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Clinical Nurse Manager 1 (BES)

Daughters of CharityDublinFull-time

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services Applications are invited for the following position. St. Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road CLINICAL NURSE MANAGER 1- BES Permanent Full time 39 hpw CNM1/19082 Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provide Residential Day Services and respite services to people with an Intellectual Disability. We are looking for candidates who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families, in a person centred, community based, socially inclusive manner in accordance with our core values and ethos and underpinned by quality, best practice and research. . Along with the ability to carry out all duties detailed in the job description, applicants must have: • NMBI Registration essential. RNID essential • Management Qualification – Desirable • Full Clean Driving Licence - Essential Applicants should: • Be registered with NMBI, RNID essential. • Have experience of working with people who have an intellectual disabilities and dual diagnosis in the are of mental health, autism and behaviour of concern and complex needs • Have minimum of two years experience at staff nurse level • Have previous experience of working closely with families and members of the MDT is essential • Have proven organisational, leadership, interpersonal and teambuilding skills • Have knowledge of the HIQA regulations and the role of person participating in management • Full Clean Driving Licence and driving of service vehicles is essential • Applicants should possess Level 2 behavioural competencies of DOCDSS competency framework: These details can be found at the end of the Job Description Informal enquiries to: Mary Reynolds, Service Manager on 01 8245303 “A panel may be formed which future CNM1 positions may be filled” Please apply to our website We are unable to shortlist Applications, unless the following is submitted by all Candidates, including internal Staff: CV and a copy of relevant qualifications detailed on the advert in one PDF Document Closing date for receipt of applications: Monday 2nd September 2019 Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services Limited is an equal opportunities employer *************************************************************************** DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY SERVICE For Persons with Intellectual Disability JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Clinical Nurse Manager - 1 LOCATION: Limerick REPORTS TO: Through CNM2 and CNM3 to Service Manager ROLE RELATIONSHIPS: The CNM1 has specific job contact with all nursing personnel. RESPONSIBILITY OF EMPLOYEE • Be proactive in promoting & ensuring that the Ethos, Mission, Vision and core values of the Daughters of Charity are upheld. • Ensure that personnel within their designated area of responsibility work in accordance with the policy and ethos of the Daughters of Charity • Ensure that all nursing staff adhere to professional code of conduct and operate within the scope of practice • Ensure that any concerns for the safety and welfare of clients are reported in a timely manner MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB The CNM1 is responsible and accountable for the provision of clinical and professional leadership, nursing management and continuous professional development in area of responsibility DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITES 1. Leadership & Accountability • Assists the CNM2 in the day to day management of designated area • Keep the CNM2 fully informed regarding issues within designated area of responsibility • Assists the CNM2 in leading and managing interdisciplinary care for service users in area of responsibility • In conjunction with CNM2 empowers staff through coaching, education, supervision. • Assists the CNM2 in leading the nursing and allied team through regular team meetings. • Enables staff to identify and suggest improvement initiatives. • Assists the CNM2 in ensuring that high standards of care are achieved in the daily running of services at unit/department level • Uses a consultative approach and demonstrates an approachable management style. • Ensure that all staff within area of responsibility practice within their professional scope of practice. • Deputises for the CNM2 when required 2. Professional & Clinical Responsibility • Ensures that service users receive the highest standard of clinical/holistic care • Assist the CNM2 in ensuring that service policies and procedures are implemented and monitored within area of responsibility • Assist the CNM2 in developing and ensuring interdisciplinary networking with families is a high quality effective system for service delivery …………/ CNM1 • Assist the CNM2 in monitoring and evaluating support services relevant to the area of responsibility • Ensures practices in the workplace comply with relevant legislation • Upholds the code of professional conduct in practice • Assist the CNM2 in making evidence based decisions in a transparent manner by involving and empowering others • Embraces advocacy in the delivery of person centered care • Ensure that complaints received are dealt with in accordance with service policy 3. Planning • Prioritises and responds to demands under pressure or in emergencies • Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that a system of record keeping and reports for operational activities, planning of meetings, case conferences and other events are maintained • With the CNM2 within area of responsibility plan short, medium and long term goals to achieve desired outcomes. • In conjunction with CNM2/Line Manager plan and implement appropriate skill mix 4. Human Resources • Works with CNM2 in developing strategies for staff retention. • Assist the CNM2 as required on the recruitment of staff for area of responsibility. • Assists the CNM2 to fosters an environment that supports and encourages personal professional development and learning. • Contributes to the development of an organisational culture conducive to the establishment and maintenance of good staff morale. • Assist the CNM2 as required in ensuring all new staff within the unit receive adequate induction programme, have a clear understanding of their duties, responsibilities and the standards of performance expected of them at all times. • Assist the CNM2 in ensuring that all relevant staff are kept appraised of centre and organisational policies and procedures. • Assist the CNM2 to create an environment which is conducive to team working. • Assist the CNM2 and CNM3 in the initialisation of grievances and disciplinary procedures in accordance with Service policies and procedures. • Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that all human resources are utilised in a cost effective manner. • Manages and monitors levels of absenteeism taking corrective action where necessary in conjunction with the CNM2. • In collaboration with other disciplines promote good employee relations in accordance with personnel policies. 5. Management and Staff Development (incl Teambuilding, Communication and Deputising). • Is committed to and promotes continuous professional development to ensure best practice • In conjunction with CPC supervise, guide and assess the professional work of student nurses • Assists the CNM2 in the efficient and effective allocation and coordination of resources to achieve tasks within area of responsibility. …………/ CNM1 • Ensures with the CNM2 that the scheduling of rosters is completed out in a timely and fair manner which reflects the service needs. • Ensures that Health and Safety practices are implemented in accordance with the Safety Statement of the service. • Assist the CNM2 in conducting regular hazard identification audits and ensure that appropriate action is taken. • Ensure that all personnel are familiar with emergency and other operational procedures and regulations. • Conducts Performance Management Reviews when required for staff within area of responsibility • Intervenes decisively where standards of behaviour, performance or attitude contravenes service policy and procedure and informs the CNM2. 6. Finance • Ensures in conjunction with the CNM2 the efficient and effective use of resources. • Assist frontline staff in evaluating supplies and equipment purchased. • Assists the CNM2 in planning and tracking budget variances when required in area of responsibility • Ensures in conjunction with CNM2 that service users monies in conjunction with CNM2 are accounted for in accordance with service policy. 7. Quality, Education and Research (Incl Professional Development) • Assist the CNM2 in monitoring and working to improve the team processes, encourages team review and reflection • Assist the CNM2 in actively leading and supporting the process of person centred planning within area of responsibility. • In liaison with CNM2 monitor and evaluate methods of quality assurance and clinical effectiveness and contribute to the development of quality methodologies. • Identify with the CNM2 education and development needs of staff in designated area. • Participates in continuous professional development • Ensure that clinical practice in area of responsibility is evidence based. 8. General Duties • Ensure the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained at all times. • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time. The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office. This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Service. 2. Core Competencies 3. Quality Service • Pro-active and uses Initiative. • Undertakes holistic approach to ensure the best possible service is provided. • Ability to encourage and develop quality led practice initiatives. • Demonstrates an ability to evaluate, audit and review practice • Provides a flexible service that is responsive to the needs of the service user, colleagues and service. • Optimises resources within own areas to achieve appropriate outcomes. • Identifies and prioritises the requirements of change within own service area at all times considering how it will affect other parts of the organisation. 4. 5. Planning & Organising • Effective use of time focussed on managing self and developing others in a busy working environment. • Sets clear, realistic goals and targets for self and others. • Keeps appropriate and accessible documentation. • Utilises established systems and processes for prioritising and delivering on tasks. • Delegates effectively to ensure objectives are met. • Consistently focuses work effort to where it will have most impact. • Anticipates Problems and issues and takes preventative action to address these. • Demonstrates an ability to plan and deliver care in an effective and resourceful manner within a culture of person-centeredness. • Advance planning to ensure adequate resources are available. • Effective and efficient utilisation of resources. 6. 7. Professionalism • Deals fairly and consistently with others. • Approachable and accountable and professionally courteous with others. • Shows ability to work under pressure; handles stress in a constructive manner. • Self-aware; recognises own response while retaining objectivity. • Is cognisant of own strengths/limitations, and scope of one’s practice. • Shows resilience; keeps others focussed on a successful outcome. • Maintains appropriate level of visibility. • Maintains highest standard of confidentially in all areas of work. 8. 9. Continuous Learning & Development • Participate in the Service Development Review System. • Organises and structures department to create a continuous learning environment. • Creates “on the job” opportunities to address staff learning needs. • Demonstrates application of theory to practice and influences staff in this regard. • Encourages colleagues/team to undertake a broad range of development initiatives and to maintain an active performance development plan. • Mentors, coaches and provides constructive feedback on performance to staff in order to improve capability and confidence. • Acknowledge staff strengths and achievements. 10. 11. Organisational Knowledge • Familiar with Health Service trends related to area of discipline. • Understands the contribution of each department to the organisational goals and objectives • Uses knowledge of mission, values and service structures to deliver on organisational goals. • Understands health strategies relevant to own discipline. 12. 13. Innovation & Creativity • Works within teams to maximise the number of ideas and creative inputs for best outputs. • Encourages others to ‘think outside the box’. • Generates new ideas that have a positive impact on the department/service and its ultimate success. • Creates an environment where people are encouraged to put forward ideas, experiment and learn from their mistakes. • Challenges the status quo to ensure areas for improvement are identified and addressed • Proposes new approaches, methods or technologies. 14. 15. Leadership Potential • Inspires others to consistently perform at a high level and achieve their potential. • Is approachable and treats people in a fair and consistent manner in order to gain trust. • Is seen as an effective leader, setting high standards of behaviour for others to follow and addresses inappropriate behaviour. • Coaches others in maintaining a flexible approach to their work. • Embraces change and looks for ways to make positive changes within the team. • Ability to understand how individuals, at all levels, operate and applies this knowledge to achieve change objectives in the most efficient and effective way. • Seizes opportunities to influence the future direction of departments and the overall business. • Encourages, inspires and supports others to deliver successful outcomes through change. • Is politically attuned, knowing when to communicate with key stakeholders. • Understands importance of getting input and buy-in from others when making decisions. 16. 17. Problem Solving & Decision Making • Is comfortable making decisions with incomplete or uncertain information • Has basic finance and budgeting knowledge and draws on this to make decisions when applicable. • Understands the effect of ones decision on colleagues/service users, departments and the organisation. • Anticipates probable consequences of decisions. • Consults with others to improve decision making. • Takes a proactive approach to problem solving and able to recognise early warning signs of potential problems and takes pre-emptive action. • Demonstrates a reflective approach when dealing with problems, carefully evaluating different options/solutions. • Able to act quickly to address urgent matters. 18. 19. Team work • Fosters a collaborative working team with complementary strengths. • Recognise the talents and contributions each team member brings to the work environment. • Proactively develops and nurtures workplace relationships. • Utilises team skills and attributes in achieving goals. • Encourages input from all team members. • Adapts interpersonal style to engage all members of the team. • Identifies areas of potential conflict within the team and takes steps to resolve it. • Is open and approachable to discuss issues. 20. 21. Communication & Interpersonal Skills • Supports a culture of open communication to maintain a climate of trust and honesty. • Communicates at all levels, both internally and externally. • Supports ideas with appropriate research and information to persuade others. • Focused Listening: Gains’ understanding through accurately clarifying what was heard. • Shares information within – and to – other sections and departments in an open timely manner. • Delivers presentations to groups with confidence and credibility. • Documents important relevant communications. • Facilitates two way communications between conflicting parties. • Uses an appropriate business writing style.

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Staff Nurse - CRS - Dublin

Daughters of CharityDublinFull-time

Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services Applications are invited for the following positions: STAFF NURSE CRS - DUBLIN PERMANENT FULL TIME / PART TIME POSTS CONSIDERED Req.: SN/CRS/19367 Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services provide Residential and Day Services to people with an Intellectual Disability. We are looking for candidates who are committed to supporting people with disabilities and their families, in a person centred, community based, socially inclusive manner in accordance with our core values and ethos and underpinned by quality, best practice and research. Along with the ability to carry out all duties detailed in the job description, photocopies of the following must be attached to your application; otherwise regrettably, we are unable to shortlist: • Up to date NMBI Registration – Essential • Curriculum Vitae – Essential Applicants should: • Be registered with NMBI is essential • Possess RNID qualification is desirable • Have proven organisational, leadership, communication, interpersonal and teambuilding skills • Be committed to pro actively supporting service users in their daily lives and choices through a person centred approach • Have an organisational commitment to lead through the Daughters of Charity values and vision • Have previous experience of working with people with dual diagnosis desirable • Possess a Full Clean Driving Licence is desirable *Applicants should possess Level 1 Behavioural Competencies of DOCDSS competency framework Which may be found attached to the Job Description Informal enquiries to Mary Lucey Pender, Service Manager, – Tel: 01 822 3801 “A PANEL MAY BE FORMED FROM WHICH FUTURE STAFF NURSE POSITIONS MAY BE FILLED” To apply please go to our website We are unable to shortlist applications unless the following is submitted by all candidates, including internal staff: *Curriculum Vitae along with a copy of relevant qualification in one PDF Document Closing date for receipt of applications @ 12 noon on 30th August 2019 Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is an equal opportunities employer ************************************************************************************************** JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: STAFF NURSE WITHIN THE C.R.S. RESPONSIBLE: THROUGH SENIOR NURSING PERSONNEL TO ADMINISTRATOR. EMPLOYING AUTHORITY: DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES FUNCTION: Staff Nurse works under the direction of the senior nursing personnel / administrator and within the agreed guidelines for the Community Residential Service. Supports senior personnel and management in the implementation of total care and safety of the clients and in teaching and supervising the student nurses. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Maintaining the highest standards of nursing care for people, whilst ensuring that a holistic approach is adopted. 2. Carrying out procedures and therapies carefully. Observing and reporting in accordance with essential standards. 3. Being familiar with all clinical procedures. 4. Ensure that correct procedures as per policy of the centre and An Bord Altranais are adhered to in relation to the storage, administration and safe keeping of drugs. 5. Making written and verbal reports as required. Preparing reports and keeping accurate records in relation to the adults in our care. 6. Maintaining a high standard of work performance, good attendance, appearance and punctuality at all times. 7. Taking part in the regular assessment, co-operating and liaising with members of other disciplines and the Community Residential Service team. 8. Ensuring good working relationships with colleagues and other employees, visitors and the person with an Intellectual Disability. 9. Ensuring good working relationship with the Multi Disciplinary Team. 10. Carrying out the duties appropriate to the role of nurse, which senior personnel determine. 11. In the event of an adult being ill, in conjunction with senior personnel, ensure that if necessary, a doctor’s visit is arranged and carried out as soon as possible. If the adult is unable to attend work, then when possible, the staff nurse should attend to their needs within the adult’s own house. 12. To promote self-development, independence and the individuality of each adult. 13. Attending hospital appointments and clinics and assuring proper follow up to these. 14. Carrying out breast checks on a monthly basis and correct recording of findings. 15. Using vigilance and acute observation in recognizing signs and symptoms, so as to prevent disease and promote health for each person. 16. Above all, ensuring that each person with an Intellectual Disability is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. 17. Taking the lead role in client care through the assessment, planning and implementation of client programmes. Familiarising other staff with same as necessary and assisting the House Parents in the development and evaluation of such programmes. 18. Communicating effectively with persons with an Intellectual Disability, their parents and relatives and reporting accurately the information to senior personnel / administrator as required. 19. Taking part in special projects and developments, if required to do so. 20. Being willing to be part of committees within the Community Residential Service. 21. Participating in orientation programmes for students. 22. Keeping up to date in the area of Intellectual Disability and attending national and local study, day or other educational activities, taking responsibility for one’s own professional education. 23. Keeping clinically and professionally competent. Ensuring that registration is up to date as outlined by An Bord Altranais and submitted to Personnel at beginning of each year. 24. Ensure good working relationships are maintained with colleagues. 25. Participating actively in meetings in relation to the care of person with an Intellectual Disability. 26. Maintain a high standard in relation to confidentiality in all areas of work at all times. 27. Ensure each person with an intellectual disability is treated with the utmost respect at all times. 28. Maintain a high standard of work performance, attendance, appearance and punctuality at all times. 29. Participate in service Annual Performance Review System. 30. Being flexible in working various hours as the need arises. 31. Actively participate in regular house meetings. 32. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time. The above job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of duties and responsibilities and consequently the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post when in office. This job description may change in line with the changing needs and objectives of the Daughters of Charity Service. Core Competencies Quality Service • Adopts a person centered approach and supports service users with empathy, compassion and respect. • Demonstrates a commitment to achieving a high standard result. • Is flexible and adaptable to meet unanticipated demands. • Complies with organisational policies and procedures at all times. • Understands, demonstrates and respects the rights of all service users and families Planning & Organising • Demonstrates the ability to plan and deliver the duties of the role in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person centered care. • Adopts a systematic approach to planning, organising and managing workload. • Able to multi task without losing focus. • Manages competing and changing priorities effectively. • Demonstrates a flexible and adaptable approach in a changing environment. • Deals with issues in a timely manner. • Demonstrates a high level of attention to detail Professionalism • Approaches all tasks in a confident manner. • Shows pride in one’s profession. • Demonstrates honesty and integrity: holds a strong code of ethics. • Maintains appropriate and professional boundaries. • Manages personal problems to minimise impact on work or professional relationships • Respects confidentiality and discretion in all work related matters. • Pays attention to dress code and professional appearance. • Shows an enthusiastic and committed attitude to ones work. • Understands scope of practice. • Understands the need to apply service and/or professional standards, policies and procedures • Demonstrates self-belief in own potential and ability. Continuous Learning & Development • Shows enthusiasm and motivation for work. • Willing to use opportunities to improve, learn and develop self. • Regularly participates in on the job learning. • Stays current in own field of expertise. • Is open to constructive feedback, acknowledges own limitations. • Understands role and boundaries of other disciplines. • Initiates and undertakes mandatory training. • Takes responsibility to ensure learning and understanding of new ideas and procedures. • Self evaluates own performance to continuously improve personal development. Organisational Knowledge • Understands the mission and core values of Daughter of Charity Disability Support Services. • Is aware of the multiple services provided by the Daughters of Charity. • Familiar with professional bodies. • Is knowledgeable of regulations and where relevant applies practice in accordance with legislation to area of work. • Has the skill set to access computer systems and ability to learn new IT system’s • Knowledgeable of professional standards, policies and procedures relevant to discipline. • Understands how own scope of practice fits with the organisation. Innovation & Creativity • Demonstrates a can do attitude. • Generates new ideas. • Shows enthusiasm for trying new ways of doing things. • Voluntarily puts forward suggestions for improvements. • Promotes improvement ideas to colleagues. • Takes a creative approach to work by exploring a range of options whilst keeping an open mind. • Effectively applies existing practices or processes to new work situations to benefit the service and service users. • Takes appropriate action to address inefficiencies in work processes and establishes improved ways of getting the job done Leadership Potential • Successfully modifies behaviour to embrace change. • Energetic and Inspires others through own positive attitude. • Creates trust by being honest, reliable and consistent. • Can be directive without being dictatorial. • Blends a focus on results with a caring and sensitivity for individuals. • Demonstrates the ability to be flexible in relation to hours of work and roles and responsibilities. • Responds positively to new demands and requirements. Problem Solving & Decision Making • Makes timely, intuitive decisions to achieve successful outcome. • Identifies and uses appropriate sources of information when making decisions. • Supports views with sound logic reasoning. • Reasons systematically and logically through issues. • Demonstrates common sense when dealing with every day issues that arise. • Knows when to ask for help and guidance from supervisor and/or colleagues Team work • Contributes consistently and positively to team activities. • Projects a warm and appropriate professional demeanour at all times. • Is accepting of diverse values and beliefs. • Helps others: willing to take on different tasks/roles accordingly to the needs of the team. • Expresses views and professional opinion at team meetings. • Knows when and where to consult with other members of the team. • Is responsive to the needs of other team members: shows empathy. • Balances listening to others ideas with sharing own thoughts. • Considers how ones behaviour may impact others. • Has the knowledge and confidence to identify and personally manage own workplace disagreements locally at an early stage and knows when to seek support of management. Communication & Interpersonal Skills • Communicates openly and honestly. • Shows empathy when handling delicate or sensitive issues. • Shows patience when dealing with others. • Considers how ones behaviour may impact others. • Clearly and confidently articulates ideas and opinions and their underlying rationale. • Draws on a variety of communication methods to fit/situation circumstances. • Open listening: asking clarifying questions and makes eye contact. • Demonstrates positive body language. • Knows when to speak, what to talk about, with whom, when, and where. • Communicates effectively in English language, written and spoken, as appropriate to job requirements. • Numerate and Literate.

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Customer Support Professional on behalf of BT

ConcentrixSwords, DublinFull-timePermanent

Position: Customer Support Professional on behalf of BT Location: Swords, Dublin Working Hours: Shifts between 8am-10pm, Monday-Sunday Objectives: Support Professionals will handle technical customer inquiries in a courteous and professional manner while providing the highest level of customer service. They will be called upon to utilize various databases and develop analytical skills to resolve problems accurately in the most efficient manner while maintaining an excellent customer service level. Responsibilities: · Provide first class support within a busy call center environment to customers via telephone · Achieve and maintain call handling and quality based statistics · Effective use of the systems and tools available to the Support Centre · Track and document information regarding customers and their queries in call tracking database · Contribute to overall team performance, including support and assistance of other team members ·  Promote additional client services as required   Personal Success Profile: · Excellent Customer service skills, ideally with 1-year customer service experience · Excellent communication skills to include verbal, written and listening · Ability and willingness to solve problems and provide support · Flexibility to work various shifts from 8.00am – 10.00pm, 7 days a week · Experience in an environment where adherence to a schedule is of the utmost importance · Knowledge/understanding of internet, broadband etc. · Must be able to work in a high volume, fast paced, goal-oriented environment · Must have strong initiative, be positive and a quick learner with attention to detail · Ability to work independently and in a team environment · Resilient and calm with an ability to assist customers and drive brand loyalty · Ability to manage time wisely to meet call handle time and work with targets · Leaving certificate or equivalent   We offer you: The purpose of this job description is to provide a concise statement of the major responsibilities of this position in a standardised format. It is not intended to describe all elements of the work that may be performed and should not serve as the sole criteria for personnel decisions and actions.

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Office Administrator

Errigal ContractsMonaghanFull-time

Office  Administrator Working within a highly dynamic business environment, this role offers the right candidate a wonderful opportunity to join an exciting high growth company. As part of the Admin Team,the successful candidate will be responsible for assisting within the Admin Function and gaining valuable experience and career development. Person Specification: ·       Background in an Office Admin environment ·       Excellent interpersonal and communication skill ·       Excellent analytical skills, disciplined initiative & follow-up approach ·       Must be PC literate, experienced in MS office suite ·       Able to work effectively in a team environment ·       Ability to meet strict deadlines

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Part Time Personal Assistant

Louth Based CompanyDrogheda, Louth€15 per hourPart-time

Job Title: Personal Assistant Type of Contract: Part Time Permanent Position Location of Role: Drogheda Hours: 3 days x 8 hrs per day Salary: €15 per hour, pension, free parking. Job Spec & essential criteria: To carry out administrative work. Responsibilities typically include: · Acting as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence and phone calls · Managing diaries and organising meetings and appointments, · Booking and arranging travel, transport, accommodation, retreats etc · Organising events and conferences · Organising and servicing of meetings · Typing, compiling and preparing minutes, reports, presentations and correspondence · Managing databases and filing systems · Implementing and maintaining procedures/administrative systems · Dealing with the charity regulator and relevant documentation Key skills · Discretion and trustworthiness: you will often be party of confidential information · Flexibility and adaptability · Good oral and written communication skills · Organisational skills and the ability to multitask · The ability to be proactive and take the initiative · Tact and diplomacy · Communication skills · A knowledge of standard software incl MS office and gmail. · A knowledge of charity organisations, charity regulations and the governance code would be an advantage. The closing date for applications is Friday 16th August 2019. Please email your covering letter and CV by hitting the APPLY NOW button below.

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Burger King Manager

Applegreen StoresLuskFull-time

Burger King Manager Location:  Applegreen Service Area M1 Lusk Southbound, Baldrumman Lusk Co. Dublin Contract: Fully Flexible Are you interested in growing your career & opportunities in one of the fastest growing forecourt retailer`s in Ireland, the UK AND US? From fuel to food, we offer customers a wide range of great products and the highest standards of customer service. We care deeply about the communities in which we are involved, and since 2009 Applegreen plc has raised over €2 million for its partnership charities. We offer fantastic career opportunities and a great deal of our promotions are internal. We as a company are constantly growing our business but it`s our people driving its success. If you feel you are a confident communicator who is flexible, open to change, success driven and a good leader who can motivate and encourage others then this is the job for you! As a Burger King manager, you will have the overall responsibility of operating the restaurant to achieve and maintain high standards of operational quality, service and cleanliness. You will be responsible for motivating and training staff to deliver the best food experience to customers. You will be accountable for general administrative and daily staffing duties as well as providing leadership. You will be responsible for driving sales and achieving sales targets. The duties of the Burger King Manager will include various administration tasks to ensure the highest performance of the restaurant. This includes Cash management, Stock control and investigating variances. You will make sure that the restaurant is always well presented in order of enhancing the customer`s experience and ensure operations are in line with Burger king`s policies and procedures. The ideal candidate will have at least 1-2 years proven experience in a similar management role. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment you would be a great addition to our dynamic team!

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Risk and Legal Manager

Beaumont HospitalDublin67,135 - 80,475Full-time

Post Title:          Risk & Legal Manager Post Status:      Permanent Department:       Risk & Legal Department Location:          Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9 Reports to:      Head of Quality & Safety Salary:              Appointment will be made on Grade V111 (€67,135 to €80,475) salary at a point in line with Government pay policy. Hours of work: Full-Time Closing Date: 12 Noon on Wednesday, September 4th 2019 Position Summary:  The Risk & Legal Manager will have overall responsibility for:    • Risk management:   • Co-ordination of legal claims & Coronial investigations. • Management of the Hospital insurance portfolio. • Co-ordinate legal advice to senior managers and departments. This role augments well developed existing quality & safety structures and reports into the Head of Quality & Safety.   Primary responsibilities include day to day management and oversight of the Risk & Legal department.    Manages key interfaces on behalf of the hospital with Insurers, State Claims Agency, Legal Advisors, Coroner’s Office and other third party advisors/agents.  Risk Management    The role is specifically concerned with improving the quality and safety of health- care services by identifying the circumstances and opportunities that put patients at risk of harm and then acting to prevent or control those risks through the following measures:    Incident Management: • Encourage and promote the reporting of all incidents across the Hospital in line with Hospital policy;  • Ensure that incidents are assessed, risk rated and logged onto the National Incident Management System [NIMs] in a timely manner; • Escalate serious reportable events [SRE] and serious incidents [SI] within the required timeframe through internal and external channels both internally & externally; • Ensure that all relevant incidents are reported to the Serious Incident Review Team [SIRT] and that preliminary screening reports are prepared in a timely manner; • Ensure that preliminary screening reports are prepared and submitted to the RCSI Group serious incident fora; • Prepare statistics for senior managers, heads of departments and committees with regard to incident analysis. • Prepare statistics for the RCSI Quality & Safety Directorate as required.  Review & Investigations: • Oversee the arrangement of and facilitate the adverse event review processes [both internal & external] ensuring that these are completed within the appropriate timescales;   • Participate in meeting patients and families when required; • Ensure that the appropriate systems analysis methodology and tools are used for reviews in line with Hospital policy; • Ensure that staff are supported in highly emotional situations when dealing with serious incidents and receive the appropriate support including participation and/or conduction of after action review as required; • Ensure that recommendations from reviews & investigations are submitted through the relevant governance structures; • Ensure that recommendations that cannot be closed out are considered for inclusion in the Corporate Risk Register; • Prepare reports for the RCSI Quality & Safety Directorate in relation to review status. Education & Training:  • Ensure that education and training in relation to risk management and systems analysis is provided;  • Coach staff in the use of systems analysis, family meetings and other techniques for the review of incidents. Coordination of legal claims & Coronial investigations: Legal claims  Legal claims are categorised into clinical, employee and public liability. The risk & legal manager will ensure that:   • New claims are escalated to the appropriate external agency, depending on the type of claim [Clinical Indemnity Scheme, State Claims Agency and Hospital Insurers] and to the appropriate Clinical Lead / Head of Department internally; • All relevant documentation to defend a claim is gathered and prepared; • Sign Affidavits in relation to each stage of the legal claim process; • Ensure that staff are supported, particularly in preparing statements and preparing to give evidence in legal settings; • Act as a liaison between solicitors and internal departments; • Ensure that outcomes, either by settlement or court hearing are reviewed and action plans put in place, for example, change in policy in specific areas; • Ensure that the legal claims data base is maintained; • Provide statistics and reports to senior management as required. Coronial investigations Under the Coroners Act, the Hospital is required to report any patient deaths to the Coroner. The Coroner will then decide what further information is required and hold an inquest in approximately 30 cases annually. • To ensure the maintenance of a data base of all Coroner reportable death and outcomes; • The Coroner will request medical reports which are reviewed and held by the Risk & Legal Manager; • Ensure that legal advice is requested for inquests as needed; • Liaison with the Coroner’s Office in relation to co-ordinating witnesses required by the Coroner • Ensure that clinical staff are prepared and supported for attendance at Coroners Court; • Ensure that verdicts and findings from inquests are reviewed and action plans put into place. Management of the Hospitals Insurance Portfolio The Risk Manager has overall responsibility for ensuring that annual insurance renewal questionnaire is completed in collaboration with key Hospital departments, including Finance, H.R and Estates. In addition:   • Ensure all Hospital issues are reported through to the hospital brokers, for example, road closures, IT down time; • Processes all insurance claims, for example, lost of dentures, road traffic accidents, property claims, etc.; • Prepares policies, procedures and guidelines in relation to insurance claims, for example, dental damage; • Facilitate external visits from loss adjustors, insurance investigators and engineers, etc. in relation to incident investigation. Shortlisting Criteria:  Qualifications:  Healthcare Professional Qualification (Desirable) Educated to degree level / Equivalent Qualification in Risk Management / Quality Improvement/Legal Studies/Safety Skills\Abilities:  Ability to identify risks and assess likelihood and impact Able to present complex issues in a fluent coherent and well- structured manner Able to identify patterns and trends in complex information, understanding linkages and key messages Planning and delivery of training with ability to motivate and develop staff Excellent inter personal skills/relationship building Ability to interpret national policy and guidance, identify local implications and apply implementation to a local setting. Excellent Research & I.T. Skills Experience:  Experience of Risk Management / Legal and Insurance (Desirable) Experience of co-ordinating and supervising accreditation/certification activities and processes People Management/Department Management / Budget Management experience Experience in data protection and privacy laws as pertaining to Healthcare Knowledge:  An understanding of the Clinical Indemnity Scheme and its application to Beaumont Hospital. Understanding of risk management, Health and Safety and continuous Quality improvement in healthcare. Thorough understanding of principles and practice of Corporate governance, Clinical Governance, Healthcare Standards. Awareness of the Court Systems and Medical Legal processes Personal Qualities:  Attention to detail Excellent communication / Presentation skills Resilient, Calm, Empathetic Flexible working style Able to meet tight deadlines and prioritise in a range of competing objectives Influencer / negotiator Collaborative Style / Team Player Further Information for Candidates:  Informal Enquiries ONLY to:  Name:                     Ms Valerie Caffrey   Title:                     Chief Operations Officer   Email   address:     Supplementary information:  The Hospital    Risk & Legal Department:

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Sales / Customer Service Representative

Fanfruit LimitedLouthFull-time

Fanfruit Ltd is a well-established, wholesaler of fresh fruit, vegetables and potatoes based in mid Louth - 2 miles north of Dunleer and 3 minutes from M1. Due to continued business expansion, we are currently recruiting for a Sales / Customer Service Representative. The ideal candidate will have excellent sales/customer service experience, preferably in the fruit and veg industry.   The position will involve: ·       Taking orders over the phone and by email ·       Occasionally carrying out site visits to take orders and to ensure that customers’ expectations are being met ·       Handling general customer enquiries ·       Developing new business opportunities ·       Ensuring that all sales orders are accurately delivered in a timely manner to agreed delivery schedules ·       Alerting managers to incomplete orders and advising regarding re-ordering stock if not already on order on the system The Ideal candidate will; ·       Have computer skills i.e. ability to use email, word, excel and master ‘Intact’ - sales and inventory system ·       Have excellent customer service skills ·       Have an excellent telephone manner ·       Be enthusiastic and able to demonstrate initiative. ·       Have sales / customer service experience, preferably in the Fruit and Veg Industry ·       Be open to variation in job role as required i.e. flexibility essential in line with needs of the company ·       Be a good team player and people person ·       Possess good problem-solving skills ·       Hold a Driving License ·       Having experience & knowledge of the fresh produce industry is a distinct advantage

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Retail Merchandisers

Reach Group CorkPart-time

Retail Merchandiser - Part Time: • Make a store visit to their assigned stores on the frequency agreed • General tidy up of the category - books / DVDs/ CDs/ greeting cards / stationary or other assigned categories • Ensure the right stock is in the right place at the right time, in line with Guidelines provided • Monitor the shop floor to ensure that the correct mix and stock of products are held and displayed • Liaise closely with HQ to make sure the stock is properly monitored and available • Ensuring that merchandise is displayed appropriately to a high standard • Conducting & timely submission of daily or weekly store report • Assembly of free standing display units in store where required • Recall and administration of returns for old stock collected from the shelves & their return to scanning depots. Work conditions • Working hours (part-time): Monday to Saturday as agreed in advance • Locations: Mallow & Charleville, Cork • Suitable to Self Employed Skills and qualities • Ability to understand, process and execute instructions with minimal guidance after the training period • Excellent communication skills are a must • Merchandising experience would be an advantage

29 days ago

Senior Occupational Therapist

Beaumont HospitalDublin52,162 - 61,418Full-time

Post Title:        Senior Occupational Therapist (Raheny Community Nursing Unit (0.5 WTE)/Nursing Home Outreach (0.5 WTE)) Post Status:   Permanent   Department:    Occupational Therapy Location:        Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9 / Raheny Community Nursing Unit  Reports to:      Occupational Therapy Manager in Charge III Salary:               Appointment will be made on Grade X (€52,162- €61,418) at a point in line with Government pay policy. Hours of work: Full-Time Closing Date:   12 Noon on Thursday, 22nd August 2019 Position Summary: This permanent senior occupational therapy position is a split post within the residential care setting. The successful candidate will be based in the Raheny Community Nursing Unit (0.5WTE) but will also deliver nursing home outreach services (0.5WTE) in the north Dublin area. The successful candidate will be selected through an external competition. The post holder will deliver an integrated expert service to meet the occupational therapy needs of patients within these services. He/she will work in collaboration with the occupational therapy manager and other occupational therapists in planning, co-ordinating, delivering and evaluating the Raheny Community Nursing Unit (RCNU) and Nursing Home Outreach services. The Occupational Therapist should abide by the Code of Ethics of the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Accountability: The senior occupational therapist is accountable to the occupational therapy manager, Beaumont Hospital. Professionalism 1. Represent the occupational therapy profession and promote the profile of occupational therapy within Care of the Elderly (COTE) services throughout the organisation, nationally and internationally 2. Demonstrate sound clinical reasoning based on experience and clinical expertise in the COTE service areas. 3. Respect the values, beliefs and needs of patients and staff and include patients in decision-making processes as appropriate 4. Support and delegate appropriately to occupational therapy staff working within the COTE service areas. 5. Interpret standards of practice, as well as professional codes of conduct, professional and organisational policies ensuring they are incorporated into occupational therapy practice within COTE service areas. 6. Recognise when it is appropriate to refer decisions to a higher level of authority and include colleagues in the decision making process 7. Promote initiatives in the COTE service areas that will ensure a high standard of professional practice development in line with improved patient care 8. Demonstrate understanding and respect for the roles of all members of the MDT 9. Keep up-to-date with developments within the COTE service areas in own organisation, professional body, nationally and internationally and apply to practice as appropriate 10. Manage own work-life balance and support others (e.g. occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants) with same 11. Contribute professional expertise to wider organisational initiatives/ committees/steering groups at local, national and international level 12. Provide specialist support to the COTE service areas staff Managing a Caseload 1. Demonstrate advanced clinical reasoning and problem solving skills in completing occupational therapy assessments and interventions with patients within the Raheny Community Nursing Unit (RCNU) and Nursing Home Outreach services. 2. Use advanced prioritisation and planning skills to ensure patients are placed on the appropriate pathway and the timely completion of onward referrals to other services 3. Demonstrate an advanced proficiency in ability to screen and prioritise patients according to clinical needs using clinical reasoning skills and providing support to all occupational therapy staff. 4. Prioritise and maximise effectiveness of intervention using available resources to ensure service areas demands are optimally met. 5. Ensure collaboration with other relevant MDT colleagues for complex patient presentation to ensure holistic approach to patient care 6. Balance clinical demands with other responsibilities (e.g. research, administration, service development, teaching, CPD, staff supervision) through effective time management and organisational skills Communication 1. Communicate oral and written information in a clear, concise and well-structured manner appropriate to the content and the target audience 2. Build and maintain effective relationships with colleagues at clinical and management levels within the COTE service. 3. Facilitate and maintain open communication within own service and department 4. Promote and foster effective cross discipline communications and evaluation processes with MDT colleagues, advocating shared discharge planning for optimal patient care 5. Deal constructively with obstacles and conflict to ensure patient focused decision-making within the MDT 6. Build relations and links with community colleagues, working together to promote and enhance appropriate patient pathways for a seamless service 7. Ensure that communication with patients and families /carers is appropriate and timely and develop written resource packs for patients/carers as indicated 8. Present lectures, service evaluation, audit and research projects at local, national and international level 9. Negotiate clearly and effectively with relevant stakeholders Planning, Maintaining and Evaluating a Quality Service 1. Demonstrate an advanced level of clinical knowledge and skills of clinical presentations and risk factors and provide senior support in decision-making for other occupational therapy staff 2. Working with MDT colleagues, demonstrate advanced clinical skills in the COTE service, assisting with advanced diagnostic, prognostic and patient management within the service 3. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of care pathways appropriate to with the COTE service. 4. Recognise appropriate services and supports (OT, MDT and other) to optimise patient outcomes and identify the need for appropriate onward consultation or referral 5. Design and implement processes and procedures to ensure the highest standards of practice are met in the in-patient orthopaedic/Vascular occupational therapy service by establishing governance systems 6. Report emerging risk issues to the occupational therapy manager and other relevant senior staff within the service areas 7. Work collaboratively with the MDT to identify, plan and implement interdisciplinary practices 8. Foster and lead a culture and practice of evaluating service outcomes and other data collection and implementing quality improvement initiatives as appropriate 9. Develop and implement strategic service and business plans, quality initiatives, audits etc. based on up to date evidence based practice and report on outcomes in collaboration with the occupational therapy manager and other stakeholders 10. Oversee, evaluate and advise the occupational therapy manager on optimal resource utilisation for effective service delivery and optimal patient and service outcomes Leadership and Service Development 1. Understand the principles of the operational management of the RCNU and Outreach service and be responsible for the day-to-day management of these clinical speciality areas. 2. Act as an expert occupational therapy clinical resource for the COTE MDT, occupational therapy service and students 3. Promote the role of occupational therapy RCNU and Outreach service in the organisation and at national and international level 4. Lead senior clinical decision-making processes within the in-patient RCNU and Outreach service 5. Identify and prioritise the requirements of the RCNU and Outreach service areas within a constantly changing environment 6. Develop guidelines for safe and effective practice in the RCNU and Outreach service. 7. Refine and advance occupational therapy practice within the RCNU and Outreach service areas and develop formal links with appropriate national and international networks 8. Represent the RCNU and Outreach occupational therapy service, nationally and internationally as required 9. Deputise for the occupational therapy manager in his/ her absence as required 10. Explore and champion new initiatives, practices and models of care, in line with best practice, to improve the patient experience and outcome 11. Seek to identify and avail of opportunities to assist with and contribute to strategic planning e.g. development of business cases 12. Develop and implement new service initiatives in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders such as occupational therapy manager, MDT members etc. 13. Assist the occupational therapy manager in the recruitment of staff 14. Ensure that an efficient system of stock control is maintained 15. Act as a role model for occupational therapy staff and staff of other professions, in the areas of clinical competence, attitude and enthusiasm of occupational therapy, being available as a resource for staff 16. Collate and analyse workload statistics required for departmental purposes and for service reviews Evidence- Based Practice 1. Demonstrate advanced level knowledge of evidence in relation to the in-patient orthopaedic/Vascular service areas 2. Apply this advanced specialist knowledge to local practice, working with colleagues to implement the necessary steps to achieve the highest possible standard of care 3. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of interventions within the service and modify accordingly where new evidence emerges or where evidence base is incomplete 4. Monitor and report on the use of best practice clinical standards and guidelines in the occupational therapy RCNU and Outreach service areas and apply this specialist knowledge within the service 5. Demonstrate expert understanding of service demands and trends and design processes, in consultation with the occupational therapy manager, to ensure demands are appropriately met 6. Champion and lead the development of occupational therapy in RCNU and Outreach service areas, working with experts/partners nationally and internationally to advance practice Research 1. Understand the principles of research and research methodology which underpin an analytical approach to clinical practice 2. Lead and facilitate research projects relevant to the RCNU and Outreach service areas at local or national level 3. Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in respect of relevant research projects 4. Co-ordinate and promote departmental research in conjunction with the occupational therapy department and the departmental strategic plan 5. Publish research, case studies and critical reviews in peer-reviewed publications 6. Lead the dissemination of research findings locally and nationally within occupational therapy and the wider healthcare arena 7. Identify gaps in the evidence base and initiate/facilitate research to enhance evidence based practice locally, nationally and internationally Act as a Clinical Resource 1. Act in an advanced clinical advisory role to own colleagues and MDT 2. Identify the need for appropriate onward consultation 3. Represent the profession/HSCPs at local, national and international level for the RCNU and Outreach service areas. 4. Act as an advanced clinical advisor, nationally and internationally Continuing Professional Development 1. Identify own personal and professional learning needs and seek support from occupational therapy manager as indicated 2. Facilitate staff in identifying their own development needs and addressing these needs through planned learning, clinical supervision and professional support as required 3. Deliver appropriate and effective feedback and be receptive to feedback 4. Evaluate the training and development needs of occupational therapy staff working in RCNU and Outreach service areas, plan and implement training processes to meet these needs 5. Provide education, supervision, mentoring and support for occupational therapists in the RCNU and Outreach service areas. 6. Contribute to MDT education as appropriate 7. Plan, deliver and evaluate education, training and health promotion activities, incorporating inter-professional education models as appropriate 8. Identify and avail of formal and informal learning opportunities within occupational therapy and MDT contexts 9. Provide safe and effective under-graduate clinical placements 10. Provide expert advice and training to network, national and international colleagues in the field 11. Take the lead on occupational therapy input into post graduate clinical placements 12. Contribute to educational policy and education of pre and post qualifying practitioner The above Duties list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her, from time to time, and to contribute to the development of the post while in office. Selection Criteria: Selection criteria outline the qualifications, skills, knowledge and/or experience that the successful candidate would need to demonstrate for successful discharge of the responsibilities of the post. Applications will be assessed on the basis of how well candidates satisfy these criteria. Mandatory: Candidates must, on the latest date for receiving completed application forms, possess: a) Hold a qualification approved by the Occupational Therapists Registration Board at CORU b) The Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Occupational Therapy from NUI Galway, the University of Dublin or University College Cork or c) A Master of Science from the University of Limerick or d) A Diploma from a College of Occupational Therapy or e) A recognised qualification at least equivalent to (a) or (b) or (c) which has been validated by the Department of Health as broadly equivalent to the above qualifications f) Have at least three years satisfactory post qualification working experience as an occupational therapist. Desirable: a) Clinical experience working within the care of the elderly services, especially in the clinical area of residential care Informal Enquiries ONLY to: Name:      Paul Maloney Title:        Occupational Therapy Manager in Charge III Email address: Telephone:        01 8092520 Further Information for Candidates: Supplementary information: The Hospital  Management Unit:

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