Demonstrates an awareness of resource management and the importance of value for money. · Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in their approach to work, is open to change and new ways of working. Building & Maintaining Relationships · Demonstrates the ability to work on own initiative as well as part of a team. · Demonstrates the ability to build and maintain relationships including the ability to work effectively as part of a multi-disciplinary team. · Demonstrates an awareness and appreciation of the patient / client and their families · Uses diplomacy and tact in fraught situations and can diffuse tense situations comfortably. · Ensures that care is carried out in an empathetic and ethical manner. Commitment to Providing Quality Service · Demonstrate evidence of ability to empathise with and treat patients, relatives and colleagues with dignity and respect. · Demonstrate a commitment to providing a quality service. · Demonstrates evidence of the ability to care for clients in a non-judgemental manner. · Takes action and informs relevant people when problems arise. · Pays attention to detail, ensures that all records and data are up to date and available when required. Communication and Interpersonal Skills · Demonstrates excellent communication skills, including sufficient command of the English language so as to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of the role. · Communicates in a clear, effective and sensitive manner, listening and ensuring that messages are clearly understood / tailors the method as appropriate. · Anticipates and recognises the emotional reactions of others when delivering sensitive messages. · Demonstrates the ability to influence others effectively. · Is assertive as appropriate. Campaign Specific Selection Process Ranking/Shortlisting / Interview A ranking and or shortlisting exercise may be carried out on the basis of information supplied in your application form. The criteria for ranking and or shortlisting are based on the requirements of the post as outlined in the eligibility criteria and skills, competencies and/or knowledge section of this job specification. Therefore it is very important that you think about your experience in light of those requirements. Failure to include information regarding these requirements may result in you not being called forward to the next stage of the selection process. Those successful at the ranking stage of this process (where applied) will be placed on an order of merit and will be called to interview in ‘bands’ depending on the service needs of the organisation. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion The HSE is an equal opportunities employer. Employees of the HSE bring a range of skills, talents, diverse thinking and experience to the organisation. The HSE believes passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to its success – we aim to develop the workforce of the HSE so that it reflects the diversity of HSE service users and to strengthen it through accommodating and valuing different perspectives. Ultimately this will result in improved service user and employee experience. The HSE is committed to creating a positive working environment whereby all employees inclusive of age, civil status, disability, ethnicity and race, family status, gender, membership of the Traveller community, religion and sexual orientation are respected, valued and can reach their full potential. The HSE aims to achieve this through development of an organisational culture where injustice, bias and discrimination are not tolerated. The HSE welcomes people with diverse backgrounds and offers a range of supports and resources to staff, such as those who require a reasonable accommodation at work because of a disability or long term health condition. For further information on the HSE commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, please visit the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion web page at https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/resources/diversity/ Code of Practice The Health Service Executive will run this campaign in compliance with the Code of Practice prepared by the Commission for Public Service Appointments (CPSA). The CPSA is responsible for establishing the principles that should be followed when making an appointment. These are set out in the CPSA Code of Practice. The Code outlines the standards that should be adhered to at each stage of the selection process and sets out the review and appeal mechanisms open to candidates should they be unhappy with a selection process. The CPSA Code of Practice can be accessed via https://www.cpsa.ie/ . The reform programme outlined for the Health Services may impact on this role and as structures change the Job Specification may be reviewed. This Job Specification is a guide to the general range of duties assigned to the post holder. It is intended to be neither definitive nor restrictive and is subject to periodic review with the employee concerned. Staff Nurse General Terms and Conditions of Employment Tenure The current vacancies available are permanent/temporary and whole time/part-time. The post is pensionable. A panel may be created from which permanent and specified purpose vacancies of full or part time duration may be filled. The tenure of these posts will be indicated at “expression of interest” stage. Appointment as an employee of the Health Service Executive is governed by the Health Act 2004 and the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 and Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Amendment Act 2013. Remuneration The Salary scale for the post is as at 01/10/2023 33,943 35,876 36,863 38,168 39,813 41,456 43,091 44,506 45,924 47,335 48,748 50,135 51,628 LSI New appointees to any grade start at the minimum point of the scale. Incremental credit will be applied for recognised relevant service in Ireland and abroad (Department of Health Circular 2/2011). Incremental credit is normally granted on appointment, in respect of previous experience in the Civil Service, Local Authorities, Health Service and other Public Service Bodies and Statutory Agencies. Working Week The standard working week applying to the post is to be confirmed at Job Offer stage. Annual Leave The annual leave associated with the post will be confirmed at Contracting stage. Superannuation This is a pensionable position with the HSE. The successful candidate will upon appointment become a member of the appropriate pension scheme. Pension scheme membership will be notified within the contract of employment. Members of pre-existing pension schemes who transferred to the HSE on the 01st January 2005 pursuant to Section 60 of the Health Act 2004 are entitled to superannuation benefit terms under the HSE Scheme which are no less favourable to those which they were entitled to at 31st December 2004 Age The Public Service Superannuation (Age of Retirement) Act, 2018* set 70 years as the compulsory retirement age for public servants. * Public Servants not affected by this legislation: Public servants joining the public service or re-joining the public service with a 26 week break in service, between 1 April 2004 and 31 December 2012 (new entrants) have no compulsory retirement age. Public servants, joining the public service or re-joining the public service after a 26 week break, after 1 January 2013 are members of the Single Pension Scheme and have a compulsory retirement age of 70. Probation Every appointment of a person who is not already a permanent officer of the Health Service Executive or of a Local Authority shall be subject to a probationary period of 12 months as stipulated in the Department of Health Circular No.10/71. Protection of Children Guidance and Legislation The welfare and protection of children is the responsibility of all HSE staff. You must be aware of and understand your specific responsibilities under the Children First Act 2015, the Protections for Persons Reporting Child Abuse Act 1998 in accordance with Section 2, Children First National Guidance and other relevant child safeguarding legislation and policies. Some staff have additional responsibilities such as Line Managers, Designated Officers and Mandated Persons. You should check if you are a Designated Officer and / or a Mandated Person and be familiar with the related roles and legal responsibilities. For further information, guidance and resources please visit: HSE Children First webpage . Infection Control Have a working knowledge of Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc. and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role. Health & Safety It is the responsibility of line managers to ensure that the management of safety, health and welfare is successfully integrated into all activities undertaken within their area of responsibility, so far as is reasonably practicable. Line managers are named and roles and responsibilities detailed in the relevant Site Specific Safety Statement (SSSS). Key responsibilities include: · Developing a SSSS for the department/service[1], as applicable, based on the identification of hazards and the assessment of risks, and reviewing/updating same on a regular basis (at least annually) and in the event of any significant change in the work activity or place of work. · Ensuring that Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is integrated into day-to-day business, providing Systems Of Work (SOW) that are planned, organised, performed, maintained, and revised as appropriate, and ensuring that all safety related records are maintained and available for inspection. · Consulting and communicating with staff and safety representatives on OSH matters. · Ensuring a training needs assessment (TNA) is undertaken for employees, facilitating their attendance at statutory OSH training, and ensuring records are maintained for each employee. · Ensuring that all incidents occurring within the relevant department/service are appropriately managed and investigated in accordance with HSE procedures[2]. · Seeking advice from health and safety professionals through the National Health and Safety Function Helpdesk as appropriate. · Reviewing the health and safety performance of the ward/department/service and staff through, respectively, local audit and performance achievement meetings for example. Note : Detailed roles and responsibilities of Line Managers are outlined in local SSSS. [1] A template SSSS and guidelines are available on the National Health and Safety Function, here: https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/safetywellbeing/about%20us/ 2 See link on health and safety web-pages to latest Incident Management Policy

4 days agoPart-timePermanent

Record Centre Team Lead

OASIS GroupGalway

The Role We are currently recruiting for the open position of Records Centre Team Leader based at Galway. This position has responsibility for ensuring operational excellence in line with the SOP’s whilst maximizing the productivity of the operations team in delivering and exceeding client expectations. Key Responsibilities The Company is required to conduct a background screening check as set out by the British Standards Institution BS7858 prior to commencement of employment. OASIS is an equal opportunities employer. The Company confirm that our legitimate interests comply with GDPR and data protection. Agencies : When we require external assistance with our vacancies, we will reach out to our PSL supply chain. Please be aware that we operate a very strict PSL policy with close relationships with our suppliers and cannot respond to agencies outside of the PSL. Please do not contact individual hiring managers.

4 days ago

Customer Service Supervisor

EZ Living FurnitureGalway

EZ Living Furniture is looking for a Customer Service Supervisor with a proven track record of managing a busy Customer Service environment. Ideal candidates must be problem solvers and those willing to go beyond the call of duty to assist our existing and new customers. You must be resourceful in assisting them through all available support channels - Web, Email and Phone. This very challenging and rewarding position involves dealing with the smooth running and further development of our expanding Customer Service Department. Responsibilities WHY JOIN US: Look us up on Glassdoor- rated 4.6/5 read our reviews. Up to 23 days holidays per year Taxsaver public transport scheme Fun, fast paced & high energy work environment Culture of developing and promoting from within the company Our Generous staff discounts Our pension scheme Our Bonus Scheme Our Educational Support Scheme Our Discounted corporate rate health care Our free Employee Assistance Programme Our wellbeing initiatives like our Bike to work scheme Career Development Opportunities Continuous professional development with dedicated training resources CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

4 days agoFull-timePermanent

Assistant Manager


Highly competitive salary, monthly bonus of 10% if sales targets achieved (with the potential of 20% if stretch targets achieved), generous employee discount, annual jewellery uniform allowance and other excellent benefits! We are currently seeking an organised, pro-active and results driven assistant store manager to join the team in our store. If you thrive on taking the lead on retail operations, inspiring a high performing team to beat their targets and provide a world-class service, then we'd love to have you join us! In the UK and Ireland, we are very proud to have recently been recognised in the Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Work 2023’, one of only 11 in the ‘very large’ employers category. The role The assistant store manager is our brand ambassador and responsible for the day-to-day operational running of the store. You will report to the store manager and be their biggest support - ensuring the commercial success of the store - and be responsible for running the operational aspects of a high-performing store.  About Pandora The largest jewellery company in the world, we give a voice to millions of people’s loves every day. We sell three pieces of our hand-crafted jewellery every second and have the largest network in the industry, with almost 7,000 points of sale around the globe and a strong online business. We pursue sustainability In everything we do and have set ambitious and measurable targets across every touchpoint of our business, from sourcing through to the materials we use and the marketing of our products. Our people Our global workforce is made up of over 32,000 passionate people who, in 2022, helped Pandora record the highest earnings to date, led by a refreshed long-term growth strategy. The pace of our progress has created an energising, ambitious culture where we are empowered to be ourselves and equipped to deliver our very best. As we continue to grow, we also continue to invest in our talent. We’re looking for people who share our values and can help us bring our ambitions to life. What to expect from the role CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

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FMIGalway€12.90 per hour

Job Types: Part Time - Monday to Friday Upto 20 hours -  Pay - €12.90 No evenings or no weekends Location -  Covering Galway Mileage included Excellent opportunity to join our Merchandising team and work for a well-known FMCG and retail brand. This is a great opportunity for an outgoing individual looking to be a part of an exciting team in a client-facing role. The ideal candidate should be of a friendly nature, confident with excellent verbal communication skills. Role & Responsibilities: CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON TO GO TO THEIR CAREERS PAGE WHERE YOU CAN CHECK THIS JOB AND ALL OTHER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.

5 days agoPart-time

Sales Assistant


Main purpose of the role: Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Interact with each customer with great pride, passion and care and inspire shoppers through knowledge and expertise. The ideal candidate will have/be: • Excellent communication skills • Ability to engage with and prioritise customer needs • Strong attention to detail, organised and flexible • Ability to use own initiative and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment • Customer driven • Previous customer service experience is an advantage. Main duties: • Actively live Centra brand-values i.e. Proud, Energetic, Imaginative and Community-Based • Show a positive attitude and take responsibility for ensuring customers receive an excellent shopping experience • Deal with all customer queries efficiently, professionally and consistent with store policy • Merchandise shelves, ensuring that all areas of the store are presented to the highest standard • Engage with new initiatives and embrace new ways of working.

5 days agoFull-time

Registrar In General Surgery July Rotation

Portiuncula University HospitalBallinasloe, Galway

About Portiuncula: Saolta University Healthcare Group provides a comprehensive range of Medical, Surgical, Paediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Services to emergency and elective patients on an inpatient, outpatient and day care basis across the West and North West of Ireland. Portiuncula University Hospital comprises of 194 beds which includes plans for a new 50 bed ward block which is currently under construction. 12 of these beds are currently a 5-day ward. Portiuncula University Hospital also has 24 Day care beds of which 6 are for oncology. Portiuncula University Hospital provides 24/7 acute surgery, acute medicine, critical care, paediatrics,obstetrics and gynaecology along with a 24/7 Emergency Department which had 27,000 attendances in 2019. The hospital serves the catchment areas of East Galway, Westmeath, North Tipperary, Roscommon and Offaly and has a natural referral pathway to the Midlands. Surgical Department: Portiuncula is a level 3 hospital which provides acute and elective surgical services on site and also provides day surgical models of care. PUH has 30 surgical beds, in addition the hospital has 18 bedded day care and access to 12 5-day beds. In recent years the hospital has developed gastrointestinal surgery with the appointment of Consultant Surgeons with special interest in upper GI and colorectal. The Hospital has significantly developed day-case surgery and is developing 23 hour models of surgical care. The Hospital is implementing the National Elective Surgical Programme in conjunction with the Saolta Perioperative Group. In addition Urology and Maxillo Facial services are provided with the assistance of visiting Consultants from University Hospital Galway who attend the hospital one day a week. The hospital hosts three modern Theatres, Endoscopy and a Minor Op-theatre along side a 4 bedded ICU and 4 bedded CCU which opened in 2001. A wide range of other diagnostic facilities onsite further enhances the Surgical Department. These include Radiology; MRI, 64 Slice CT, Ultrasound and extensive Laboratory services The Surgical Department works closely with other Consultant colleagues and other allied professionals in the areas of medicine, gastroenterology, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology. Education & Training: Portiuncula University Hospital is a recognised site for training of undergraduate medical students from Univeristy of Galway and graduate entry medical students from Univeristy of Limerick. We are an accredited site for intern training for the West North West Intern Training program. We offer Basic Specialist Training in General Medicine to Senior House Officers on the RCPI training program and also an approved site with the ICGP West training scheme for GP training. We have international trainees on the CPSP program through RCPI and we also have Basic and Higher Specialist trainees in Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology. There is formal structured weekly teaching for all medical staff in general internal medicine topics, MRCP teaching and exam preparation, advanced clinical skills training and inter professional simulation based education in the care of the deteriorating patient on a monthly basis.

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Credit Controller

Chadwicks GroupBallinasloe, County Galway

Part of Grafton Group Plc, Chadwicks Group is the market leader in the builder’s merchanting industry in the Republic of Ireland. The core business is through the traditional Builders Merchants division. Main brands include Chadwicks, Cork Builders Providers, Davies & Telfords. In addition, and through organic growth and acquisitions the Group have established a range of brands which are close to the core but offer a uniquely different range of products. These include Heitons Steel, Panelling Centre, Morgans Timber, Proline, Sitetech & Rooney’s Hardware. Principle Objective  As Credit Controller you will support the Branch Manager by providing efficient and accurate administrative support within the parameters of the Group Credit Policy. Knowledge & Experience

8 days agoFull-timePermanent

Goods Inwards Attendant

SuperValuTuam, Galway

Main purpose of the role: Ensure that the goods received to the store are effectively managed at the point of receipt. Maintain the stock room, manage returns and ensure HACCP and Health & Safety standards are adhered to. The ideal candidate will have/be: • HACCP knowledge is desirable • Excellent communication skills • Ability to prioritise duties • Strong attention to detail, organised and flexible • Ability to use own initiative and work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment • Previous stock management experience is desirable. Main duties: • Actively live SuperValu brand-values i.e. Genuine, Passion for Food, Vibrant, Committed, Innovative and Imaginative • Check and record goods inwards against delivery docket received • Keep back stores area secure by controlling the movement of suppliers in goods receiving area • Submit all invoice/delivery documentation to the relevant person on a daily basis • Adhere to stocktaking procedures • Maintain correct storage and documentation of returns • Manage the breakdown, storage and return of combis • Deal with all transactions with customers and suppliers in a professional manner • Adhere to waste disposal procedures at all times • Follow store security procedures.

8 days agoFull-time

Assistant Store Manager


CAN YOU FOLLOW IN THE COLONEL’S FOOTSTEPS? Here’s a bit more on what you can expect from the job and some of the important experiences that can help you show you’ve got what it takes to make the Colonel proud… As an Assistant Restaurant General Manager (ARGM) you will be “wingman” or woman to the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) . You’re an authentic brand ambassador who also happens to love our chicken and chips. Our ARGM’s have a wealth of experience coming from a variety of backgrounds, from supermarkets and pubs, to high street retailers and even banks. You’ll be empowered to partner with your RGM to run your restaurant like you own it. We want to give the kind of guest service that makes guests come back for more so we’re looking for leaders who will coach their teams well and can create a culture that puts guests at the centre. WHO WE ARE Take one man with a big idea (and some serious style), add 11 herbs and spices, 1,009 rejections, buckets of grit, ambition and southern hospitality and you’ve got KFC. It’s simple, we’re a people business that sells chicken and chips (and some other pretty epic stuff too). OUR RESTAURANT CULTURE We do things the right way. It isn’t always easy, but it’s always better. We lead with our hearts, work hard and play hard and we welcome everyone into our big KFC family. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your shoe size is – everyone has a place at the Colonel’s table. All we ask is that you roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and treat our team like family and our guests as friends. It’s what the Colonel would do. That got you cluckin’ excited? Apply now - there might just be a seat for you at the Colonel’s table…

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