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Event Workers Wanted

Excel RecruitmentDublin

Looking to work at some of the most exciting events this summer? Excel Recruitment has a large number of vacancies available throughout Ireland for Summer Festivals, Events, and Arena Tours . These roles are varied and cover a broad range of opportunities to gain experience in the hospitality sector. Responsibilities for Events Staff include: If you think you have the necessary skills and would be interested in working as part of our Events Team – please apply to this advert or call our Events Team on 01 871 7676.

4 days agoTemporaryContract

Age Testers – Nationwide

Customer Perceptions LtdNationwide

Age Testers – Nationwide - No Experience Necessary. Are you aged 18-20? Interested in joining our Panel of Age Testers? Our organisation works with businesses of all sizes to help them measure and improve performance with regard to ID checks and other operational and compliance standards. This is a part-time, flexible role that is ideal to fit in and around other work or studies. Jobs are allocated and paid on a per-audit basis. Our clients take the issue of sales very seriously and require help to ensure that ID-checking policies are adhered to. The research enables clients to address breaches and to provide updated training to their staff where required. Click Apply Now to submit your application today! Interested but don't have a current CV? Just upload a letter of introduction instead, listing your Name / Location and Email address and the team will get back to you!

6 days agoPart-time

Home Care Assistant - South East Dublin

Be Independent Home CareSouth Dublin, County Dublin€14 - €28 per hour

Be Independent Home Care  is a provider of premium Home Care services. At Be Independent Home Care we know the success of what we do depends on the quality and happiness of our team. Our team are at the heart of our company and it is their passion that ensures that our clients enjoy the best possible care.  Be Independent Home Care have been voted the 2nd Best Company to work for in Ireland. We are currently recruiting home care assistants for Guaranteed hours across South Dublin to work on a Monday to Friday basis, no weekends or evenings! OR Work on a rotating roster, 3 set days per week on week 1 and 4 set days per week on week 2, working 2 weekends per month. Work 14 days per month with guaranteed full-time hours! We are currently recruiting in the following areas: Click Apply Now to submit your CV & Cover Note today! Don't have a current CV? Click HERE to view the JobAlert.ie CV templates

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Home Care Assistant - North Co. Dublin

Be Independent Home CareDublin€14 - €28 per hour

Be Independent Home Care  is a provider of premium Home Care services. At Be Independent Home Care we know the success of what we do depends on the quality and happiness of our team. Our team are at the heart of our company and it is their passion that ensures that our clients enjoy the best possible care.  Be Independent Home Care have been voted the 2nd Best Company to work for in Ireland. We are currently recruiting home care assistants for Guaranteed hours across the Dublin Northside area to work on a Monday to Friday basis: We are currently recruiting home care assistants for Guaranteed hours across South Dublin to work on a Monday-to-Friday basis, no weekends or evenings! OR Work on a rotating roster, 3 set days per week on week 1 and 4 set days per week on week 2, working 2 weekends per month. Work 14 days per month with guaranteed full-time hours! The areas we are recruiting for below: Click Apply Now to submit your CV & Cover Note today! Don't have a current CV? Click HERE to view the JobAlert.ie CV templates

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Health & Safety Officer

The HSENationwide€55,024 - €71,529 per year

Purpose of the Post    The primary purpose of the post is to provide support to and manage the safe system of work on behalf of NAS Managers at an Area Operations level or other NAS function.  The post holder will facilitate compliance with the corporate Health & Safety Statement and associated processes, policies and legislation within NAS and work with managers to ensure that health and safety protocols are in place at regional and local level. The post holder will provide technical guidance and support to NAS Managers in relation to the development, implementation and ongoing review of the NAS Safety and Health Management System, ensuring continuous improvement based on systematic organisational learning.  The post holder will be responsible for effective engagement with elected Health and Safety Representatives and the promotion of a culture of staff and patient safety and employee wellbeing.   The post holder will advise and support management and duty holders in setting up, maintaining and improving systems that underpin an effective integrated health and safety governance system at NAS operational and functional level.  The post holder will provide specialist advice, guidance and instruction regarding health and safety matters to and on behalf of the relevant Senior Manager to help ensure that the NAS meets statutory obligations and achieves high standards of health and safety.  The post holder will be the key point of local contact for internal stakeholders such as the National Health and Safety Function (NHSF) and external stakeholders such as the State Claims Agency and the Health and Safety Authority.  Principal Duties and Responsibilities   Operational Management   ·        Promote a positive safety and health culture in the NAS and assist management and duty holders in securing the effective implementation of the safety and health policy.  ·        Coordinate the development of plans for areas of responsibility that contribute to achieving objectives set out in the Service Plan.  ·        Support management and duty holders in ensuring a proactive and systematic approach to managing health and safety.  ·        Issue recommendations on control measures to reduce adverse effects on the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, service users and members of the public.  ·        Assist management and duty holders in ensuring the management of health & safety in the NAS meets with the overall objectives of HSE Corporate and legislation.  ·        Provide cross cover within the health and safety function as required.  ·        Manage National Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for example:  -        Collect (from local responsible persons/managers/line managers at all levels), collate and report key performance indicator data through the line management structure, local health and safety committees etc.   -        Ensure the efficient administration of Health & Safety data collection.  -        Develop expertise in information databases.  -        Analyse and trend internal & external data including reviews / incidents / risk / quality indicators / quality improvement action plans / national quality improvements & audits in preparation for periodic KPI and other corporate reports as applicable.  Training   ·        Promote local awareness regarding the need for training and supports available both locally and nationally.   ·        Co-ordinate training at local level including booking training sessions and providing local assistance to responsible persons in the training booking process.   ·        Undertake a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and provide operational assistance on the TNA process to responsible persons.   ·        Ensure training records are maintained within each local area.  ·        Deliver training programmes as required.  ·        Lead on local audit data from responsible persons and report on performance through the NAS line management structure, National Health and Safety Function as required.   ·        In relation to standards, policies, procedures and legislation:  -        Maintain and develop competency in national standards from regulatory and legal bodies e.g. HIQA, the Mental Health Commission and the Health & Safety Authority.  -        Provide support to the NAS line management structure in the development of operational health and safety protocols.  Corporate Governance   ·        Support all Line Managers to understand and be clear on their responsibilities under health and safety legislation  ·        Provide guidance to all NAS managers and staff and contribute to the development of corporate policy and decision making activity.  ·        Engage with trade union representatives and elected Health and Safety Representatives on matters relating to health and safety  ·        Support management and duty holders in ensuring a proactive and systematic approach to managing health and safety.  ·        Establish and maintain local Governance procedures observing any applicable Corporate Governance arrangements, to ensure that the NAS line management structure are accurately appraised on the management of health and safety.  ·        Respond to changes in legislation and national policy in relation to health and safety and develop NAS procedures and guidelines (PPG) as appropriate to ensure compliance and implementation.  ·        Establish systems to allow for appropriate organisational responses to national recommendations from relevant regulatory bodies.  ·        Act as a liaison for NAS on local Health & Safety Matters.  ·        Work with Estates to ensure an effective and co-ordinated approach to infrastructural risk at NAS area or functional level.  ·        Observe national PPPG and take strategic direction from the National Health & Safety Function (NHSF).  ·        In consultation with the NHSF where appropriate act as lead liaison with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) on health and safety management matters relating to NAS.  ·        In consultation with the NHSF where appropriate act as liaison with the State Claims Agency on health and safety management strategies aimed at reducing the incidence of harm and providing support to claims management structures to reduce cost to the HSE.  ·        Act as liaison with insurers in relation to health and safety issues  Service Development    ·        Develop, maintain and monitor implementation of a three-year health and safety management action plan.  ·        Develop fit for purpose NAS safety and health procedures and guidelines as appropriate for existing NAS activities and also with respect to new activities or processes where identified or requested by service areas.  ·        In developing such PPGs ensure that these align with HSE corporate Health and Safety Policies and the Corporate Safety Statement.   ·        Notify the NHSF of any areas of OSH where a policy may be required.   ·        Advise the NAS line management structure on planning for safety and health, including the setting of realistic short and long term objectives, priorities and establishing adequate systems and performance standards.  ·        Ensure that systems are in place to evaluate and review performance against agreed targets and performance indicators. Provide such information to the NHSF where required.  ·        Develop and maintain effective systems for learning and improvement with regard to health and safety within NAS.  ·        Ensure effective processes for document management.  ·        Adequately identify, assess, manage and monitor risks within their area of responsibility.  ·        Liaise with key internal stakeholders to identify strategies and prioritise actions for managing risk.  ·        Support and assist direct line managers within NAS responsible for motivation and management of teams in health and safety matters.  ·        Support and assist individuals with key responsibility for health and safety within NAS.  ·        Contribute to service planning and the estimates process and support the implementation of service plan objectives.  This will include liaising with the National Health and Safety Function on current and future Health and Safety priorities/requirements.   ·        Liaise with internal stakeholders such as the National Health and Safety Function (NHSF) and Corporate Committees such as the Health & Safety Management Advisory Committee (HSMAC) and the Risk Committee and external stakeholders such as the State Claims Agency and the Health and Safety Authority.  ·        Ensure that national policy issued by the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit is implemented locally.  This will include statutory and regulatory requirements of the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit for the Health and Safety of healthcare workers.   ·        Support the relevant Manager in all communication processes and the collation, analysis and distribution (as applicable) of all policies. ·        Produce regular reports to the following identifying areas for improvement:  -        NAS line management structures  -        National Health & Safety Function  -        Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit  Communication and Engagement   ·        Ensure that managers are informed of changes to legislation and actions required to ensure compliance.  ·        Promote NAS and HSE health and safety education programmes and work with key stakeholders to develop safe working conditions within NAS.  ·        Foster a positive and supportive environment where staff learn from incidents and are willing to report adverse events.  ·        Work in partnership with the NHSF and other internal work groups/ colleagues, leading and directing areas of work as appropriate.  ·        Promote the National Health and Safety policies, documentation, KPI, webpages and promotional campaigns, etc., to all staff and key stakeholders (e.g. European Week for Safety and Health)  ·        Attend the NHSF Health and Safety Forum  Other   ·        Have a working Knowledge of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Standards as they apply to the role for example, Standards for Healthcare, National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections, Hygiene Standards etc. and comply with associated HSE protocols for implementing and maintaining these standards as appropriate to the role.  ·        To support, promote and actively participate in sustainable energy, water and waste initiatives to create a more sustainable, low carbon and efficient health service.    The above Job Specification is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to them from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.       Eligibility Criteria   Qualifications and/ or experience   Candidates must have at the latest date of application:    ·                  Hold a Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 8 (or higher) major academic award (e.g. Honours Degree or Higher Diploma) in Health and Safety, or other relevant area (that is, a qualification or cognate degree accredited by Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) for membership at Graduate or higher level). http://www.iosh.co.uk/Membership/About-membership/Qualifications.aspx   AND   Have: ·        A minimum of 3 years’ experience in an Occupational Health and Safety Officer / Advisor role OR ·        A minimum of 1.5 no. years’ experience in an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor/Officer (or equivalent) or Assistant role, And ·        Minimum of 1.5 no. years’ experience in healthcare in a clinical or support services role (i.e. a combined total of 3 no. years’ experience) AND   ·                 Candidates must possess the requisite knowledge and ability, including a high standard of suitability and management ability, for the proper discharge of the office.    Health   A candidate for and any person holding the office must be fully competent and capable of undertaking the duties attached to the office and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.    Character   Each candidate for and any person holding the office must be of good character.  Post Specific Requirements Candidates must: 1.      Demonstrate depth and breadth of experience as relevant to this role, in an Occupational Health and Safety Officer/Advisor role OR 2.      Demonstrate depth and breadth of experience as relevant to this role, in the following: (a)    in an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor/Officer (or equivalent) or Assistant role, And b) in healthcare in a clinical or support services role Other requirements specific to the post   ·        A flexible approach to working hours is required in order to ensure deadlines are met.   ·        Access to appropriate transport to fulfil the requirements of the role as the post will involve travel to locations around the country including possible overnight stays, to deliver training and attend meetings. ·        This is a leadership role but not in the Operations Directorate and hence, this is not a uniform role in NAS  Skills, competencies and/or knowledge   Professional Knowledge & Experience   ·        Demonstrate expert knowledge of health and safety management systems and processes.  ·        Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of safety statements, risk assessment/risk registers/reporting, monitoring and auditing.  ·        Demonstrate expertise in preparing for internal and external standards assessments.   ·        Demonstrate understanding of the statutory requirements relating to health and safety, and demonstrate the ability to interpret the law in the context of the organisation.  ·        Demonstrate theoretical and specialist practical knowledge of relevant national policies and strategy in relation to health and safety.  ·        Demonstrate ability to translate strategic goals into operational plans.  ·        Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare standards and their application to the healthcare setting.  ·        Demonstrate excellent MS Office skills to include, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  ·        Demonstrate knowledge and experience of using an email system effectively e.g. Outlook, Lotus Notes.  ·        Demonstrate knowledge of the health service including a good knowledge of HSE reform.  Communications & Interpersonal Skills   ·        Demonstrate effective verbal communication skills, delivering complex information clearly, concisely and confidently to a variety of audiences.  ·        Demonstrate excellent written communication skills including strong report writing and presentation skills.  ·        Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.   Planning & Organising and Delivery of Results    ·        Demonstrate the ability to successfully manage a range of different projects and work activities concurrently, utilising computer technology effectively and assigning work to others as appropriate to meet strict deadlines.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to proactively identify areas for improvement and to develop practical solutions for their implementation.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to embrace change and adapt local work practices accordingly by finding practical ways to make policies work, ensuring the team knows how to action changes.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to use resources effectively, challenging processes to improve efficiencies where appropriate.  Evaluating Information, Problem Solving & Decision Making   ·        Demonstrate excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills  ·        The ability to quickly grasp and understand complex issues and the impact on service delivery.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to confidently explain the rationale behind decision when faced with opposition.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to make sound decisions with a well-reasoned rationale and to stand by these.  ·        Demonstrate initiative in the resolution of complex issues.  Building and Maintaining Relationships including Teamwork & Leadership Skills   ·        Demonstrate the ability to build and maintain relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders and to achieve results through collaborative working.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to build influential relationships in order to establish credibility with internal and external stakeholders, regulatory and investigatory/auditing organisations.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a dynamic team and multi stakeholder environment.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to lead the team by example, coaching and supporting individuals as required.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to manage and motivate staff to achieve optimum performance, and address performance issues as they arise.  ·        Demonstrate the ability to present advice independently and effectively.  ·        Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and openness to working effectively in a changing environment.  Commitment to a Quality Service   ·        Demonstrate evidence of incorporating the needs of the service user into service delivery.  ·        Demonstrate evidence of practicing and promoting a strong focus on delivering high quality customer service for internal and external customers.  ·        Demonstrate on-going Health and Safety CPD activity.  ·        Demonstrate evidence of setting high standards of performance for self and others, ensuring accurate attention to detail and consistent adherence to procedures and current standards within area of responsibility.  Remuneration    The Salary scale for the post as at 01.03.2023   €55,024 - €56,367 - €57,938 - €59,514 - €61,096 -€62,508 - €63,947 - €65,346 - €66,736 - € 69,128 - €71,529 LSIs  The salary for this role is all inclusive and no other allowances or payments are payable with the exception of payments relating to weekend or unsocial hours working as and when applicable  New appointees to any grade start at the minimum point of the scale. Incremental credit will be applied for recognised relevant service in Ireland and abroad (Department of Health Circular 2/2011). Incremental credit is normally granted on appointment, in respect of previous experience in the Civil Service, local authorities, health service and other public service bodies and statutory agencies.

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Customer Assistant

TescoRathmines, Dublin

About the role Tesco:Rathmines Contract: Part time (30.00 - 35.00) Shift Pattern: Flexible We pride ourselves on offering customers the biggest range of products around. And that's not just food, but everything from clothes and kettles to financial services. But did you know we offer the biggest job opportunities too? With stores across the UK and Ireland, and a variety of roles, we are always looking for people who are as passionate about helping customers as we are. Our Every Little Helps approach doesn't just apply to our customers. It's at the very heart of everything we do at work – and it's what makes us different. We believe in treating each other with respect, and everyone having the opportunity to get on. That's what makes Tesco such a great place to work Should you be successful in your application, your offer will be subject to and conditional upon you providing your bank account details before your agreed start date. You will be responsible for *Entry requirements and rules of the scheme apply About us Our vision at Tesco is to become every customer’s favourite way to shop, whether they are at home or out on the move. Our core purpose is “Serving our customers, communities and planet a little better every day”. Serving means more than a transactional relationship with our customers. It means acting as a responsible and sustainable business for all stakeholders, for the communities we are part of, and for the planet. Through initiatives like the Tesco Community Fund, our association with Children’s Health Foundation, our partnership with FoodCloud and our Stronger Starts programme, we have supported over 21,000 community groups, raised over €7.5 million for medical equipment, and provided almost 15 million meals nationwide, to those living in food insecurity. Tesco has operated in the Irish retail market since 1997, and with 163 stores nationwide, we employ over 13,000 people in cities and towns around Ireland, supporting almost 45,000 jobs directly and indirectly. We partner with over 500 Irish suppliers - of which almost three-quarters are small and medium enterprises - which in turn supports almost 13,000 farming families around Ireland. Tesco is the single largest buyer of Irish food and drink in the world, buying €1.6 Billion a year; more than any other single country in the European Union, more than even the USA which you perceive as a massive buyer of Irish food. We work closely with suppliers across Ireland who are dedicated to making the best products for our customers and this is reflected in the numerous awards our products have won over the years including Blás Na hÉireann, World Steak Challenge and Great Taste Awards. We are proud to have an inclusive culture at Tesco where everyone truly feels able to be themselves. It is embedded in our values: we treat people how they want to be treated. At Tesco, we not only celebrate diversity, but recognise the value and opportunity it brings. We always want our colleagues to feel they can be themselves at work and we are committed to helping them be at their best. We are building an inclusive workplace, a place to actively celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of our colleagues – who in turn help to build the success of our business and reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We’ve taken steps to ensure our stores are places where everyone feels welcome to shop too, with colleagues all trained to support those with a visible or hidden disability through the Sunflower Lanyard programme. We’re a big business with diverse working patterns and many business areas which means that we can find something that works for you. Everyone is welcome at Tesco. We have embraced a blended working week – combining office and remote working. Our offices will continue to be where we connect, collaborate and innovate. Please talk to us to about how this can work for you.

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Post Specific Related Location Proposed Interview Date HSE Area HSE Dublin North East [DNE] Category Health & Social Care Professionals Informal Enquiries Application Details Contract Type Permanent Part-time

2 days agoPart-timePermanent

HCI Administrative Officer

Trinity College DublinDublin€42,590 - €53,790 per year

Main Responsibilities The principal duties of the HCI Administrative Officer will include (but are not limited to): • Maintaining and developing the School’s existing network of industry partners to ensure a supply of student projects. • Identifying and fostering new industry partnerships. • Coordinating and maintaining relationships with industry partners and serving as the point of contact for the provision of advice and dealing with all related enquires. • School-level project management of the HCI work-package, including production of financial and progress reports. • Provide direct support to the Software Engineering Stand Lead including arranging and attending management meetings. • Assume responsibility for the administrative infrastructure established to operate the Software Engineering strand, for example the ongoing maintenance of a dedicated website and CRM, the production of marketing materials, and all related administrative supports. • Coordinate teams of Demonstrators, Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows across all modules associated with the project. • Manage and coordinate project details, student project allocation and all follow-on activities. • Provide administrative support for the assessment of student projects. • Develop and maintain an external website to showcase the work of students. • Provide administrative support for the development and maintenance of online teaching materials. • Organise and participate in site visits from industry to the School, and for School staff and student visits to the companies, as required. • Organise workshops, showcase events and advisory panel meetings. • Other duties which arise from time to time that are associated with the Software Engineering Project as well as in the Teaching Unit, for example integration and expansion of some of the above components into the Unit’s routine work, quality control, etc., as directed by the Unit Head or School Manager. Person Requirements Qualifications • Candidates should have a third level qualification at degree level in business, management or subject area relevant to the role. Knowledge • Excellent IT skills in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint required. Experience in the creation of web pages, databases and use of social media. (Essential) Experience • A minimum of three-five years relevant administrative experience. (Essential) • Demonstrable experience in establishing networks, interacting with multiple stakeholders across multiple work functions. (Essential) • Experience of project management, process design and implementation • Experience working with a wide range of stakeholders across the organisation. • Experience in planning and management of events. • Previous experience of managing a range of administrative duties including drafting correspondence, preparing presentations etc. Skills • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with all stakeholders from industry partners to undergraduate students. (Essential). • Excellent oral and written communications skills; convincing and confident when speaking to others. (Essential) • Strong leadership and management skills. • Strong organisational and planning skills with the ability to prioritise a diverse workload and work to tight deadlines. • Ability to work independently and also to contribute effectively as part of a team. Personal attributes • Motivated: displays a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, is committed to the post, what it seeks to achieve and wishes to contribute to its development. • Initiative: takes initiative to suggest changes for improvement and remains solution focussed. • Professional: Maintains high professional standards in the delivery of customer and stakeholder needs • Attention to detail: detail focused and possessing a very high standard of accuracy. • Flexibility: can operate flexibly within a busy work environment, can shift focus when required, is willing to work outside normal office hours when required • Team Player: ability to work as part of a team in a busy work environment. Salary Scale: €42,590 - €53,790 per annum

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Library Assistant

Dublin City UniversityDublin€28,974 - €41,165 per year

Overview of the Directorate The Public Services and Outreach Directorate (PS&O) is a dynamic front-facing department within the DCU library. It manages over a million visits a year and provides excellent customer service to a diverse user population of staff and students within DCU as well as to library visitors. This is provided both face-to-face at our service desks across three library sites, and online through chat, social media and other channels. The directorate is responsible for outreach activity, and it fosters engagement within and beyond the university, and in particular with the local community. The directorate also manages external partnerships, events & exhibitions, and has responsibility for the library website and social media channels. Overview of the Role The successful individual will work as a member of the Public Services & Outreach team and will be responsible for support and assistance to all library users in a front-facing role, both online and on site. The successful individual will be expected to work across multiple sites in DCU and will report to the Issue desk Supervisor, under the direction of the Public Services Manager. Duties & Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities of the position include, but are not restricted to, the following: ● Assist Library users with general library queries in any DCU library site ● Assist Library users in identifying and locating key resources and information ● Facilitate Library users in the borrowing and management of loans ● Answer queries directly or indirectly in a timely manner, escalating the query where appropriate ● Participate in Library Orientation Programme and other key term time events as required ● Participate in Online service delivery using email, the library website, social media and online chat services ● Participate in evening and weekend rotas as and when required ● Assist with Library events as and when required ● Perform a range of administrative duties where applicable ● Undertake any variation of these and other duties as required by the University Librarian Qualifications and Experience: Applicants must have a Leaving Certificate with Grade D in at least five subjects, or equivalent. Relevant experience in a medium to large-scale academic library is desirable. The successful individual will be: ● be highly motivated ● demonstrate and maintain a strong customer service ethos ● possess excellent communications skills and strong IT skills ● demonstrate flexibility in their ability to work and collaborate online and in person ● be able to work effectively in a team environment Salary Scale: €28,974- €41,165 per year

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Senior Occupational Therapist

St Michaels HouseDublin

St. Michael’s House seeks to employ proactive and progressive individuals who identify with the ethos of providing a continuum of innovative services that support people with a disability to integrate with their community. We are currently seeking applications from Occupational Therapists interested in joining the established Occupational Therapy team. This recruitment process is carried out to fill a Senior Occupational Therapist post (full-time/permanent) working in Adults Services.The post will be based in St. Michael’s House Ballymun (Glasnevin) and/or Coolock Clinics. The post may involve service provision across Adult Services in St. Michael’s House - North (Ballymun), North-East (Coolock) and South Regions (Goatstown). Line Management and supervision will be provided by the Occupational Therapy Manager. Essential Criteria: Apply Please upload your CV and Cover letter outlining in your cover letter/CV your suitability for the role with the above in mind, as candidates will be short-listed for interview based on the above criteria. Only candidates shortlisted for interview will be contacted. Please remember to include a valid email address as this is the way you will be contacted. Candidates interested in part-time positions may be considered for interview but please state this at application stage. A panel may be formed of candidates successful at interview for additional vacancies as and if they arise. Informal enquiries for this position are welcomed by Tomás Flanagan, Occupational Therapy Manager at tomas.flanagan@smh.ie or Tel. 0876592507 Closing Date for receipt of applications: Monday 12th June @ 5.00pm St. Michaels House is an equal opportunities employer

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