16 Apr 2020

Companies recruiting candidates during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic upends the economy, according to BusinessInsider.com some companies are actively recruiting candidates who have been displaced.

This is particularly true for previously difficult to fill IT roles such as Software Engineers, Java Developers, Product Designers and Program Managers which are still in high demand by the big players.

Large organisations are managing to attract candidates who would have previously preferred to work for smaller organisations and start ups, who offered them a greater degree of freedom, responsibility, experience and in some cases company equity.

In a crisis however, large organisations can appear attractive to displaced candidates with the offer of job security and additional benefits.

In the US and across the globe big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are now actively whipping up top IT Talent, as they take advantage of this situation. According to BusinessInsider.com it's not the first time this strategy was used, back in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis these companies hired aggressively, scooping up talent that had been laid off elsewhere.

It's not only tech talent that's in high demand though, experienced people in logistics, transport, warehousing, engineering, electrical contracting and chefs to name but a few, were always in short supply.

Some companies are using this down time to find key staff, offering to start the new recruits as soon as lockdown passes. They're holding interviews by telephone and video conferencing and making quick decisions to keep candidates engaged.

It's just something to be aware of. The best advice JobAlert.ie can give small businesses during lockdown to reduce the risk of losing key staff, if they are on temporary layoff, is to STAY ENGAGED and show you care! Just checking in regularly and keeping them informed with whatever information you can offer, will make a huge difference. How you treat employees now will definitely stand to you in the long run, but all you can do is try your best in these uncertain times.

We care about your business and look forward to the day when we're all back to normal!

In the meantime here's an interesting article from Legal Island on "Strategies for Coping with a Temporary Downturn in Business during COVID-19 Crisis", it covers Lay-offs, Short time arrangements and Government Supports CLICK HERE

Here's a another good article from Glassdoor on managing employees through layoffs, if that's something you have to do CLICK HERE and this one's also a good read; CLICK HERE

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COVID-19 will pass and hopefully we'll all be back doing what we do best, take care everyone.

The JobAlert.ie Team

Full original Business Insider Article available HERE

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