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Head of Customer Service

The University of Limerick
€56,443 - €89,838 per year

TITLE OF POST: Head of Customer Service LOCATION: Academic Registry,University of LimerickREPORTS TO: Associate Vice President Academic Services & Deputy RegistrarCONTRACT TYPE: MultiannualSALARY SCALE: €56,443 - €89,838 p.a.  JOB DESCRIPTION 1. Job Purpose          The Service Function A review of the Academic Registry’s organisation structure has recommended the establishment of a service function. This function will be responsible for all aspects of service and ensure that the needs of students, staff and other key stakeholders are met. This is one of the three support functions in Academic Registry and it will be responsible for the following activities:·         Student and staff customer services (including the service desk);·         Communications (internal and external); The Academic Registry is committed to providing a consistently high quality services to students and staff and wider stakeholder groups. The creation of this new function is a clear recognition of the importance the university places on providing excellent service to students and staff. The role of the service function is to provide a more holistic approach to customer service. In addition to the existing service initiatives, the service function will adopt a more proactive approach to improving the quality of service provided by the Academic Registry. This will include developing and promoting a customer service charter, and ensuring that all service failures are thoroughly investigated, the root causes identified, and the appropriate solutions and preventative measures put in place. This will involve working in collaboration with the Registry’s senior management team and other service providers and service users throughout the university (e.g. academic departments and faculties, finance department, support divisions) to ensure that such service failures do not reoccur. The service function is also responsible for communications in the Academic Registry. This includes internal communications within the Registry so that staff are fully informed of all relevant issues and developments. It also includes external communications with all other areas of the university so as to ensure that they are fully aware of all aspects of the services provided by the Academic Registry.  The service team will consist of core members, which is supplemented by staff from other departments in line with demands created by student lifecycle. The team members will be required to support a range of activities associated with student lifecycle and development of business processes. Therefore, staff flexibly is critical as is the need to ensure that staff are properly trained and that available resources are used to the optimum to support the diverse roles in this function.  Head of Customer Service The Head of Customer Service is primarily responsible within the Academic Registry for all the activities of this function. This is a key role given the importance of customer service and communications in the daily operations of the Registry. The Head of Customer Service will be a key member of the senior management team and will be required to support the ongoing development of the Academic Registry. The role of Head of Customer Service requires an individual who has a particularly strong focus on customer service allied to excellent communication skills. This individual will be required to build upon the work that is ongoing in both of these areas in the Academic Registry. 2. Key AccountabilitiesThe specific responsibilities of the Head of Customer Service are as follows: ·         Developing a customer service culture that consistently delivers a high quality of service to students, staff and other stakeholders.·         Developing a customer service charter with a set of measures for service based on agreed targets and KPIs for the Academic Registry. ·         Engaging on an ongoing basis with key service users including applicants, students, staff, academic departments, faculties and support divisions. ·         Initiating corrective action to address any failures in service delivery in a proactive and holistic manner.·         Highlighting with the senior management team opportunities for process and service improvement and supporting continuous improvement initiatives.·         Ensuring that the communications strategy is appropriate to the needs of the Academic Registry, its staff and the university.·         Assessing the effectiveness of the communications strategy (e.g. whether it meets the needs of its target audience) and making any required adjustments.·         Managing staff on a day to day basis including the reassignment of staff to support the service function.·         Working collaboratively with the Associate Vice President Academic Services & Deputy Registrar and the other Heads of function to ensure that the Academic Registry operates effectively.·         Supporting the Associate Vice President Academic Services & Deputy Registrar as required. 3. Context 3a Key Working Relationships & Contacts Operational & Administrative: The position also requires a high degree of organisation in operational and administrative areas to plan and organise work engagements and schedules. 5. Knowledge, Functional Skills, Experience & Qualifications  Requirement Essential/ DesirableKnowledge  At least five years’ experience in a role providing a strong student/staff service culture in a third level organisation or alternatively dealing with similar customer profile in public or private sector. EssentialChampioning the perspective of the customer, preferably in a service organisation.EssentialDeveloping and implementing metrics to measure the effectiveness of delivery and drive service improvement.EssentialDeveloping and delivering an effective communications strategy in the third level education sector or alternatively dealing with similar user profile in other sectors. Essential Functional/Work-based Skills   Ability to support the overall strategy of an organisation through ensuring the function is performing as required and meeting all its deadlines.EssentialCapability to deliver on agreed targets and KPIs while working within resourcing and financial constraints.EssentialExcellent leadership, management and team building skills.EssentialExcellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to communicate complex information clearly, concisely and persuasively.EssentialStrong commitment to customer service; preferably in a structured methodology such as ITIL.EssentialAbility to think creatively and innovatively in response to changing business and strategic imperatives.EssentialExpertise in managing diverse and multiple stakeholders with an understanding of how to achieve results in complex academic and administrative environments.EssentialStrong commitment to continuous improvement and a capacity to initiate and manage the changes that these require. EssentialExperience  At least five years’ senior experience in a role with a strong student/staff service culture in a third level organisation or alternatively dealing with similar customer profile in public or private sector.EssentialExperience of managing service provision in a business environment undergoing significant business process improvement changes. DesirableExperience in leading teams through change management process, redefining staff roles and responsibilities. EssentialEngaging with and forming good working relationships with service users and being responsive to their needs.EssentialWorking as a member of a senior management team and actively contributing to the success of an organisation. DesirableThinking strategically and responding innovatively to challenges arising from new business requirements and strategies. EssentialQualifications  Honours degree (Level 8).EssentialPost degree qualifications in service management, lean thinking, ITIL, resource management (Level 9). Desirable 6. BehaviouralCompetenciesEnablers of SuccessLevelCommentsCustomer Focus·          Leads and champions customer focus throughout the Academic Registry as a whole and particularly within Academic Registry Service Desk. ·          Translates service support feedback and review into strategic improvement planning, acts decisively to highlight underperforming areas of the business.·          Sets service targets and monitors progress in order to drive up service standards.·          Forms strategic and diverse groups/partnerships to improve overall student and staff experience.·          Takes responsibility for ensuring that improvements are actioned and have the desired effect.·          Is aware of changing market needs and makes changes to existing services, where necessary.5 Planning & Organising·          Clarifies business priorities and plans, organises and manages activities to make sure budget resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve Academic Registry goals.·          Manages the implementation of area plans and ensure that corrective action is taken to meet targets and mitigates risks.·          Develops/implements processes for tracking progress against high level performance indicators (i.e. service level agreement).·          Reports on progress of key activity within area/department to line manager. Incorporates contingencies into plans. Prioritises in climate of continuing change.·          Provides clear direction and makes sure that staff/colleagues know what is expected of them.·          Agrees roles and responsibilities of staff and stakeholders, secures resources. Initiates and drives forward projects for area.5 Using Initiative, Achieving Goals·         Is accountable for the delivery of key objectives. Sets SMART objectives for the Academic Registry Service team.·         Regularly reviews progress of plans to redirect action when necessary to achieve targets.·         Strives to raise performance levels of self/others.·         Uses initiative and looks ahead, considers external developments relevant to own area, identifying trends and emerging patterns when making recommendations to others.·         Collaborates with staff to determine how best to achieve results.5 Decision Making & Problem Solving·         Fully scopes out problems, taking into consideration impact within the Academic Registry Service team and across UL.·         Consults collaboratively across UL, resolves problems where there is a range of information, or diverse, partial and conflicting data.·         Looks ahead and considers external developments, identifying trends and emerging patterns when making important decisions.·         Equips team leaders to make decisions. Ensures that individuals working in own area have sufficient information and guidance to make effective decisions.·         Demonstrates leadership and courage in making tough or unpopular decisions.·         Acts decisively with sound judgment, with the capacity to balance the need for decisiveness and caution.5 Effective Communication·         Creates and implements appropriate communication strategies to support the Academic Registry.·         Is capable of communicating to diverse audiences; presents succinct, well balanced information written and oral, with clear outcomes.·         Encourages a positive environment within the team for constructive challenge and feedback.·         Develops proposals and reports in a style and language necessary to guide, inform, and/or persuade in line with UL protocol.·         Is aware of organisational politics when communicating.5 Team & Collaborative working·         Develop strategies to improve cross functional/intra departmental sharing of information and team working.·         Brings collaborative groups together to achieve an objective and focuses group on delivery. ·         Instils a sense of pride in the work of the team and the organisation as a whole, by highlighting achievements.·         Creates an opportunity for everyone to fulfil their potential within the team.·         Works to break down barriers within and across area. Helps individuals understand how the wider organisation operates and how co-operation across the different departments is beneficial. ·         Bring teams together with people with different styles/approaches and from diverse backgrounds to complement the team and enhance the outcome of the group. ·         Monitors progress of teams against objectives.5 Effective Networking and Relationships·         Understand implications of outcomes of executive and management committees and ensures relevant actions are taken within the Academic Registry Service team.·         Uses networks and relations to achieve results and influence strategic outcomes. ·         Is capable of defusing high-tension situations, if they arise.·         Has excellent negotiation skills and is able to develop mutually agreeable outcomes with people at all levels.5 Innovation & Creative Thinking·         Keeps up-to-date with best practice in all sectors and seeks opportunities to implement within UL. ·         Scans the external environment to identify opportunities for new learning programmes/funding sources. ·         Encourages others to ‘think outside the box’.·         Encourages and values new ideas, perceptions and suggestions. ·         Fosters a safe environment in which educated risks are supported.4 Change, Adaptability and Flexibility·         Understands and promotes the need for change within the Academic Registry.·         Collaborates with key stakeholders in a clear and positive way to promote major change initiatives.·         Creates an environment where change is ‘the norm’ and ways of working are consistently challenged.·         Actively seeks out information in relation to changes which affect the Academic Registry Service team and puts plans and supports in place to ensure implementation.·         Communicates the need and rationale for change, explains the ‘why’ and the ‘what’.·         Helps people to develop a clear understanding of what they will need to do differently, as a result of changes. ·         Manages the agreed change implementation process/initiative.·         Recognises and acknowledges staff for their contributions during the change process (where appropriate).4 Leadership·         Plays a key role in the formulation and implementation of the Academic Registry’s vision and objectives.·         Communicates and gains team commitment to the vision of what is to be achieved, instils a sense of passion in the service team about the work of the university, the Academic Registry and their own function/team.·         Ensures people can make the link between their work and the vision and objectives of the Academic Registry and UL.·         Sets clear goals and standards, ensures shared ownership of these within the service team (where appropriate).·         Establishes acceptable levels of quality and quantity of work; reviews, recognises and supports achievement.·         Monitors progress against goal achievement.·         Addresses issues of performance and quality standards.·         Establishes and uses key performance indicators (KPI’s) to assist in meeting the Academic Registry’s goals and targets.·         Works to provide a supportive environment by managing resources and removing blocks to effective working. ·         Encourages and motivates team members and work colleagues.·         Ensures individual contributions are maximised.·         Recognises and celebrates others' contributions and achievements.5 Continuous Development·         Proactively keeps up to date with own knowledge/learning by reading, talking to others inside and outside UL, and attending seminars/conferences. ·         Empowers team members by appropriately delegating work which challenges them and provides stretching but realistic targets. ·         Provides regular informal constructive feedback on performance.·         Works with direct reports through the PDRS to identify areas for development in the future.·         Innovative in facilitating learning opportunities. ·         Actively provides coaching, training and mentoring to individuals.5 Thinking & Acting Strategically·         Designs, develops and implements plans and actions to realise the Academic Registry’s goals in supporting students and staff within the operations unit.·         Can clearly communicate the overarching goals and objectives of the operations unit, and puts this into wider Academic Registry and UL context.·         Understands the decision making processes within the university. ·         Uses this information for the benefit of own area and to progress wider UL issues.·         Ensures that team are aware of contribution to overall strategy in the Academic Registry and university as a whole.·         Identifies opportunities which will benefit the Academic Registry and/or operations unit.4-5   Limerick

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Executive Officers

€29,610 - €49,960 per year

Executive Officer VacanciesJob SpecificationsExecutive Officer VacanciesCORU currently has vacancies at Executive Officer level in the following departments:1. Education2. Competent Authority (Recognition)3. Secretariat to the CEO, Council and Registration BoardsPlease note: an Executive Officer Panel will also be created from this competition andinterviews for these positions are likely to take place the first week of April 2019.About CORUCORU regulates Health & Social Care Professionals. Our role is to protect the public bypromoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training and competencethrough statutory registration of health and social care professionals.CORU was set up under the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005. It comprisesthe Health and Social Care Professionals Council and individual registration boards, one foreach profession named in the Act.The professions are; clinical biochemists, dietitians, dispensing opticians andoptometrists, medical scientists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, podiatrists,physiotherapists, psychologists, radiographers and radiation therapists, social care workers,social workers, speech and language therapists and counsellors and psychotherapists. Inthe future, the Minister for Health may add other professions to be regulated by CORU.Data ProtectionCORU will process any personal data provided by you in connection with an application forthis role in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data ProtectionActs 2018. The data will be kept for no longer that is necessary for the purposes for which thatdata are processed, and it shall be kept in a manner that ensure appropriate security of thedata including the unauthorised or unlawful processing of data.If your application is successful for this role, then your personal data will continue to beprocessed in accordance for the specified reason of the vacancy that you have applied to, andyour data will not be held longer than is necessary. If your application is successful and youaccept an offer of employment with CORU, then your personal data will continue to beprocessed in accordance with CORU personnel file management policy.CORU may disclose the data that you provided on the application form to external sources forthe following reasons – where there is an external assessor assisting in the shortlisting orduring interviews to the post which you have applied, and to internal and external auditors. Job SpecificationExecutive Officer in EducationJob PurposeReporting to the Education Manager the successful candidate will be a member of theCORU executive working as part of a small team and supporting the education qualitymanagement of the organisation.This position presents a unique opportunity for applicants with the requisite qualificationsknowledge, skills and experience to join a growing and dynamic team.The Education Officer will be responsible for implementing and coordinating CORU’seducation quality assurance processes to enable registration boards meet their requirementsunder Part 5 of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended).The range of activities include project management, selection and management of panel ofexperts, customer service management including dealing with queries from the public andstakeholders.Please note: this position may involve considerable amounts of national traveloutside of core business hoursKey Activities: Support CORU’s pre-registration education quality assurance processes inaccordance with the Act Contribute to the development of Registration Board requirements foreducation and training programmes Co-ordinate the day-to-day pre-registration education quality assuranceprocesses Contribute to the recruitment of external panels of experts to carry out qualityassurance reviews of education and training programmes Manage the assignment of external panel of experts to carry out qualityassurance reviews of education and training programmes Contribute to the development of a training programme for external panels ofexperts, education providers, registration board members and staff on preregistration education quality assurance Encourage and support new and more effective ways of working with the fullengagement of the team Contribute to the development of digital solutions and resources to streamlineCORU’s quality assurance processes Coordinate the implementation and management of CORU’s ContinuingProfessional Development (CPD) system Plan and coordinate stakeholder consultations Liaise with education providers with regard to quality management activities  Contribute to the development of quality assurance reports, research reportsand position papers to Council, Boards and Committees Contribute and support in the development of policies and procedures in linewith best practice in quality assurance Provide administrative support including acting as Secretary to Committeesand Boards. Manage the record management system Manage performance and supervise staff Work collaboratively as part of the Education team and participate fully in anycross functional initiatives within CORU Performing any function that may be assigned by the Education ManagerQualifications:Desirable:Third level qualification in a related area and a qualification in project management isdesirable.Knowledge/ExperienceEssential: At least two years’ experience in a comparable capacity Experience of research Experience of process administration / management Demonstrates flexibility and openness to changeDesirable: Knowledge of quality assurance Experience of policy development Experience of managing external stakeholder relationshipsEssential skills/competencies:Successful candidates will demonstrate Excellent organisational skills to deliver the best possible results. Possess planning skills with high attention to detail and accuracy skills Ability to effectively deal with a wide range of information sources, investigating allrelevant issues Capable of expression in a clear and articulate manner when speaking and writing Is able to modify communication approach to suit the needs of the audience  The ability to work as a team player within a dynamic and continuously changingwork environment Excellent attention to detail The ability to work on own initiative Capacity to ownership of tasks and determination to see them through to asatisfactory conclusion Ensures that customer service is at the heart of the education team workThis job description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of theposition; it is subject to regular review and amendment as necessary.Job SpecificationExecutive Officer in Competent Authority (Recognition)Job PurposeThe Executive Officer, reporting to the Recognition Manager is responsible for providingsupport in the Recognition Department (Competent Authority) which deals with applicationsfor recognition of qualifications gained outside Ireland.Key Activities: Manage and oversee the work of a team of Clerical officers Oversight and Quality Assurance of all recognition related work undertaken by theteam including but not limited to: the processing of applications, appropriate record keeping; data protection; the assessment process; preparation and presentation of information to RegistrationBoards; compliance with legal and policy requirements providing Boards with appropriate supports; and communication and engagement with applicants. Training of new team members and keeping the team up to date in key skills andpolicy requirements Maintain own knowledge, and support development of team knowledge, of the keyprovisions of the relevant legislation (Directive 2005/35/EC, SI 8 2017, the Healthand Social Care Professionals Act 2005 (as amended) Provide support and advice to assessors where necessary Assist with research and policy developments Handle complex cases Developing and maintaining key information resource to support decision making andthe formulation of recommendations Identify where issues need to be escalated to the HEO and HoD and progress Ensure statutory timeframes are adhered to at the very minimum and promotemethods for robust and timely decision making Engage with relevant regulators and internal and external stakeholders to promoteand progress the work of the Department Presentation at Board meetings. Proactively identify new methods to make daily operations and processes moreefficient and robust. Prepare materials for web publication with the Communications team Schedule and service meetings and organise room bookings as required. Assist in production of Annual Reports, Corporate Plans and Policies and othercorporate publications as required Provide assistance as required with events including preparation of correspondence,notifications, publications and promotional materials Carry out such other duties as may be required. Participate fully in any cross functional training initiatives from time to time. Represent CORU in a professional manner at all times.Qualifications:Essential: Third level qualification, preferably in a business / public administrationrelated discipline.Desirable: Further qualifications in the area of Process Management / ProjectManagementExperience/ Competencies:Essential: At least two years relevant administration experienceExcellent interpersonal and communication skillsGood understanding of professional regulation and the work of CORUAbility to work with a high degree of confidentiality and discretionProven organisational skills and ability to work towards tight deadlinesAdaptability, flexibilityA thorough knowledge and understanding of office processes and equipmentand PC Proficiency is essential.Ability to produce accurate high quality work in high volumeDesirable: Previous administrative experience in a regulatory environmentAbility to represent the organisation at seminars or meetings.Project managementThis job description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of theposition; it is subject to regular review and amendment as necessary.Job SpecificationExecutive Officer in SecretariatRoleTo provide a secretariat service to the CEO, Council and Registration Boards at CORU.Working as part of a small team, the job requires the ability to pay attention to detail andwork to tight deadlines. While this job is demanding and challenging, it is also rewarding inprogressing to the protection of the public, by establishing the registration of health andsocial care professionals.Key Activities Researching and profiling of the health and social care professions under ourlegislation to support a more efficient delivery of registration for the professions. Supporting critical analysis and review of complex policy proposals. Assisting in the monitoring and reviewing of Government reports and publications andproviding relevant, current information to the CEO. Tailoring framework documents to meet the requirements of our different professions,based on decisions by Council and Registration Boards. Preparing responses to Parlimentary Questions. Supporting the work of Department of Health Officials to progress the work of Counciland Registration Boards. Researching and drafting proposals relating to policy issues. Supporting the development, completion and tracking of annual workplans. Supporting the delivery of the CEO’s office objectives. Managing CEO’s correspondence and diary. Working to tight deadlines and liasing with internal departments for agenda contentmaterials for Council and Board meetings. As part of the CEO’s Office team, providing support in the management of all aspectsof planning for the efficient operation of Council and Registration Board meetings Participating in training and induction of volunteer Council and Board members.Essential Requirements:Knowledge/ExperienceEssential: Minimum two years relevant experience in an administrative role managing complexprojects or tasks for a variety of stakeholders. Excellent orgnaisational skills. Ability to interact well in a busy multidisciplinary environment. Ability to work accurately to tight timelines on own initiative and in a small team. Excellent report writing and verbal communication skills. A thorough knowledge and understanding of office processes and equipment isimportant. Strong IT skills are essential.Desirable: Experience in a Regulatory or Health and Social Care setting. Third level qualification in public administration or other relevant discipline Previous Secretariat experience. Research and policy development.This job description is intended as a basic guide to the scope and responsibilities of theposition; it is subject to regular review and amendment as necessary.

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Global Experiences Ambassador - Work From Home


Overview Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique travel experiences around the world. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb allows people to Belong Anywhere through unique travel experiences at any price point, in more than 65,000 cities and over 191 countries. We promote a culture of curiosity, humanity, and creativity through our product, brand, and, most importantly, our community. Experiences on Airbnb are excursions or other activities designed and led by local hosts who give guests unique access into places and communities in their city. Guests can already book a wide variety of Experiences globally, such as making pizza with a local chef in New York and taking sketching lessons with a passionate artist in Paris. We’re looking for amazing Ambassadors for Experiences that can help attract a large number of entrepreneurs for the categories Arts/Culture, Food/Drink, Entertainment/Nightlife, Nature/Outdoors, Sports/Wellness. You will be working as an independent freelancer, and earn a fixed fee for every Experience listing you generate and for one that obtains a booking on the platform . As an Airbnb Experiences Ambassador, you will find new Experience hosts for the platform. You must be living in the city you want to become an Ambassador for, and have your finger on the pulse of your city. We’re looking Freelance Airbnb Experience Ambassadors who are: – Knowledgeable: You know about Airbnb and Experiences, and can explain how awesome it is to others! – Self-Starters: Able to create a plan of action and execute it – Community networkers: You know the right people and can connect them to the Airbnb Experiences platform – Promoters: Skilled at talking to others and spreading the word about great products like the Airbnb Experiences platform – Great communicators: Able to communicate quickly, effectively and accurately to various audiences – Fast learners: Comfortable with a fast-paced environment. Startup experience a plus – Independent: Ability to flourish with minimal guidance and be proactive Please note: If you are an Experience host, you are not eligible to be an ambassador. This is a remote job with freelance contract. You don’t have to go and work from an office but you must be based in one of the cities where the position is open. You may be able to change the city at the end of the first contract.

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Seasonal General Operatives

Waterways Ireland
€581.72 per week

 JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: General Operative LEO (Seasonal) SALARY SCALE: €581.72 REPORTS TO: Charge hand; Foreperson; Engineering Technician; Engineer, Senior Engineer  LOCATION(S): Tullamore / Thomastown / Lowtown WORK HOURS: 39 hours – Monday to Friday.   SUMMARY OF ROLE To engage in the maintenance and development of Grand / Royal Canal by undertaking operational tasks as required.  DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ·           Working as a member of a team engaged in the maintenance and development of the waterway channel, the towpaths, banks, buildings and structures, moorings and mooring facilities·           Working in general civil engineering/building construction·           Working in a water based environment involving frequently working on and / or in close proximity to deep water·           Maintenance and development of Waterways Ireland’s property and facilities, including grass/hedge cutting, weed spraying, installing gates/fencing, litter collection, etc ·           Working as Banksman (while working with plant and machinery)·           Assisting craftspersons (building walls/pillars, mixing mortar, kerb laying etc) The above is given as a broad range of duties and is not intended to be a complete description of all tasks. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE Essential Criteria ·           Experience of working on civil engineering / building construction projects ·           Possess good communication skills ·           Knowledge of issues relating to Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations on a construction site ·           Possess current full driving licence (Category B) ·           Possess a valid Safepass card Desirable Criteria ·           Experience of working under minimum supervision. ·           Experience of working in a team. ·           Experience of undertaking vegetation maintenance activities ·           Possess a full driving licence for additional categories EB and / or EC.  SHORTLISTING PROCESS A shortlist of candidates for interviews will be prepared on the basis of information contained in the application form. It is essential that all applicants demonstrate on their application form how and the extent to which they satisfy each of the Essential and Desirable criteria specified. In the event of a large volume of applicants, testing may also be used to form a shortlist. Candidates will be notified should this be required.  This competition will create a merit based panel which will last 12 months. Opportunities which arise over the next 12 months will be offered to successful applicants in order of merit.

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Staff Travel Administrator

Swords, Dublin

DESCRIPTIONWe are currently seeking to recruit a Staff Travel Administrator to meet the travel needs of our people. The successful candidate will be based at Ryanair’s New Head Office, Airside Retail Park, Swords. We are interested in people who are looking for a career opportunity where hard work, initiative and enthusiasm are part of the daily routine. This will be an initial 12 month contract.REQUIREMENTSDuties include:BENEFITSThis position offers a competitive salary and travel benefits.Closing date: Wednesday 27th March

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Library Assistant

Maynooth University
Maynooth, Kildare
€23,096 - €40,088 per year

The RoleMaynooth University is committed to a strategy in which the primary University goals of excellentresearch and scholarship and outstanding education are interlinked and equally valued.We are seeking a committed, proactive person to support the work of the Library in the critical area ofSpecial Collections and Archives. The post will involve working with Special Collections both in theJohn Paul II Library and the Russell Library. The post holder will report to the Senior Library Assistant,Special Collections and Archives. As an integral member of a small team, s/he will, after a period ofinitial training, have a varied role in the daily running of the respective library services to readers andvisitors. This will include: the care and preservation of older books and manuscripts, theirdocumentation, and their presentation to the public and other related activities including supportingteaching and learning initiatives in the area of Special Collections as well as providing assistance in thepresentation of exhibitions.Principal DutiesAdministrative and other duties:This will include: The successful candidate will be appointed at Library Assistant level. Participating in the running of the service, over both sites to readers, in all its aspects Providing high quality, specialised assistance to users, including first line support to users of theservice Making a significant contribution to activities promoting the use of Special Collections to users,including web pages, blog postings and other social media Assisting in the day to day organisation of the work areas and collections of both Russell Libraryand Special Collections in the John Paul II Library Delivering tours, talks and classes to a variety of groups Undertaking appropriate curatorial and exhibition work Participation in a variety of projects in the Library; both within and beyond designated section Other duties associated with the above Any other duties as assigned by the University Librarian or his nomineePost Ref: 0025612The ideal candidate will have:Essential Requirements: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Strong customer service skills Flexibility to ensure library services are maintained at all times Excellent time keeping and a high level of motivation Ability to work as part of a small team and on own initiative, is essential Proactive, energetic, enthusiastic and adaptable approach to a variety of tasks and projects Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines Accuracy and careful attention to detail Excellent keyboard skills - a knowledge of Word and Excel essential Previous experience of working in a library or customer facing environmentDesirable Requirements: An interest in and experience of curatorship, bibliography, archives and rare books would beadvantageous An interest in using social media to disseminate the work of the department Previous experience of using an automated library management system Familiarity with a range of key online and printed resources in the area of library collectionsThe LibraryThere are two main buildings - the John Paul II Library and the Russell Library, both of which holdsignificant rare book, archive and manuscript collections. Notable items in these collections include: Archives of significant figures from scholarship, activism and literature, Gaelic manuscripts dating from the 15th to the 19th century English, Latin and French manuscripts from the 11th century A world class Bible collection of over 2500 items covering nearly 600 languages Cuneiform tablets from pre Christian Mesopotamia A variety of incunabula from the 15th century The Otway-Maurice collection from St. Canice’s, Kilkenny, containing over 3000 rare itemsWork on a major 20 million euro extension, to the John Paul II Library, with dedicated Special Collectionsand Archives spaces was completed in 2013.The UniversityMaynooth University is one of the four constituent universities of the National University of Ireland andin 2017 was placed in the global top 100 universities under 50 years old in the Times Higher EducationWorld University Rankings. Formally established as an autonomous university in 1997, but tracing itsorigins to the foundation of the Royal College of St. Patrick in 1795, Maynooth University draws on aheritage of over 200 years’ commitment to education and scholarship. It is located in the Universitytown of Maynooth, 25km from the centre of Dublin, Ireland’s capital city.The University is a modern institution - dynamic, research-led, engaged, and grounded in the traditionsof liberal education. With more than 12,000 students, Maynooth is Ireland’s fastest-growing university,yet we retain a collegial campus culture that is central to our ability to bring significant interdisciplinaryexpertise to bear in tackling some of the most fundamental challenges facing society today. MU has adistinctive disciplinary profile compared to other universities in Ireland, with research and teachingstrengths in humanities and social sciences, science, electronic engineering, business, law and teachereducation. The University has major research institutes and centres in the areas of: humanities;, social Post Ref: 0025613sciences; mathematics, computation and communication; human health; business and serviceinnovation; climate change; and Geocomputation.The University has, under the University Strategic Plan 2012-17, further enhanced its capacity andreputation for research, transformed its undergraduate curriculum, grown postgraduate enrolments andbecome even more international, diverse and engaged. MU makes, and is seen to make, an importantand distinctive contribution to our national system of higher education.Maynooth University is now embarking upon a new and exciting phase with the development of theUniversity Strategic Plan 2018-22, with a vision to consolidate the international reputation of MaynoothUniversity “as a university known for outstanding teaching, excellent research, a global outlook, effectiveengagement with the society we serve, and our distinctive approach to the challenges facing modernhigher education.”The University Strategic Plan 2018-22 builds on the institution’s strengths and accomplishments,concentrating energy and resources on further development in research and postgraduate education.The strategy focuses on: targeted investment in research capacity in a number of priority areas; extending the postgraduate portfolio and growing the postgraduate community; realising the full benefits of our innovative undergraduate curriculum; enhancing the student experience; comprehensive and ethical internationalisation; equality diversity inclusion and interculturalism as enablers of academic excellenceThese strategic goals are underpinned by a commitment to invest, first and foremost in people andopportunities for their development and success, and also in the systems and infrastructure required toachieve scholarly and educational objectives.Selection and Appointment Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend for interview; Appointments will be approved by the President based on the report of the selection board; The appointment is expected to be effective from early 2019..SalaryLibrary Assistant: €23,096 – €40,088 p.a. (16 points)Appointment will be made in accordance with the Department of Finance pay guidelines.*New entrants to the public sector will be appointed on the first point of the above scale.Application ProcedureClosing Date:23:30hrs (local Irish time) on Friday 22nd February 2019. HOW TO APPLY:Click the APPLY NOW button below. On the following page click the SEARCH button and the vacancy will be now listed. Best of luck with your application.

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General Operatives & Electricians

€18 - €30 per hour

ELECTRICIANS AND GENERAL OPERATIVES ❗️ Electricians and General Operatives required in the following areas *Dublin* *Galway* *Cork* Electricians- €30 per hour General Operatives- €18 per hour 50 plus hours a week available, Overtime rates and weekend work available on certain sites Digs also available You must have the following and they must be submitted to be considered for a role: - Safe Pass/CSR -Manual Handling -Relevant certs/qualifications for role applied for Email your cv and above paperwork to

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Health Care Assistant

Letterkenny University Hospital
Letterkenny, Donegal
€27,647 - €34,588 per year

The successful candidate may be required to work in any service area within the vicinity as the need arises. A Panel will be formed from which permanent and specified purpose contract vacancies of full or part time duration may be filledInformal EnquiriesOperational Assistant Director of NursingTelephone number 074 91 25888 Bleep 403Details of ServiceSaolta University Health Care Group is one of seven new hospital groups announced by the then Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly TD in May, 2013, as part of a re-organisation of public hospitals into more efficient and accountable hospital groups that will deliver improved outcomes for patient. The Saolta University Health Care Group comprises of 7 hospitals:  Patient Care: Breathing:The Health Care Assistant will assist nursing staff in maintaining patient’s adequate breathing.  Required to: ·         Recognise signs of distressed breathing in patients and report these to the nursing staff.·         Assist with positioning the patient to reduce distress.·         Locate and bring oxygen supply equipment to the bedside as directed by the nursing staff.·         Position personal items such as drinks, tissues and reading materials within easy reach of the patient.·         Maintain the ward in a well-ventilated condition and in the condition perceived by the patient as being most comfortable. Eating and Drinking:The Health Care Assistant has a significant role in ensuring that patient’s dietary requirements are met.  Under the direction of the nursing staff the Health Care Assistant will: ·      Assist patients in preparation for their meals, (for example to use toilet facilities and to wash hands before meals).·      Prepare the environment by making it as aesthetically pleasant as possible by removing unnecessary items from the immediate bedside, (for example commodes, urinals, etc.).·      Assist/feed patients as directed by nursing staff.·      Observe amounts of food and liquids consumed by patients who need special monitoring, and communicate outcomes to the nursing staff.·      Making patients comfortable after their meals, (for example repositioning them for rest, offering opportunities to clean their teeth or dentures).·      Encouraging patients to drink plenty of fluid, offer refreshing drinks frequently, where necessary. Elimination: The Health Care Assistant will: ·      Assist patients to toilet.·      Supervise patients in toilets and bathrooms when necessary.·      Place patients on bedpans or commodes or assist nurses in doing this.·      Attend to patients’ post elimination hygiene needs.·      Measure volume of urinary output, as directed by nursing staff.·      Empty urine drainage bags, as directed by the nursing staff.·      Dispose of used sputum containers.·      Attend to patient’s soiled personal laundry.·      Adhere to the universal precautions identified in the infection control policy document.  Dressing and Personal Hygiene:The Health Care Assistant will contribute to patients’ comfort and maintenance of personal dignity by assisting them with personal hygiene. This may include: ·      Bed bathing patients.·      Assisting patients in shower or bath.·      Helping with or performing mouth care, as directed by the nurse.·      Shaving patient when necessary.·      Caring for patients’ hair and nails as required.·      Helping patients to dress and groom in accordance with their wishes.·      Ensure the patient’s personal hygiene needs are met. Controlling body temperature:The Health Care Assistant will contribute to this function in the following ways: ·      By taking appropriate measures as instructed by the nursing staff to ensure maintenance of body temperature. Mobilising:The Health Care Assistant will help patients to maintain or regain their independence by assisting the patient to mobilise in the following ways:  ·      Assist patients with walking/mobilising as directed by nursing staff.·      Position patients comfortably and in a manner that enables movement while sitting in a chair.·      Assist with turning and positioning patients in bed.·      Provide patients with aids that enhance opportunities for mobility in consultation with the nursing staff.·      Participate in moving and handling patients as directed and according to Manual Handling Guidelines.·      Report all falls/ near miss falls to the nursing staff. Care of Dying Patient:The Health Care Assistant’s role will include the following: ·      Establishing a quiet, comfortable and dignified environment for the ill/dying patient and their family members.·      Listening with respect and empathy to relatives.·      Providing comforting and refreshing drinks or snacks for relatives as required.·      Assisting the nurse with the Last Office and care of the body after death.·      Organisation of the deceased’s belongings for their return to the family. Contribute as part of the Ward Team:The Health Care Assistant as a key member of the ward team may be requested to undertake other activities which help in the smooth running of the ward/department. These may include: ·      Delivering specimens as directed.·      Checking ward stocks and listing those that need recording, i.e. pads and nappies.·      Maintaining orderly storage of supplies.·      Storing patient’s belongings in an appropriate manner in accordance with hospital policy.·      Preparing special drinks / snacks for patients.·      Report to the nursing staff, any requests from patients or relatives.·      Report to the nursing staff, any complaints of pain, distress and/or other concerns expressed by patient/family.·      Undertake training and development of further skills as directed by the Director of Nursing / Designated Officer.·      The Ward Manager may request other appropriate tasks to be undertaken to meet ward and other patient care needs.

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Assistant Staff Officer

Meath County Council
€27,567 - €44,771 per year

THE JOB: ASSISTANT STAFF OFFICER – GRADE IVApplications are sought from suitably qualified persons who wish to be considered for inclusion on apanel from which permanent & fixed-term contract vacancies for the position of Assistant Staff Officershall be drawn.The Assistant Staff Officer is a supervisory position in the Council with responsibility for staffsupervision within a section of a department. He/she will work as part of a multidisciplinary team,assisting with the implementation of work programmes to achieve goals, targets and standards set outin departmental/team plans. As part of the Council’s commitment to providing quality services tocitizens the Assistant Staff Officer will assist in delivering a wide range of services across theorganisation.RESPONSIBILITIES /DUTIES:The duties shall be such as will be assigned by the Council from time to time, and shall include the dutyof deputising for other officers of the Council when required. The duties may include but are not limitedto:• Providing administrative backup and support for their supervisor/line manager to achieve keygoals, objectives and tasks;• Supervising staff and deputising for their supervisor/line-manager as required;• Operating under the direction of their supervisor/line-manager;• Participating as an effective team member towards the efficient operation of theirdepartment/section;• Collating and analysing information/data and reporting on same;• Maintaining accurate records and files;• Assisting with budget management/reporting and procurement;• Ensuring the provision of high quality Customer Services;• Briefing and training new staff;• Implementing agreed procedures, schemes and policies of the Council;• Servicing and attending meetings of the Council and its committees as required;• Operating existing and future IT systems;• Taking initiative and being proactive in addressing issues;• Assisting with the implementation of change and delivering quality services;• Managing the performance of a section or function within a department;• Working effectively with staff, members of the public, public representatives, external agenciesand various Council departments.THE IDEAL CANDIDATE WILL:• Have an understanding of the Council’s purpose, goals and priorities and knowledge of publicservice organisation in Ireland;• Understand the role of the elected council and the representational role of the elected members;• Understand the changing environment and be capable of adapting to change in order to deliverquality services to our citizens;• Have ability to identify problems and contribute to solutions;• Have an ability to work effectively within a team to achieve a common goal, ensuring standardsare adhered to and maintained;• Have the ability to provide excellent customer services;• Have an ability to lead a team;• Have good interpersonal and communications skills;• Be motivated to achieve maximum performance;• Demonstrate excellent clerical/administrative experience in an office based environment;• Have an ability to work on own initiative, in an independent environment and without constantsupervision;• Have staff supervisory experience;• Have an awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations, the implications for theorganisation and the employee, and their application in the workplace.QUALIFICATIONSThe Minister for the Housing, Planning, and Local Government has declared that the qualifications forthe position of Assistant Staff Officer, Meath County Council shall be as set out hereunder:CHARACTER: Each candidate must be of good character.HEALTH: Each candidate must be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonableprospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.EDUCATION/ EXPERIENCE, ETC.:Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms:(a) (1) Have obtained at least Grade D (or pass), in Higher or Ordinary level, in five subjects (orfour subjects if Irish is included) from the approved list of subjects in the Department ofEducation Established Leaving Certificate Examination or Leaving Certificate VocationalProgramme including Irish and/or English and one of the following: Mathematics, Accounting,Business Organisation or Economics, AND;(2) Have obtained at least Grade C (or Honours) in Higher Level (or Honours) papers in threesubjects in that examination (or two subjects if Irish and/or one of the following is included:Mathematics, Accounting, Business Organisation or Economics), or;(b) Have obtained a comparable standard in an equivalent examination, or;(c) Hold a third level qualification of at least degree standard or;(d) Be a serving employee in a Local Authority, Health Board, Vocational Education Committees inthe State, Institutes of Technology, the General Medical Services (Payments) Board, St. James’Hospital Board, Beaumont Hospital Board, an Board Altranais, the Local Government ComputerServices Board or the Border, Midland and Western Regional Assembly or the Southern andEastern Regional Assembly, and have satisfactory experience in a post of Clerical Officer or ananalogous post.PRINCIPAL CONDITIONS OF SERVICETYPE OF POST: The creation of the panel from which permanent and temporary vacancies may befilled.SALARY: €27,567 - €44,771 per annum – pending on service (EL 07/18)Please note starting pay for new entrants will be at the minimum of the scale. The rate of remunerationmay be adjusted from time to time in line with Government pay policy.PROBATION:(a) there shall be a period after such appointments take effect during which such persons shall holdthe position on probation,(b) such period shall be one year but the Chief Executive may at his or her discretion extend suchperiod,(c) such persons shall cease to hold the position at end of the period of probation unless duringsuch period, the Chief Executive has certified that the service of such persons is satisfactory.SUPERANNUATION CONTRIBUTION:Job Description – Assistant Staff Officer 2019Persons who become pensionable officers of a local authority, who are liable to pay the Class A rate ofPRSI contribution will be required in respect of their superannuation to contribute to the rate of 1.5% oftheir pensionable remuneration plus 3.5% of net pensionable remuneration (i.e. pensionableremuneration less twice the annual rate of social insurance old age contributory pension payable at themaximum rate to a person with no adult dependant or qualified children).Persons who become pensionable officers of a local authority who are liable to pay the Class D rate ofPRSI contribution will be required, in respect of their superannuation, to contribute to the local authorityat the rate of 5% of their pensionable remuneration. All persons who become pensionable officers of alocal authority, are required, in respect of the Local Government (Spouses and Children’s ContributoryPension) Scheme, 1986, to contribute to the local authority at the rate of 1.5% of their pensionableremuneration in accordance with the terms of the Scheme.PENSION ARRANGEMENTS & RETIREMENT AGE:Candidates will be informed of their superannuation position at time an offer of appointment is beingmade.

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Paid Internships in Florida

bē Workaway
Outside of Ireland

Come work in Florida. A unique way to kick-start your hospitality career!8-month programme starting October 2019.WORKAWAY 2019 - Paid internships in Florida! 🇺🇸 Escape the Irish weather while improving your hospitality skills. Servers, bar and waiting staff wanted! Applications are now open! Workaway is an opportunity like no other to develop and improve your hospitality skills in the USA to guarantee yourself a good career in Ireland with us. Don’t delay!• Are you between 21-29 years old?• Do you have an Irish/UK passport?• Do you want an exciting career?• Do you want to travel and work?• Do you have experience working in the hospitality industry?REQUIREMENTSCandidates must:• Hold Irish/UK passport (based on requirement for H2B visa)• Have recent experience in the Hospitality Industry• Be available from October 2018 until June 2019• Be between 21 and 29 years of age for H2B visa complianceYOU GET• Flights, visa, insurance, and medicals are paid by the employer• Salary of $12-$13.50 ph. (plus overtime)• Accommodation is provided at a weekly costOUR COMMITMENTbē is committed to bring about change in the hospitality sector. USA represents a significant opportunity to get future hospitality professionals trained to a standard that Europe and Ireland need to acquire.That is why we focus our foreign programmes in the US. We send you there, you get trained and then you come back to get Ireland at the top of the European hospitality.We need you. Come join us and become part of the bē family.WHY WORKAWAY?This programme presents young people interested in the hospitality sector with an unparalleled opportunity to broaden their horizon and experience.We have been running Workaway since 2011 years very successfully, and those that take part are always very positive about the outcomes and expertise. In fact, many of those embarking in the programme receive offers to continue in employment in the USA or back with us in Ireland.

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