21 Nov 2023

Public Service Jobs

There are currently over 300 jobs available in the public sector Nationwide.

These roles range from Entry Level - Senior Level and can offer excellent career and growth opportunities.

The Public Sector consists of the Civil Service and the Public Service. The role of the Civil Service is to support the government of the day to develop and implement its policies, both at home and abroad. There are a great range of opportunities available to those seeking a career within the Civil Service. Working in the Civil Service will provide you with opportunities to work on initiatives that will help Ireland respond to the challenges of a changing world, whether that’s in the realm of justice, managing the economy, or innovating public services. This is an ideal career path for people strongly motivated to serve the people of Ireland.

The Civil Service is a diverse and inclusive workforce, with ample opportunity for progression and upskilling. We have a huge variety of roles to suit school leavers, college graduates and professionals of all levels of skills and experience. These range from general grades such as Clerical Officer, Executive Officer and Administrative Officer to specialist roles such as Engineer, Economist or Policy Analyst to name just a few.

FInd out more about setting down the path to a career in the Civil Service here: https://www.publicjobs.ie/en/information-hub/civil-service-career-path

Entry to the Civil Service depends on your level of education, skills and experience. The career ladder ranges from general admin roles such as temporary or permanent Clerical Officer, junior management opportunities such as Executive or Administrative Officer, all the way up to senior management and strategic leadership roles. 

Here you will find an infographic- which is an overview of the Civil Service Grade Structure and possible career paths. Recruitment Process: - Publicjobs.ie

We believe that workplaces are energised by the contribution of employees from all parts of society, leading to more responsive and inclusive policies, programmes, and services. People are central to our business and it is our priority to recruit a high-calibre and diverse workforce to deliver responsive and inclusive public services for the people of Ireland.

The large majority of Civil and Public Service roles are recruited through large volume recruitment competitions (Temporary and Permanent Clerical Officer, Executive Officer, Garda Trainee, Prison Officer, Third Secretary, and Administrative Officer / Graduate roles, amongst others). For specific Professional, Technical, and Management positions we recruit on a tailored basis throughout the year.

As recruitment competitions for many positions across the Civil and Public Service usually attract a high number of applicants, candidates are therefore required to undertake a range of relevant assessment tests and exercises over several selection stages. We use a demand-led approach which means candidates may be progressed in batches through the various assessment stages at different times, based on the number of vacancies that arise.

You can view all jobs currently available here: https://www.publicjobs.ie/en/job-search

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