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Farm Labourer / Stock Person

Laragan Farms Ltd.Elphin, County Roscommon€35,000 per year

Laragan Farms Ltd urgently requires a Farm Labourer / Stock Person for a modern Pig Farm in Elphin, Co. Roscommon. The primary focus of this role is on the care of Mother & Piglets. Previous experience working as a Stock Person is preferable but not necessary. The successful applicant will be working with fellow stock persons to assist the team in maintaining high standards, so, therefore, the ability to adapt to teamwork is essential. • Full-time position with a probationary period. • In-house training will be provided if required. • Excellent Salary - starting at €35,000+ increments depending on experience. Excellent Working conditions on the offer to the successful candidate. To apply click APPLY NOW button or call 0868524894 or 0863751072.

19 days agoFull-time

Trainee / Qualified Financial Advisors

UR Insurances (Europe)LtdNationwide€30,000 - €35,000 per year

Actual Insurances is one of Ireland’s largest financial services brokerages, with offices nationwide and a staff of 50 people. We specialise in life, pensions, and health insurance. We have recently launched a personal lines general insurance division which will focus on car and home insurance as well as travel, dental and commercial insurance. An employee with Actual Insurances receives a unique experience in gaining knowledge in the financial services and general insurance sides of the industry. We are looking to add to our team with roles for Trainee and Qualified Financial Sales Consultants. Why choose Actual Insurance? Click Apply Now to submit your application today!

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Executive Librarian

Roscommon County CouncilRoscommon€49,530 - €60,512 per year

QUALIFICATIONS 1. Character: Candidates shall be of good character. 2. Health: Candidates shall and be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service. 3. Education, Training Experience etc: Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms: (i) hold a degree (level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications) in the area of Library and Information Studies (ii) have satisfactory experience of library work The ideal candidate will:  Be able to lead and manage a team effectively to achieve a common goal, ensuring strong governance standards and ethics standards are adhered to and maintained.  Possess excellent IT skills/experience relevant to the delivery and development of modern public library services.  Be capable of working closely with other Council Departments and with outside agencies.  Demonstrate relevant administrative experience at a sufficiently high level.  Have a career record that demonstrates an ability to manage and supervise staff.  Have a satisfactory knowledge of public service organisation in Ireland.  Have a strong understanding of the role of the Executive Librarian and of the future development of library services.  Understand the changing environment in which Roscommon County Council operates and be capable of adapting to change to deliver quality services to our citizens.  Have the ability to provide excellent customer services.  Have the ability to motivate, empower and encourage staff under his/her control to achieve maximum performance by supporting the current Integrated Performance Management (IPM) System.  Have strong interpersonal and communications skills.  Have an excellent understanding of the role of digital technologies in the delivery of public library services.  Be self-motivated with ability to work on own initiative.  Have the ability to prepare and manage budgets including cash management.  Have good knowledge and awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations, the implications for the organisation and the employee, and their application in the workplace.  Have an understanding of the role and duties of managers in safety management in the workplace.  Have good knowledge and awareness of Health and Safety Legislation and Regulations, the implications for the organisation and the employee, and their application in the workplace.  Have a full clean driving Class B driving licence and have access to their own vehicle. The Role: The Executive Librarian is a professional management position in Roscommon County Council and is assigned responsibility for the management of a public library or other service areas within County Roscommon Library Service. The Executive Librarian will be responsible for the management and development of library services, staff, resources and buildings and will report to the Senior Executive Librarian/County Librarian and/or Management Team. Persons employed will be required to work in any location within the Roscommon County Council administrative area. Key Duties: The following is a non-exhaustive list of key duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to an Executive Librarian:  Ensuring that the Library Development Programme is implemented to deliver on the Council’s Strategies and objectives for the overall development of library services  Managing and developing library services, staff and resources  Planning and direction of local promotion, of user education, and of extension activities, including exhibitions, lectures and other activities.  Management and delivery of local and national library programmes.  Provide access to information; circulation control; collection development and user education.  Assist in the development of library policies; development programmes, plans and strategies.  Management of online resources, information systems and services.  Organising and promoting events including use of social media.  Prepare and manage budgets including cash management.  Working collaboratively with stakeholders within the community, education sector and other library services to develop and deliver projects. Notwithstanding the requirements of the post, successful applicants may be assigned to any service area/role within the Local Authority at an analogous level by the Chief Executive at any time. Salary: €49,530 - €60,512 per annum

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Senior Staff Officer

Roscommon County CouncilRoscommon€49,530 - €60,512 per year

The Role: The Senior Staff Officer is a middle management position within the Council and is assigned responsibility for the day to day administration and management of a section or department handling an area of the local authority’s activities, including management and supervision of staff. The Senior Staff Officer is responsible for ensuring that goals set out in Departmental and Team Plans become operational actions through the planning, allocation and prioritisation of work. The Senior Staff Officer is a key point of contact and liaison with other Sections or Departments in relation to all operational matters for the service delivery section or sections for which they are responsible. The Senior Staff Officer is expected to carry out their duties with an understanding of the political context of local government and in such a manner that enhances public trust and confidence and ensures impartial decision making. The ideal candidate will demonstrate:  Knowledge and understanding of the structure and functions of local government.  Knowledge of current local government issues, priorities, concerns and future direction.  Understanding of the role of a Senior Staff Officer.  Relevant administrative experience at a sufficiently high level.  Experience of managing and supervising staff, including managing performance.  Experience of compiling, preparing and presenting reports, presentations, correspondence etc.  Effective financial and resource management skills.  Knowledge and experience of operating ICT systems. Key Duties: The following is a non-exhaustive list of key duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to a Senior Staff Officer:  To be responsible for the management and administration of a section or sections within the Council, including the management and supervision of staff.  To support their line manager to ensure work programmes are implemented to deliver on the Council’s corporate and operational plans, including planning and prioritising work and allocating resources.  To develop and maintain productive working relationships, including providing information and assistance when required.  To act as a key point of contact and liaison in relation to all operational matters for the service delivery section or sections for which they are responsible.  To research, analyse and communicate information on specific issues and policies as appropriate, including compiling, preparing and presenting reports, presentations, correspondence etc.  To represent the local authority on committees and at meetings and to report on progress in his or her respective section or department as required.  To provide support and administrative assistance in the delivery of projects as required.  To be involved in the day to day financial management of capital and operational expenditure in the section or department.  To identify opportunities for improvements in the service delivery within the relevant area of responsibility.  To implement and manage change management initiatives within the relevant area of responsibility.  To manage and supervise employees in supporting roles, including assigning and scheduling duties and workload, providing on-going support and handling day to day issues.  To ensure compliance with all organisational policies and procedures within their area of responsibility and to provide assistance in the understanding and interpretation of policies and procedures to employees in their area of responsibility and to customers and other stakeholders as appropriate.  To participate in corporate management activities and responsibilities appropriate to the grade.  To be in compliance with Health and Safety legislative requirements, policies and procedures and safe systems of work.  To deputise for the line manager or equivalent as required.  To undertake any other duties of a similar level and responsibility, as may be required, or assigned, from time to time. Notwithstanding the requirements of the post, successful applicants may be assigned to any service area/role within the Local Authority at an analogous level by the Chief Executive at any time. SALARY: €49,530 - €60,512 per annum

2 days agoFull-time

Technology Portfolio Support Manager

The HSENationwide€51,342 - €66,742 per year

Reporting Relationship Reporting to the Appropriate Designated Manager within Technology Office.   The post holder will also participate on a number of eHealth teams and may be required to lead teams.   Direct reports may include a number of staff at Grade III to Grade VI level including technical specialists. Purpose of the Post   A panel will be created for Grade VII ICT Technology Portfolio Support Manager in eHealth from which permanent and specified purpose vacancies of full or part time duration may be filled to support the Technology Office in managing systems / technology used to provide and monitor and manage end user client and server infrastructure, communication technology and application environments in the HSE. Due to the nature of the role these posts may be location specific.   Principal Duties and Responsibilities   Principal Duties & Responsibilities include: -   Skills, competencies and/or knowledge     Professional Knowledge & Experience Demonstrate: ·        Good understanding of all aspects of Technology Management in a Healthcare organisation (both policy and operational), preferably in a managerial capacity. ·        Detailed knowledge of the issues, developments and current thinking in relation to best practice in health and personal social care technologies. ·        Understanding of Public Sector Policy, both strategies e.g. SláinteCare Strategy, Healthy Ireland Outcomes, Project Ireland 2040, and operational reform e.g. Knowledge & Information Plan ·        Knowledge of public service policies and legislation e.g. Procurement, Data Protection, ·        Knowledge and experience in the areas of development, implementation and support of Infrastructure/Network and Communication solutions in a Health Service environment and the specifics involved in ICT programme implementation in that environment. ·        Knowledge and experience of Technology Portfolio management in an enterprise organisation with complex, inter-connected technology delivery programmes. ·        Experience of building and maintaining relationships with vendors, resellers and suppliers. ·        Knowledge of the health service including a good knowledge of HSE reform. ·        Strong ICT skills including MS Office & MS Excel, MS Project, MS Visio, and use of email.   Communications & Interpersonal Skills Demonstrate: ·        Effective verbal communication skills, delivering complex information clearly, concisely and confidently. ·        Excellent written communication skills including strong report writing and presentation skills. ·        Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to deal effectively with a wide range of stakeholders.   Planning & Organising and Delivery of Results Demonstrate: ·        The ability to successfully manage a range of different projects and work activities concurrently, utilising computer technology effectively and assigning work to others as appropriate to meet strict deadlines. ·        The ability to proactively identify areas for improvement and to develop practical solutions for their implementation. ·        The ability to embrace change and adapt local work practices accordingly by finding practical ways to make policies work, ensuring the team knows how to action changes. ·        The ability to use resources effectively, challenging processes to improve efficiencies where appropriate.   Evaluating Information, Problem Solving & Decision Making Demonstrate: ·        Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills. ·        The ability to quickly grasp and understand complex issues and the impact on service delivery. ·        The ability to confidently explain the rationale behind decision when faced with opposition. ·        Ability to make sound decisions with a well-reasoned rationale and to stand by these. ·        Initiative in the resolution of complex issues.   Building and Maintaining Relationships including Teamwork & Leadership Skills Demonstrate: ·        The ability to build and maintain relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders and to achieve results through collaborative working. ·        The ability to work both independently and collaboratively within a dynamic team and multi stakeholder environment. ·        The ability to lead the team by example, coaching and supporting individuals as required. ·        Flexibility, adaptability and openness to working effectively in a changing environment.   Commitment to a Quality Service Demonstrate: ·        Evidence of incorporating the needs of the service user into service delivery. ·        Evidence of practicing and promoting a strong focus on delivering high quality customer service for internal and external customers. ·        Commitment to developing own knowledge and expertise. ·        Evidence of setting high standards of performance for self and others, ensuring accurate attention to detail and consistent adherence to procedures and current standards within area of responsibility.   Remuneration The Salary scale for the post is: €51,342 , €52,595, €54,062, €55,532 €57,008 €58,325, €59,668, €60,973, €62,270, € 64,503 €66,742 LSIs

3 days agoPermanentFull-time

Student Paramedics

National Ambulance ServiceNationwide€29,195 - €40,350 per year

The HSE has on-going opportunities for Student Paramedics. In order to meet this requirement it is the intention of the National Recruitment Service to create a national supplementary panel from which current and future Student Paramedic training places will be filled. The recruitment and selection process for this campaign will be managed by the NRS and will involve various stages. The stages of this process are as follows: Stage 1 – Application Form ( www.hse.ie ) Stage 2 – Online Verbal Evaluation and Analytical Reasoning Testing Stage 3 – Eligibility Sift in line with UCC course entry requirements Stage 4 – Competency Based Interview Full information on the testing / assessment stages and documents required is available in this Job Specification and in the Additional Campaign Information document. Taking up Appointment A start date will be indicated at job offer stage. Location of Post National Ambulance Service College and Operational Divisions throughout the National Ambulance Service (NAS) as required to facilitate training placements. Details of the HSE National Ambulance Service Structure are provided at: https://www.nationalambulanceservice.ie/ Student Paramedics are required to work in any division of the NAS and can / will be re-assigned between locations as and when service need dictates. Every effort will be made to offer geographically convenient postings; however, we may be unable to facilitate this because of operational requirements. Details of Service The role and purpose of the National Ambulance Service (NAS) is to provide a clinically appropriate and timely pre-hospital patient care and transportation service. Pre-hospital emergency care and transportation services are provided as an integral part of a continuum of care for patients / clients, and there is a requirement to work in partnership with other health care providers in both Scheduled and Unscheduled Healthcare Services. Reporting Relationship Reports to Director National Ambulance Service College or his / her designated alternate. Purpose of the Post NAS is committed to providing an efficient and effective Emergency Ambulance, Intermediate Care, First Responder and Communications Service which meets in full, all statutory duties and public expectations. NAS is seeking persons interested in undertaking the Paramedic Training Programme (including Internship) and acquiring Registration as a Paramedic with the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC). The intention of this process is to provide a pool of suitably qualified paramedics, licensed to practice by the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC), who will be offered positions at the grade of Paramedic at various locations throughout the NAS. The Paramedic (PHECC Registered Paramedic) will be competent to carry out all of the duties of the Paramedic (PHECC Registered Paramedic) and will have a range of abilities which will permit the safe delivery of emergency care and transport within the framework and limits specified by PHECC. The Paramedic (PHECC Registered Paramedic) will be responsible for the care, treatment and movement of patients and maintaining self, vehicles, equipment and station in a manner fit to respond to that role. The Paramedic Training Programme is operated jointly by the National Ambulance Services College (NASC) and the College of Medicine & Health, University College Cork (UCC). Successful completion of the course will lead to Paramedic Registration with the pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council and award of the BSc (Hons) in Paramedical Science, UCC.  Principal Duties and Responsibilities Clinical Responsibilities Tenure The post of Student Paramedic is Specified Purpose. Any posts that may be offered, either specified purpose or permanent, full time and pensionable employment as a Paramedic (PHECC Registered Paramedic) are subject to successful completion of the Paramedic Training Programme, successful discharge of the Paramedic Internship and successful acquisition of registration as a Paramedic with PHECC. Appointment as an employee of the Health Service Executive is governed by the Health Act 2004 and the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointment) Act 2004 and Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Amendment Act 2013.” Remuneration The Salary scale for the post as at 01/10/2021 is: €29,195, €31,160, €31,949, €33,239, €33,945, €34,480, €35,334, €36,199, €37,055, €38,769, €40,350 LSI Shift and weekend premia payments also apply. New appointees to any grade start at the minimum point of the scale. Incremental credit will be applied for recognised relevant service in Ireland and abroad (Department of Health Circular 2/2011). Incremental credit is normally granted on appointment, in respect of previous experience in the Civil Service, Local Authorities, Health Service and other Public Service Bodies and Statutory Agencies. Working Week The hours of attendance i.e. average of 39 hours per week calculated over a predetermined period of time, involves shift work. You will be expected to be available for duty outside of the rostered hours as and when the need may arise. Shift patterns are normally of 8, 10 or 12 hours duration. A shift pattern may have a period of On Call incorporated. Rosters and periods of duty will involve working at weekends, nights and during public holidays. You will be required to work the agreed roster arrangements advised to you by your line manager.  Where you are required to work unsocial hours and/or night duty you will be remunerated at the nationally approved rates for your pay grade.     Where you are not assigned to a roster, your Supervisor will notify the working hours allocated to you at least 24 hours in advance. Where an unforeseen event such as staff availing of bereavement, force majeure, paternity or sick leave, staff injury, Stress Management stand down, a major emergency or critical staff shortage occurs, you will be required to change allocated working hours (& leave) at short notice, i.e. less than 24 hours’ notice. Annual Leave The annual leave associated with the post will be confirmed at Contracting stage. The above Job Description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties involved and consequently, the post holder may be required to perform other duties as appropriate to the post which may be assigned to him/her from time to time and to contribute to the development of the post while in office.

4 days agoFull-time

Deli Assistant


Deli Assistant, (Full Time), Flexi, Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon Due to continued company expansion Corrib Oil are seeking to recruit energetic, enthusiastic individuals with exceptional customer service skills to join our team at our service station in Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon. Do you: **Benefits for the role include: Competitive Pay Rates, Paid Lunch Break, Sociable Working Hours, Staff Discount, Company Pension Contribution, and other benefits **

5 days agoFull-time

Roaming Fundraiser - No experience needed

Amnesty International IrelandNationwide€26,000 - €32,000 per year

Do you want to travel Ireland for FREE and get paid for it? The work will take you from Donegal to Waterford, from Dundalk to Kerry, and everywhere in between. Then join our Roaming Fundraising team. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry as full training is provided. We are expanding our team and we are looking for motivated and target-driven people with a positive attitude to join our fun Roaming fundraising team. Please note that this is a field-based role and applicants must be eligible to work in Ireland and be at least 18 years of age. What we offer is: Full-Time permanent employment. In depth technical training. Guaranteed Basic Salary. Uncapped PRP structure. 25 days Annual Leave (Plus Bank Holidays) Fantastic development and career progression opportunities. Travel expenses (while on tour). Accommodation expenses provided while on tour We want you to: Seek to deliver a minimum amount of quality donors every day regardless of weather, location, or external factors. Have excellent social and communication skills with fluent English. Have the ability to establish positive working relationships with colleagues within a living environment. Have a positive attitude and an ability and desire to take on board coaching and guidance. Have the drive to take personal responsibility for results and a ‘can do’ attitude. Knowledge of and interest in Amnesty International's human rights work. Have endurance, determination, grit, and an indomitable spirit. Salary: 26000.00 - 32000.00 Euro Annually Application Method Please apply to this vacancy by the following means: Email: dialogue@amnesty.ie

6 days agoFull-timePermanent

Deli Assistant

SparBoyle, Roscommon

Deli Assistant, (Full Time), Flexi, Boyle, Co Roscommon Due to continued company expansion Corrib Oil are seeking to recruit energetic, enthusiastic individuals with exceptional customer service skills to join our team at our service station in Boyle, Co Roscommon. Do you: **Benefits for the role include: Competitive Pay Rates, Paid Lunch Break, Sociable Working Hours, Staff Discount, Company Pension Contribution, and other benefits **

9 days agoFull-time

Administrative Officer

Revenue CommissionersNationwide€33,889 - €64,038 per year

2022 Revenue Competition for Appointment to the Position of Administrative Officer (AO) Audit and Compliance 1 Introduction Revenue is the Irish Tax and Customs administration and is a large decentralised organisation with offices in over 30 locations nationwide. Revenue’s mission is “To serve the community by fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing customs controls”. In 2021, Revenue collected total gross receipts of c.€97 billion. Revenue is also responsible for trade facilitation and frontier control. Our workforce of almost 7,000 people supports compliance for 2.9 million employments, 0.2 million employers, 0.8 million businesses, 0.3 million VAT traders, 0.1 million customs traders and 1.4 million property owners. To successfully deliver on our mandate, we rely on the skills, capability and professionalism of our people, the flexibility of our structures, and our ability to harness and support innovation in technology and business practices. 2 Job Description These junior management positions offer graduates an excellent opportunity to build a career in tax and customs and to make a strong contribution in a wide variety of work. You will be involved in advancing a range of Revenue priorities under Revenue’s strategic pillar of Confronting Non-Compliance which employs a risk-based approach to compliance management to secure high voluntary compliance levels and delivers an appropriate and timely response to non-compliance. Your work may include the continuous development of Revenue’s business intelligence and risk management systems, and staff management. Many aspects of the job involve interaction with large, medium, and small businesses, individual taxpayers, tax advisors, representative bodies, other Government Departments, and international bodies (e.g. EU institutions, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Customs Organisation (WCO), etc.). In some roles, this will include outdoor off-site work dealing with taxpayers and their advisors in person. 3 Location This is a nationwide competition. Please select your location preferences when completing the application form. You must only select a location where you would be prepared to take up a position and you may select up to a maximum of 2 locations and must indicate your order of preference. Please also note you may not change your location preferences after the closing date of this competition. Revenue has many flexible and family-friendly working policies which include opportunities for blended working. While requests for blended working arrangements may be facilitated, some office attendance will be required in all roles, in line with business needs. 4 Essential Entry Requirements Please be advised candidates must have obtained the relevant qualification prior to taking up the position. Candidates who are available to start working in Revenue from October 2022 must meet the essential entry requirements on or before 10 September 2022. • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of NFQ Level 8 qualification in taxation or qualification as a Chartered Tax Advisor (i.e. membership or entitlement to membership of a recognised professional body in this area) OR • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of NFQ Level 8 qualification in accounting or qualification as an accountant (i.e. membership or entitlement to membership of a recognised professional body in this area) General: The appointment is to a permanent post in the Civil Service and is subject to the Civil Service Regulations Acts 1956 to 2005, the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 and any other Act for the time being in force relating to the Civil Service. Salary: Personal Pension Contribution (PPC Rate) The salary scale for the position of Administrative Officer in Revenue, as at 1 February 2022, is as follows: Personal Pension Contribution (PPC) €33,889 €36,406 €37,125 €40,277 €44,311 €47,381 €50,454 €53,560 €56,663 €59,756 €61,899(LSI1) €64,038(LSI2). The PPC pay rate applies when the individual is required to pay a Personal Pension Contribution (otherwise known as a main scheme contribution) in accordance with the rules of their main/personal superannuation scheme. This is different to a contribution in respect of membership of a Spouses’ and Children’s scheme, or the Additional Superannuation Contributions (ASC). A different rate will apply where the appointee is not required to make a Personal Pension Contribution. Long service increments may be payable after 3(LSI1) and 6(LSI2) years satisfactory service at the maximum of the scale. Tenure and Probation The appointment is to a permanent position on a probationary contract in the Civil Service. The probationary contract will be for a period of one year from the date specified on the contract. Notwithstanding this paragraph and the paragraph immediately following below, this will not preclude an extension of the probationary contract in appropriate circumstances. At the discretion of the Head of Office you may be assigned to other work depending on the business needs and capability development of the office and your career development needs. Duties The employee will be required to perform any duties appropriate to the position which may be assigned from time to time. The officer may not engage in private practice or be connected with any outside business which would interfere with the performance of official duties or conflict with his/her role. Hours of Attendance Hours of attendance will be fixed from time to time but will amount to not less than 41 hours and 15 minutes gross or 35 hours net per week. Annual Leave The annual leave allowance will be 25 working days a year, rising to 29 after 5 years’ service and 30 after 10 years’ service. This allowance is subject to the usual conditions regarding the granting of annual leave and is on the basis of a five-day week and is exclusive of the usual public holidays. For more detailed job description, please click on the link below; Important Notice The foregoing represents the principal conditions of service and is not intended to be the comprehensive list of all terms and conditions of employment which will be set out in the employment contract to be agreed with the successful candidate.

9 days agoFull-timePermanent
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