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Sales Advisors

Marks & SpencerNationwideContract

The thought always counts at M&S. All year round, day in, day out, we think about how to put customers first and make their shopping experience special. If you’re a friendly, approachable person that likes helping customers – we think it’s a challenge you’ll enjoy this festive season. Join our team and you will receive a competitive salary plus 20% staff discount. Application instructions: Step 1: Click the APPLY NOW button below. Step 2: Enter in your name, email address and upload your CV. **Step 3: Click ADD COVER LETTER. In this box you must enter the store location you are interested in applying for.

22 days ago

Bar Person - Innsbruck, Austria

The Galway Bay Irish PubNationwideFull-time

The Galway Bay Irish Pub Innsbruck, Austria A long established and successfully Irish owned Irish pub in the heart of the Austrian alps requires a full time barperson. Full training on how an Irish pub abroad operates will be given and the ability to learn quickly will be important. This is an ideal opportunity for a gap year student, a winter season on the snow or for someone who sees hospitality as a career going forward. Shifts are from early evening to close and on occasion daytime duties to include taking in deliveries/yard etc. The days are free to enjoy the nearby mountains, skiing/snow boarding/hiking/biking etc. Start: Immediate or ASAP Requirements/Duties: • Minimum 1yrs good bar and or waiting experience essential. • Customer focused, friendly, responsible, disciplined, common sense attitude, team player and the ability to work well and efficient under pressure. • You will be required to open and close the pub on occasion and assist our young and efficient manager in the day to day running of the business. • All completed courses in hospitality and catering should be documented on your CV and will be taken into account but not essential. • English is the spoken language in the pub but the ability to pick up basic German would be important. • Kitchen knowledge and have the ability to prepare basic dishes from our snack menu. You will be notified within 48hrs on receipt of your CV by what’s app should it be of interest to us. Terms and conditions: • Payment discussed and negotiated at interview. • 25 days fully paid holidays. • Full medical insurance. • Accommodation available in a city centre location.

18 days ago

Defence Forces Reservist

Defence ForcesNationwidePart-time

Job Title: Defence Forces Reservist The Reserve Defence Force are a voluntary part time component to the Defence Forces who participate in Defence Forces training in their spare time. The Defence Forces require men and women from all backgrounds that possess a strong sense of duty, who want to learn new skills, broaden their life experiences and enjoy working as part of a team. Application details/procedure: Full details on Closing date: 31/10/2019 Please note that this advertisement is being hosted by the Public Appointments Service on The Public Appointments Service has no involvement in,or responsibility for, the recruitment and selection process or the terms and conditions which relate to this post.

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Retained Firefighter

Sligo County CouncilSligo

QUALIFICATIONS 1. Character: Each candidate shall be of good character. 2. Health: Each candidate shall be in a state of health as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. 3. Driving Licence: Applicants must, on the latest date for receipt of application forms, hold a current Full Class B driving licence and have satisfactory experience of driving. 4. Age: Each candidate must be at least 18 years of age and not more that 55 years on the closing date for receipt of application forms. Any candidate who reaches the age of 55 years prior to appointment will cease to be eligible for appointment on the result of this competition. 5. Education and Training: Each applicant must (i) Satisfy the Local Authority that he/she has attained a standard in general education such as would enable him to perform satisfactorily the duties specified and, in particular, to keep efficiently all records pertaining to the post. (ii) Have a high standard of physical fitness to enable him/her to undergo successfully the appropriate training, and to perform satisfactorily as a Firefighter. PARTICULARS AND DUTIES OF EMPLOYMENT The following particulars and duties of employment shall apply to the position of Retained Firefighter– Tubbercurry Brigade in addition to the Terms of Engagement for Retained Fire Service Personnel as issued by Sligo County Council. 1. Conditions of Employment The position is permanent and part-time. The person appointed shall reside and work within a 1.5 mile radius (and within 5 minutes) of the Fire Station to enable them to function effectively as a Retained Firefighter. On receipt of a fire or other emergency call, the Retained Firefighter must be in attendance at the Fire Station within 5 minutes of receipt of call. 2. Rate of Remuneration: A Retained Firefighter shall be paid at the appropriate approved national rates of fire and Drill fees and Retainer fees. The current rates of remuneration are: (a) The Annual Retainer for Firefighter is as follows: a. 0 – 2 years €8,033 b. 3 – 5 years €8,927 c. 5 – 10 years €10,010 d. 10 years + €11,001 (b) Fees for Attendance at Fires Day Fire – First Hour or Part of an Hour €42.38 Day Fire – Per Hour Thereafter €21.19 (Day fires 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.) Night Fire – First Hour or Part of an Hour €84.76 Night Fire – Per Hour Thereafter €42.38 (Night fires 10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) Weekend and public holiday fires are paid for at the same rate as night fires. (c) Fees for Attendance at Drills €21.19 The above fees shall be reduced by the amount of such statutory deductions as may apply from time to time. Holders of the position will be required to pay to the local authority any fees or other monies (other than their inclusive salary) payable to or received by them by virtue of their position or in respect of any services which they are required by or under any enactment to perform. 3. Superannuation (If applicable): Persons who are pensionable under the Single Public Sector Pension Scheme, contributions in respect of Superannuation shall be deducted at a rate of 3% of pensionable remuneration plus 3½% of net pensionable remuneration (i.e. pensionable remuneration less twice the annual rate of social insurance old age contributory pension payable at the maximum rate to a person with no adult dependent or qualified children). 4. Retirement Age: The normal retirement age is 55. On reaching 55 years of age or sooner, if found to be medically unfit, you shall cease to be a Retained Firefighter. The maximum age limit of 55 years may be lowered by the County Council should the normal age for retirement in employment generally be lowered and in such case, the age lower than 55 years shall apply. Retained Firefighters who would be physically capable of working beyond age 55 have the option to continue working for a defined limited period subject to compulsory medical assessment, on an annual basis. The extended optional period would be to age 58. No Retained Firefighter shall be employed beyond age 58. 5. Medical: For the purpose of satisfying the requirements as to health, it will be necessary for the successful candidate, before he/she is appointed, to undergo at his/her expense a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to be nominated by the local authority. On taking up appointment the expense of the medical examination will be refunded to the candidate. In addition, all Retained Fire Services Personnel must: (a) participate in the Occupational Health Scheme for members of the Retained Service; (b) at any time, if requested by the County Council, undergo such medical examination(s) by medical examiner(s) as nominated by the County Council. Such examinations will be carried out at the Council’s expense. Any defects discovered pertaining to a medical examination will not be remedied at the County Council's expense. Retention as a member of the Retained Fire Services will depend upon receipt of satisfactory reports by medical examiner(s) and to the condition as above as to health. All Retained Fire Services Personnel must maintain a good level of physical fitness through regular strenuous exercise. Because of the nature of fire service work, there may be a requirement for personnel to undergo a Return to Work Medical by a medical examiner(s) as nominated by the County Council depending on the nature of the sick leave. 6. Probation: There shall be a period of one year, from the date of commencement as a Retained Firefighter, during which you shall be on probation. Such period of one year may be extended at the absolute discretion of the Chief Executive. You shall cease to be a Retained Firefighter at the end of the period of probation unless your service has been certified as satisfactory in all respects. During this period, the Firefighter will be required to participate in and successfully complete a two week Breathing Apparatus Wearer’s Course. If he/she fails to do so, they shall cease to be a Firefighter. In accordance with Sligo County Council’s Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure, employment may be terminated by either party during the probationary period or at the end of the probationary period, whether or not it has been extended. In any event, the appropriate period of notice set down in the Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act 1973-2001 will apply. In the event of such termination, Sligo County Council may, at the discretion of the Chief Executive, pay you in lieu of notice. 7. Training: A Firefighter shall attend and participate in drills and shall undergo from time to time courses and further training as required or deemed appropriate by the Council. The location(s) of the training shall be decided by the Council. All retained Fire Service personnel will be provided with a minimum of 100 hours training per annum, comprising 80 hours of regular drills and 20 hours of block release courses. Adequate advance notice shall be given to Firefighters. The level of training to be successfully undertaken by a Firefighter shall be such as to enable him/her to carry out competently and effectively the various operations required in the Fire Service, including the operation of communications systems, driving appliances and vehicles, and the operation of pumps, lifts, escapes, rescue and emergency equipment, hydrant testing etc. and such other matters and requirements as may arise from time to time. A Firefighter shall be expected to acquire a level of training and knowledge as to enable him/her to interchange with and act as substitute for personnel within his/her unit at operational level in the Fire Service of the County Council as directed by the Chief Fire Officer or other designated person appointed by the Council. All Firefighters must be a qualified Breathing Apparatus Wearer. Firefighters will be required to successfully complete a Breathing Apparatus Refresher Course, including any associated assessments, every two years. 8. Selection: Pursuant to article 8 of the Local Government (Appointment of Officers) Regulations, 1974, the Minister has given directions as follows: (a) Selection Shall be by means of a competition based on an interview conducted by or on behalf of Sligo County Council. The Council will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by candidates in attending for interview. A panel may be formed of those who are most successful in the competition. The top performing candidates at final selection interview whose names are placed on the panel and who satisfy the local authority that they possess the qualifications declared for the position and that they are otherwise suitable for employment, may within the life of the panel be employed as appropriate vacancies arise. The life of the panel shall be one year from the date it is formed, unless extended by the Chief Executive. (b) Short-listing Candidates may be short-listed for final competitive interview on the basis of a) the information provided on the application form or b) a preliminary interview or c) appropriate test e.g. literacy & numeracy test, physical & mechanical test, etc. or d) any mix of the above. One or more of the following criteria may apply when short-listing applications either through the application form or preliminary interview:  Education  Relevant Work Experience – Range & Depth  Communication & Interpersonal Skills  Initiative and Flexibility  Attention to detail (c) Recruit Training Those candidates who are qualified by the Interview Board will be required to satisfactorily complete a recruit training course of three weeks duration. The success or otherwise of his/her participation shall be determined by assessment during the training and by both written and practical examinations at the end of the course. The candidate will only be eligible for recruitment as an Operational Retained Firefighter on successful completion of the period of initial training and examinations. Possession of a Class C Driving Licence would be an advantage. 9. Recruitment On satisfactory completion by the candidate of the recruit training and examination, he/she shall, should a vacancy occur within a period of two years of his/her completion of the course, be notified of the date on which he/she shall commence as an Operational Retained Firefighter. The probationary period shall run from such date of commencement. 10. Period of Acceptance of Offer: The local Authority shall require a person to whom the position is offered to take up such position within a period of not more than one month and if the person fails to take up the position within such period or any longer period such as the local authority in its absolute discretion may determine, the local authority shall not appoint him/her. 11. Duties: Notwithstanding the specific duties set out below, a Firefighter shall carry out such duties assigned by the Station Officer, or by such other person as may be determined by the Chief Fire Officer from time to time. All instructions shall be acted upon promptly and with due regard for safety of both members of the public and other fire service personnel. A Firefighter, as and when required, shall perform such duties as are assigned to him/her from time to time and without prejudice to the generality of this requirement, including duties assigned while on standby in the fire station. A Firefighter, as and when required by the Council, shall perform driving duties and the operation of pumps, lifts, hoists and means of escape, rescue equipment, hydrant testing, radio telecommunication equipment and other such equipment as appropriate. The County Council, in its absolute discretion, may decide that any Firefighter shall not respond to, or attend at calls of a certain description or category occurring at any time, or occurring within specified hours during a period when any such Firefighter is rostered on duty. Where the County Council so decide, and have notified a Firefighter in advance, then the Firefighter so notified shall not respond to or attend the said calls, and he/she shall not be paid fees or remuneration in respect thereof.

28 days ago

Resident Engineer

Sligo City CouncilSligoTemporary

Resident Engineer Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons for inclusion on a panel, from which offers of employment may be made, for the following post: Resident Engineer – Road Construction Projects (Temporary Contract Post) Application forms, details of qualifications and full particulars of the above positions are available from the Human Resources Section, Sligo County Council, by telephoning 071 9111025 or via e-mail at Forms may also be downloaded below.  Resident Engineer - Application Form (DOC) - 69 kbs Resident Engineer - Qualification & Particulars (PDF) - 250 kbs Completed application forms must be returned to the Human Resources Section, Sligo County Council, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo, (email:, not later than 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 9 October 2019 . SLIGO COUNTY COUNCIL IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYER.

28 days ago

Occupational Health Nurse


I chose AbbVie. I chose ambition & innovation, I chose to explore a thriving career with AbbVie, Now I make waves and ride them. Choose AbbVie! AbbVie has recently been recently been recognised for it’s Wellbeing practices by IBEC with the award of the Keep Well Mark. This is a reflection of the excellent work of our Occupational Health team in combination with our Occupational Heath Physician, EHS and HR teams as well as our employee volunteering Vitality teams. Health and Wellbeing are a key priority of AbbVie in providing employees with a Great Place to Work. We are currently recruiting for an Occupational Health Nurse on a full time fixed term contract at Abbvie Sligo. This role will play a pivotal role in maintaining the very high level of Occupational Health service, along with our current part-time Occupational Health Nurse, to our 400 Sligo based employees across our Manorhamilton Road and Ballytivnan sites. The successful candidate will have access to the very best equipment and resources in the provision of a highly specialized Occupational Health role supporting employees who are often working in highly contained clean room environments. You will also be involved in helping our employees across Ireland to live healthier lives through our Vitality programme. Key Responsibilities:

27 days ago

Job Opportunities At Eirgrid

EirGrid GroupNationwide

We are transforming the power system for future generations. Be part of the change. At EirGrid, we manage, plan and develop the electricity grid, bringing power to everyone throughout the island of Ireland. Now, in support of government policy, we have made a commitment to significantly increase the amount of electricity we get from renewable sources. Work with us to reduce Ireland's reliance on fossil fuels and make decarbonisation a reality - while providing a safe and reliable electricity supply in a way that secures the future for those who follow us. The world is ready for change. If you are too, find out more bout new opportunities at

25 days ago

Operations Assistant

Alainn ToursSligoFull-time

Role: Operations Assistant / Reservations and Commercial Team Assistant Brand: Alainn Tours Location: Phillips Medisize Building, Finisklin Rd, Rathedmond, Sligo Hours: Approx 37.5 hrs p/w from Jan - Aug - we would ask for the successful candidate to be flexible however as we are more than willing to be flexible in return About the role! Role is to mainly support the reservations department. This includes placing effective bookings of accommodation and client’s general holiday requirements following specific procedures shared by the entire team. It also involves preparing paper trail for the accounting department, working on texts, banners, technical documents and road books and supporting some bespoke commercial requests by looking after accommodation and specific services searches and bookings for the Senior Travel consultants and occasionally supporting them with the preparation of the sales order documents. Main Duties & Requirements Should business needs require, your duties may change from time to time, but you will be given reasonable notice of any such changes. Furthermore we expect all staffs to bring their wider potential, creativity, personality and ideas to the job. You are so much more to Alainn Tours than a list of duties . Thank You. Main Duties & Requirements

25 days ago

Assistant Store Manager


Contract Type:  Permanent Working Pattern:  Full-time Salary:  Competitive + Benefits Closing Date:  25/10/2019 About this amazing Assistant Manager opportunity Our Assistant Manager roles are unique, we’re offering you the opportunity to support your Store Manager to run a store for one of the most well-known retail brands in the ROI.  You’ll help your Store Manager to: Like what you hear and feel you can add value here at Dealz as one our amazing Assistant Managers then what are you waiting for – APPLY TODAY as we can’t wait to hear from you! The Important Stuff Competitive Salary & excellent benefits including; Pension, Life Assurance & Opportunity to earn a Bonus Are you a passionate and experienced retail Assistant Manager used to working in a fast paced store environment looking for your next big career move? Do you want work for one of Europe’s largest discount retailers? If you’re thinking YES, then you need to join our Dealz family. You are sure to have heard of us but did you know Dealz is the biggest single price discount retailer in Europe, providing our customers with amazing value since 1990 and are part of the Steinhoff UK retail group. Dealz have nearly 900 stores, operate across 3 countries and serve 7 million customers a week in our stores. Our retailing concept is simple: offering a wide range of branded and own label products at amazing everyday value. We’re looking for a hands on and customer focused Assistant Manager or Supervisor looking for progression to join our Dealz family.

21 days ago

Meeting & Events Staff

Radisson BLU SligoSligoPart-time

Our Meetings & Events Team are recruiting for the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Sligo.  The role is to assist in a wide variety of duties including weddings, banquets and conferences.  Your main responsibilities will include: Follow us on Facebook / LinkedIn for the latest career opportunities #waitingjobs #hoteljobssligo #conferencestaff 

20 days ago
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